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  1. good thread! I am with Lazio in 2023 and i use 4-2-3-1 control. (selfmade = I normally use one winger whos more technical and with place shots in corner as inside forward and one winger with lots of pace (embolo,guedes) as winger attack with a strong tower type striker (babacar+regen). this way i get attacks with headers from crosses and passes and flickons to the inside forward. I haven't lost a game in last 4 seasons with this tactic. I also have Rulli as GK but hes soon 31 now and needs to be replaced. My inner midfield consist of and DLP with passing and defensive skills (höjsberg) a
  2. amazing write up. Got me super hyper to try this tactic. My only problem is i have built my team on wing attacks and my lazio side in 2020 is loaded with AML/AMR´s and CWBL/CWB´r. But as the chinese word, a crises makes possibities and transfers in this game is so fun. Lets see if i can sell my winning team and build a new one after this tactic. Many centre midfielders looks to be the challange.
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