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  1. try a pair of strikers and then an AM or CM/support. Tight marking and prevent short GK's initially. the AM/CM will push up a bit, blocking the passing lane from defence into midfield.
  2. Hi guys. Quick one. Scouted a player who seems really good, but his one Negative is lack of intelligence in the pitch. What training/tutoring can be used to increase this/remove this negative??
  3. Do you have any real penetration? any runners beyond the CF or AP's? Looks Solid for sure but I dont see where a spark would come from? Plus Retain Possession AND Counter?
  4. OK, cool. Just checking you weren't just using a phrase without understanding the actual play behind it. Mexico when La Volpe managed them are the best example (Obviously) of what you're trying to achieve, as is Pep's Barcelona with Busquets dropping in. FM16 was good for Lavolpiana, it was my usual approach. Not tried it in 17 yet but you've inspired me so about to load up a save to give it a try. I will be interested in this.
  5. This isnt really constructive feedback, but i am wondering about where Salida Lavolpiana factors in?
  6. From what I've seen so far it's pretty sound, no real strange effects
  7. How about this... using an IWB now they've been rehashed as the Azpi role??
  8. but doesnt the half back drop BACK in possession initially but then close down and find himself out of position chasing balls upfield when defending??
  9. Yes. Play with 2 x DM's, or without wingers...
  10. Yes you do. The back 4 plus the left sided wingback drops in to make a 5-2-3/5-4-1
  11. Marcelo Bielsa 3-3-1-3

    generally 55-65% possession depending on who we play and home or away. Not loads of shots but the shots we do have are generally of a high quality. Except Maxi Rodriguez, who likes to shoot from Distance, the arse!
  12. drop deeper

    Agree with AFCBeer. Remove all OI's and then go from there, Can tweak/add in more afterwards. Or as a compromise, keep the OI's for the DM and Def strats but remove all the rest.