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  1. I did have the LIWB on Support but watching some of the Wolves game the other night (where this inspiration came from), Cancelo seemed to get a lot further forward even than normal, with Walker staying further back and narrower - hence me trying this set up with the "Flat back 3". I have also tried a standard LWB(A) with Sit Narrower to allow him to overlap on runs. One thing I have noticed though is that the IWB on Attack does mix up underlap / overlap runs more. Tripper has "Stay Wider"... id be tempted with a retained WB who has "Hugs Line" PPM here as well to shift a bit wider on the b
  2. My experience is that they do sit a small amount wider and for longer in build up
  3. Defensive Wingers on Support (in the Midfield line) with Stay Wider (cant recall if that's a preset or not) stay really wide, and contribute a lot in the final third and would fit the mould of being hard working when out of possession.
  4. Yes I saw that! Funny how we posted at the same time. What I'm saying regarding the HB / RIWB(d) is that the presence of the HB prevents the RIWB(d) from sitting narrow as they normally would / as they do in your tactics. They sit back and kind of halfway between a normal FB(d) and IWB(d) position. The LIWB(s) acts normally as Cancelo would. I'll post screenshots later tonight. I'm not actually playing as Benfica - I just had that at work so set it up as I play at home. I'm with Man City in 2028 at home - having just taken over. Pep left a terrible mess with the team and laying
  5. Reading with interest. I've been working in a similar way to you. Our TI's seem to be largely the same. Mine is based on a recent game where Cancelo was reverted back to starting at left back. What i've focussed on is hoe the back 3 (5) set up. In that game Dias was the central CB, Stones on the right, bringing the ball out, Walker as RB and Cancelo LB. Walker stayed back a lot - occasionally moving forward on dummy runs. The Dias / Stones pairing space equally as Cancelo moves into his IWB role. When I've used a FB(d) as the "Walker Role" in that game it doesn't quite work. So I
  6. Cuts Inside and Cross from Deep aimed to Far Post...? Maybe Hold Up Ball as well?
  7. Would the WP/s, DLP/s and WB/s not all stand very close? I know the aim to to overload but a bit of depth surely is beneficial? Perhaps the DLP/d on to drop deeper, closer to the CD/d, allowing more space for the WP/s to tuck in and the BW/s to overlap? Possible even put the WP on to Attack.. which would draw more attention from the opposition Right Back / Midfielder, allowing more opportunity for the WB to switch the ball?
  8. Sorry, I mean it should work, but obviously needs to be analysed to see if it works how you want it it and tweaked accordingly.
  9. I personally would use a CM/a instead of AP/a and make sure PI's on the IW/a and IF/s are Sit Narrower. Other than that it should work to a certain degree.
  10. Nice. I really do like this approach. I think its the best solution for sure.
  11. But there is only 1 option once they get to the box... You have wide players on support, a playmaker and then an attacking striker as the only real box presence. Who is attacking the box from deep for lay-offs or rebounds? Who are the cut-back options? Who is attacking the far post for crosses or the near post for a flick-on? Is anyone overlapping the wide players to try and pull opposing full backs out of position?
  12. I find a good asymmetrical / Offset 433 / 4231 good here for building overloads, making space and stretching teams both horizontally and vertically when playing a team that sits deep. Perhaps, for example: OR Roles and duties negotiable. As would be PI's etc.
  13. try this link: https://breakingthelines.com/tactical-analysis/tactical-analysis-roger-schmidts-psv-eindhoven/
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