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  1. Fair play to Brook, this was fairly out of the blue. He'll get waxed but credit to him. Hopefully Khan-Brook happens in 2017, though.
  2. Is marky ok? his boy Rockhold can't even defend the title once ffs Fair play to Bisping though, really happy for him - a proper grinder who's earned everything he's gotten, quite the story he's had in the past year. Cruz was excellent last night, showing why I think he's probably the greatest sub 155 pounder ever. I do wonder if he'll do superfights now at 145 or wait for the winner of Assuncao-TJ II.
  3. Manhoef on the receiving end on one of the all time greatest MMA robberies, last night.
  4. Overeem!! what a finish. Give the man a title shot ffs! Gutted for Arlovski, hope he can build another win streak together.
  5. The only thing that would outsell Diaz-McGregor II would've been if GSP headlined (and thus made a comeback).
  6. It's a better headliner too, if we're being honest too. Diaz-McGregor II was the epitome of an unnecessary rematch.
  7. Yair is special (I do rate Fili as a prospect, too). DJ was superb but Jones looked terrible, imo, and I think the time off was definitely a factor but I do think he struggles when he doesn't have a huge height and/or reach advantage. Good wins for Whittaker and Barboza. I love watching Pettis but it's such a shame to watch him fight so tentatively and seemingly bereft of confidence tbh, I definitely feel it's a mental thing as opposed to anything else really.
  8. Don't be scared, homie. Obvs a publicity stunt, taken out of the Money May playbook and definitely more to being pulled from 200 for being unwilling to do media stuff (despite precedence in that case) .. all the whole situation really shows is that nobody's bigger than Dana, really.
  9. Depressing to see the artist formerly known as Rashad Evans fight
  10. Genuinely surprised how you envisage such a favourable probability towards McGregor. I think, simply put, Diaz has more tools/ways to win (that are conceivable) and it's certainly a matchup that's very favourable for him stylistically.As for his ground game, it's sub par. It's not atrocious and it's definitely improved since he's gotten submitted by Duffy but it's by no means up to scratch, relatively speaking. Though, I do feel that this is a moot point in regards to this fight in so much as it wasn't the deciding factor in their first fight as it was a case of him getting lit up standing.
  11. Look I agree with you to the extent that it's MMA and there's no such thing as a 'cert' and that McGregor beating Diaz would be a huge upset, but not one of the craziest things that have happened in the sport. I guess delusional might be a poor choice of word, or too strong if you will, so how about extremely unlikely? Btw I don't 'hate' McGregor, in fact, as I've said before I find him very interesting to listen to when he's doing normal interviews that aren't related to an upcoming event/fight promotion and I think he's a good - albeit flawed - fighter but it's just his persona is incredibly
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