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  1. When adding new Media sources theres a space for an URL does this have to be put in to make them work?
  2. Hi i'm making a AFC Bournemouth update file(Data relating to AFCB only),how would I go about putting correct club badge in it,cheers Bob Sorry posted in wrong section,wheres delete button?
  3. Game downloaded real fast at 12.01 this morning(less than 5mins) Editor also downloaded very quick,IGE loaded,now the fun starts
  4. I think its possible and takes some time,you need a young first team squad of 22/24 players,coaches all pulling the same way,one formation/tactics and players also having the"prefered moves"that you want to fit your tactics! PS they end up like robots!
  5. Sorted this,adding a exception file didn't work"creation of exception file has failed,access is denied",,,so gave something the boot for 5mins and the game loaded,editor working also(suppose i'll have to pay for IGE again?),scanned PC with AVG FREE afterwards everything ok lol
  6. I had no problems went from W7-W10 and have AVG up until today everything worked fine with the games on old PC,,,,just taken delivery of my new PC been doing all the normal things with a new one updating drivers ect,just got around to getting Steam uploaded,Civ5 loaded ok then did FM and AVG blocked it at the end with the virus warning,Steam forum says its other Antivirus programs also:D
  7. I tried the Edge for half an hour then found I could still use IE its got all my favorites still,i'll be using that!
  8. I have a self build rig(sort of, built from a barebones bundle quad but not an I series)its 5/6yrs old built just in time for W7,it has suffered from overheating in the past but on games like CIV5,an extra case fan cured that just attatched to inside side panel mesh grill,if I were building a new rig now i'd have more case fans fitted,mine only had one originaly! Parts came from here http://www.novatech.co.uk/ i'd recommend them!
  9. As a Cherries fan I find this very interesting,Eddie actualy uses a formation/tactic very similar to mine in FM(I've been using it in FM for years),I don't think any player roams(mine stick to position),one of the most important things of AFCB last season was the combinations between players,you need to create the WBacks to Winger combo's both sides,as for the wingers Pugh LW(he is right footed),Ritchie RW(he is left footed),I always have in preferred moves hug line&cut in boxes ticked,it sounds contradicting but it works for me,all players track back except for Wilson,as in IRL things don't happen overnight i'd say(FM also) it can take 2 seasons for the team to click! Theres loads more,it took me I think 5/6 FM's to fine tune my tactics on an almost identical 4-4-2! PS only the Boro away game last season he tried something different from the start,he changes formation/tactic late in games if we're chasing it!
  10. My 6yr old self built rig has had no issues with W10 running the game,a couple of weeks ago NVidia sent me a driver update for my 9800GT it said in the details it was to help with W10,fingers crossed!,,,only thing not working is DVD player! lol
  11. AFC Bournemouth fan,i think we need to strengthen center midfield so Xabi Alonso would do! Finish,hoping for 17th,i don't think Eddie will settle for that though!
  12. What about if the level of coaching courses you could getwas based on how much money a manager was getting per week or anum,ie if your only getting 50p a week you cant afford the cost lol?,,,only an idea!
  13. What about your team talk,when playing a lower lge team I normaly use a more aggressive one,it usualy works for me,,,just as irl a lower lge team will up its workrate when playing higher opposition(until you get some goals of course)you have to match or better their workrate and your quality should win through!
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