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  1. France with Benzema would've cruised the tournament.
  2. Pogba's the definition of a youtube player. Biggest myth in modern football.
  3. Antoine :*) what a guy. Clanger from Neuer, though
  4. Is there anyone out there that can still make excuses for Roy? Inept and an utter failure as England manager.
  5. Andiamo Azzuri! deserved it. What a performance.
  6. What on Earth has been happening in Hungary-Portugal .. Just back from work and tuning in, seem to have missed a madness
  7. Sunday 19th June 2016 Romania 1v0 Albania Group A 20:00 Switzerland 0v2 France Group A 20:00 Monday 20th June 2016 Russia 2v1 Wales Group B 20:00 Slovakia 1v2 England Group B 20:00 Tuesday 21st June 2016 Northern Ireland 0v2 Germany Group C 17:00 Ukraine 1v2 Poland Group C 17:00 Croatia 1v2 Spain Group D 20:00 Czech Republic 1v2 Turkey Group D 20:00 Wednesday 22nd June 2016 Hungary 0v1 Portugal Group F 17:00 Iceland 1v2 Austria Group F 17:00 Italy 1v0 Republic of Ireland Group E 20:00 Sweden 1v1 Belgium Group E 20:00
  8. Yep, all the strong sides in the tournament are quaking in their boots on the back of this result.
  9. Belgium are the biggest myth in world football.
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