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  1. Thanks for your reply @Christopher Lewis, I also wanted to let you know that it's the same case for Spain too, I guess it affects both B teams and II clubs.
  2. @Zemahh Amazing work as always, I have to commend you on how well you protray your ideas and knowledge of how the tactics interface works. I also can't thank you enough for letting us know about that Monchi masterclass, I'm 7 episodes in and loving every second.
  3. Boots on the Pitch In this post I’ll be covering the player roles and specific Player Instructions (PI) that I use. Let’s start from the top, our attacking duo. Strikers In my RB Leipzig save (I went for the best team for this tactic to see if it can cut it at the top), I had 3 strikers to choose from. Timo Werner, Yussuf Poulson and Patrick Schick. For “Turbo” Timo, I went for Pressing Forward (Attack) because it has all the things I want from the spearhead of the attack, such as Get Further Forward and Moves Into Channels (much like the Advanced Forward), but it also has Cl
  4. Here is a tactic that doesn't use full-backs or wing-backs, although the original is from an older version of FM (There will be newer takes later on) and it would require very talented players to pull off. You can also try a Conte inspired tactic, a 3-5-2 but instead of Wing-Backs, have Defensive Wingers on the M-strata.
  5. Amazing stuff, this will be very helpful to anyone who's new to the game, even some of the veterans! Also the title reminded me of the best tactics threads in this forum, made by one of your countrymen @VinceLombardi. I think you'd find them very interesting.
  6. Football with wings If you ask a German football fan which entity is despised the most is Germany, he will probably tell you it’s Dietmar Hopp, the co-founder of software giants SAP and financier of TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, but a very close second would be RasenBallsport Leipzig. The thing they have in common, apart from them vitriol they get from fans all across Germany, is a man. That man is Ralf Rangnick. As mentioned previously, he was one of the first coaches to use the doctrine of ball-oriented pressing in Germany. Leipzig before Rangnick was a very different beast. Matthias Ki
  7. Hello FM developers, I would like to turn your attention to the following: Summary: When you sign a coach for the B team (II Club) in Germany, the coach does not show up in coach assignments in the training section for the B team, nor does the manager. Description of issue: When you first join a German team with a II club, their current coaching staff for the II club are available to be assign to training, however the manager is not: To my knowledge, the manager should be available, as the player is available to be assigned a training categ
  8. Absolutely amazing Zemahh, I love the idea and how you went about achieving it. Your thought process is so clear and all your ideas are laid out so well. Top drawer stuff. You've honest given me so much food for thought for a defensive tactic with my upcoming save. What do you do for opposition instructions? I ask because I was reading knap's megathread and I saw a post about the importance to have your most advanced midfielder/deepest lying striker mark the opposition's deep-lying playmaker or equivalent to disrupt play. Maybe that would be a perfect job for your AP in the upcoming ite
  9. How have I missed out of this thread for this long, amazing content. After 14 years of playing FM, I didn't think I'd have anything left to learn (except the match engine that's still a mystery to me) but I'm glad to say I've learnt so much by reading through your thread. Honestly hats off to you Ben, KUTGW! I don't know if I have the full grasp of this. RCA (recommended current ability I'm guessing) is affected differently for different attributes depending on the position, therefore, for example, increasing a striker's finishing will 'cost' more CA points than doing the same thing fo
  10. Jimbo your dedication is phenomenal, you're 25 years in and you're still planning for the future. I honestly enjoy reading your stories more than playing the game sometimes. Hopefully you do win a continental competition will Ton Pentre before you go on your EFL and PL adventures.
  11. Sorry guys for going AWOL for over a month, I feel down the rabbit hole that is Age of Empires 2 and Modern Warfare. Now that COD has frustrated me to the point of no return, I think it's time to boot up FM again. I'm so glad to see you guys still kept the discussion going strong about breaking the oppositions spirit by constant harrowing and conquest. I mostly did use the 4411 with my Heidenheim save but I went for the 442 version more often once I sign Jan Hurtado and had 2 good strikers. I'm glad you found it inspirational! That sounds like a very interesting offer, maybe we
  12. I'm always amazed at how many goals your goalkeepers score, my best free kick takers can't hit a barn door if their life depended on it. Do you concede any goals from your goalkeeper being so far up the pitch? Because if not, I might try the big fat goalkeeper goalscoring challenge.
  13. We could have a Discord group together? We can talk all things Football Manager. I was thinking of starting one a while back, just so I can stop annoying my family by describing what my transfer strategy for the January market would be.
  14. Heidenheim: 2023/2024 Update The final year, the end of a 5 year project. I'm not going to lie, I haven't been this invested in a save as much as I have with this in years, maybe ever. Yeah maybe it's a good thing I don't get this invested. Let's start with the league: We finished 4 points behind Bayern Munich and if we turned that Bayern loss in that fateful fortnight into a win that still wouldn't have been enough. We drew too many game, the worst 2 being against rock bottom Mainz after they've already been relegated and one against Bayer Leverkusen were we were
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