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  1. Hi guys. As per the title really, which Striker role moves Laterally the best. I'm thinking build up play and a striker moving across the back line to receive passes... a-la Kane at Tottenham...
  2. Seriously Lost!

    huge spaces to exploit between your fullbacks on defend and wingers on attack... leading you to have your fullbacks double teamed and a variety of crosses being allowed? My initial thought anyway. Plus your centrebacks are awfully exposed with a BWM and AP in the CM strata... who is covering the late run into the box and dropping to fight for the second ball?
  3. Yep, all totally the same, same Roles, Pi's, the lot. Its weird though as it does ''seem'' to play different, But maybe that's me seeing things...
  4. Dont worry, not a rant about a broken game... So, i downloaded a tactic... i never usually do... but i was trying something out. Thats by-the-by... anyway, i was looking at the TI screen and it looked odd... Have a look: - first image - the passing length and def line seemed odd. I then made another tactic from scratch, using the same Shape, Mentality, Ti's, Pi's and roles etc. Take a look: - second image - the passing, def line - and also closing down - are different, Why question is, how and why?? This is a super attacking goal scorer of a tactic that was downloaded. Has the creator somehow 'broken' the game/interface to achieve this, or is it merely a graphical glitch? I must say, the DL tactic plays in a way I'm unable to replicate - awesome direct balls into the halfspaces by the BPD's... - is this the reason?
  5. Mezzala (At) vs CM(At)

    ive tried this - AP on the AML slot and a Mez in the RCM slot with runs wide with ball and dribbles more. It doesnt always work like the Sassuolo videos but it does enough to impress me.
  6. Hey Kubi... its not my ground. I reloaded but not sure if its resolved. Oh well. Be interested to see if anyone else can see it?? Guarani in Paraguay should anyone wanna try?
  7. Graphic / Stadium Bug

    This is the stadium of Guarani - PAR ... not sure what the tent is doing there?
  8. This is my interpretation of the Wolves tactic in the article. It plays lovely football... Play a Left footed player - Saiss - in the DLP-su slot and a Righty - Neves - in the DLP-de slot. Ask the keeper to distribute to the CD-co - Coady who will play it out accordingly.
  9. Carrilero -- CM/D -- Mezzala/A in a mid three. Add Get futher forward and Run Wide with Ball... I find it creates space for the Carrilero who becomes a massive goal threat.
  10. they should be that wide, when playing out of defence from the keeper. I wonder, do you have ''Play out of Defence' T.I on? if so, try it turned off and see what happens...?
  11. Extremely weird positioning

    That could be causing the problem with Pulisic and the IWB's postioning...?
  12. Extremely weird positioning

    How have you set up to take throw ins in the tactic creator?
  13. Is anyone noticing the Runs Wide With Ball option not being effective? Wondering if this could be posted in Bugs or am I missing something tactically?
  14. I think this is pretty sound. The TM being on the other side might take advantage of the in cut of the IW though... only a thought. Perhaps try Defensive as a mentality, to try and reduce crazy passes to the TM - make them a bit more selectively cautious. Other wise this is largely how i'd set up a 4-4-2. You can get a 4-4-2 to attack like a 4-3-3- like Valverde's Barcelona if you wanted...