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  1. how have you not heard of him i've bought him on the past 2 games and has been god for me until i had to sell for major $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  2. i can't check hi out as he's president at his club
  3. i'm not good enough to create a team thread ha
  4. whats he like 4 seasons in? thinking of trying to sign him
  5. haha i often do that myself and thanks for the tips on signings much appreciated
  6. i was thinking of trying to get ross hannah on loan in first season liked him since he signed for grimsby and i found a jack whyley not wholey
  7. anyone started a save with salford
  8. who is a good signing for grimsby any ideas?
  9. why is morgan amafitano unavailable is there a reason for him not being available
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