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  1. It's basically a 5-3-2 / 3-5-2 with ultra aggressive wingbacks/wingers. I created this quite a while ago - using the actual 3-1-4-2 on the tactics creator and with good teams/players can destroy teams - and can get destroyed...
  2. Copa America and World Cup with Chile NT Primera Liga and Copa Libertadores with Boca Sometimes I add Attach to the WP. I Don't use many TI's, I don't see any real issues beyond the norm when setting these up.
  3. The way I do this is: DLF - Wider PI WP - Narrow PI Sometimes moving the AF to the central Striker position and the DLF to the Left also helps the IW/A to take more "Striker-y" positions
  4. I've always hoped for a "Halbraum Libero" - Half Space Libero - a la David Alaba at Bayern - that so many teams playing with a back 3 use now (Azpi at Chelsea). Where the outer men in the back 3 can roam forward rather than just the central player
  5. My immediate thought is to removed the AP so play may get focussed more through the F9? That said I've only ever really seen the "true" F9-esque movement when playing a true natural in-game F9 with the relevant traits (a Newgen in an old save) and even then it was hit-and-miss.
  6. I've never had problems using a midflield 2 x CM/S or CM/D with Stay Sider instruction. Or for better Halfspace coverage, a Midfield 3 with CM/S or CM/D in the wider spots, again with Stay Wider. Just don't play anyone in the M/L or M/R positions.
  7. I play FM20. This is second season... coming up to December: Messi playing AMR as a Trequarista with Sit Narrower PI. Just allowed to do his thing. Lautaro as PF/a has even better stats. It's my attempt at a recreation of the "MSN",
  8. @Cult of Football Manager have you seen this THIS from Spielverlagerung ? Also THIS ?
  9. Is it not in the Analysis page of the Team Report? Not sure how far you can go back as I'm not in the game at present...?
  10. I would only suggest perhaps taking off Cross Early. You have one striker, who plays as a DEEP Lying Forward, and maybe the Inside Forward as the only potential recipients of these crosses. Are you losing the ball unnecessarily and missing out on constructive attacks by doing this? What's your cross completion % ? PS - Nice to see the ol' home town Robins flying high!
  11. I did have the LIWB on Support but watching some of the Wolves game the other night (where this inspiration came from), Cancelo seemed to get a lot further forward even than normal, with Walker staying further back and narrower - hence me trying this set up with the "Flat back 3". I have also tried a standard LWB(A) with Sit Narrower to allow him to overlap on runs. One thing I have noticed though is that the IWB on Attack does mix up underlap / overlap runs more. Tripper has "Stay Wider"... id be tempted with a retained WB who has "Hugs Line" PPM here as well to shift a bit wider on the ball? and Definitely "Brings Ball Out of Defence" to get a bit more forward running on the ball - which did happen quite a lot in the test games I played. It's not a bolted-on "Pep" recreation - it defends as an almost 5-3-2 with the RM dropping back, but does give some nice 3-3-4 / 3-4-3 / 3-2-5 patterns in attack. As you've surely seen, there seems to be no set way to recreate Pep tactics as they are so fluid.
  12. My experience is that they do sit a small amount wider and for longer in build up
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