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  1. agree! I got him in my Lazio save 2025. Play him as roaming playmaker support and hes around 8.20sih each seson with 15 assists and 6-7 goals. He also play very good in big games and important games. I think i never subbed him couse poor performance in 10 sesons...
  2. Aitor looks bad ass! SteveMc-> will you play him in AMC role?
  3. i play latest with winter update and he sucks in my game to.
  4. I use DLP and roaming playmaker. Results as under. https://postimg.org/image/3u2ymjh9z/
  5. good thread! I am with Lazio in 2023 and i use 4-2-3-1 control. (selfmade = I normally use one winger whos more technical and with place shots in corner as inside forward and one winger with lots of pace (embolo,guedes) as winger attack with a strong tower type striker (babacar+regen). this way i get attacks with headers from crosses and passes and flickons to the inside forward. I haven't lost a game in last 4 seasons with this tactic. I also have Rulli as GK but hes soon 31 now and needs to be replaced. My inner midfield consist of and DLP with passing and defensive skills (höjsberg) and one RPM with more physical skills and passing (renato sanchez), they blend well together. -At the AMC position i useally use a very strong world class passing midfielder as advanced playmaker in support but i can sometimes use a younger player with more speed as attacking midfielder (a). -Againt stronger teams i change the control strategy to a counter one and reduce my defensive line. Especially when i am againt teams like Juventus with the MONSTER KILLER SCORER DYBALA i check speed and positioning on my defenders before ticking the offside trap.
  6. amazing write up. Got me super hyper to try this tactic. My only problem is i have built my team on wing attacks and my lazio side in 2020 is loaded with AML/AMR´s and CWBL/CWB´r. But as the chinese word, a crises makes possibities and transfers in this game is so fun. Lets see if i can sell my winning team and build a new one after this tactic. Many centre midfielders looks to be the challange.
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