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  1. Fantastic save, it was a pleasure following this from the start, now I'm eagerly awaiting every update you post to see what's going to happen. Could you please post the 5-2-3 formation that you used to use, I thinking of using that formation for the team I'm about to manage and I could sure use the inspiration!
  2. Fantastic stuff, Ukraine is a special place to manage in. I've got 2 questions to ask though, which database did you use to load the Ukrainian amateur league and what tactic are you using? I see you're playing a 442 and I would like to see how you've set it up.
  3. What a great post! I've become really interested in managing in eastern Europe recently and would need to adopt a style similar to the one you've shown to be even remotely successful. On a separate note, how did you fair with Dynamo Kiev without any formal sponsors? I've been digging around the editor and noticed only Shakhtar, Karpaty and Zorya have sponsors listed. I know that the game generates sponsors for you if you don't have any. I checked what Dynamo Kiev's sponsors would be, I found that it only had a kit sponsor worth €1.3 million a year, which is paltry compared to the €7 million a year sponsor Shakhtar has, not to mention it's other 'general sponsor' which was worth €30 million a year.
  4. Amazing work, I remember using the FM16 iteration of your playbook to great effect with my Stenhousemuir save.
  5. Preseason 2020 Transfers Another busy summer transfer window. As you can see I went for getting both Cooke and Walker but I also got a great coup by signing Jack Hendry on loan. Got high hopes for Osie-Tutu, might not be Scottish but he's from my beloved Arsenal so I couldn't resist. Squad Squad's looking kinda thin but I've only got £3k out of a £30k. I might bring someone in before the end of the season, still remains to be seen. Fixtures With the League Cup group stage matches, there isn't much room for friendly matches, blitz throguh them, the hightlight being a super hat-trick from defender Jordan McGhee!
  6. Very well done John, whatever happened when you got to the Premier League?
  7. 2019-20 Season Review Ladbrokes Championship We won promotion! It was surprising how well we played this season, hopefully we can carry on our form next year William Hill Scottish Cup Beaten finalists again, this time it was actually heart-breaking as we went 1-0 and Celtic were reduced to 10 men early. We couldn't see it through though. Betfred Cup No change here from previous update. Irn-Bru Cup Same as above Transfers Two of our best players had their transfer clauses activated and were bought by bigger clubs, although we got better replacements in Cooke and Caruccio. Agyei was just signed so I could avoid a mutiny as the squad felt like we lacked strikers, he didn't play a single game. Squad Stats
  8. I met an Uber driver once that said he was his mate, he told me he had to see a sports psychologist to help him deal with the pressure put on him with all the transfer speculation. I was thinking about just signing Scottish players but that went out the window when I signed Grimes cos there literally weren't Scottish DLPs around. This case is different cos I do have a Scottish player that I can get in that position. Still haven't decided on who to get but at this moment I'm actually leaning towards getting them both, Cooke can play CM and Walker can play ST so between them I have a lot of positions covered. In other news...
  9. I remember when I was Stenhousemuir in FM17 I was chasing him for a while, he did a great job for me in League One but I barely ever played him in the Championship cos I had better options. On another note, I need your help guys, I can't decide who to get to replace Alan Forrest, who went to St. Mirren for 100k due to a stupid release clause. The first option is Jamie Walker, he's out of contract with Wigan and I can sign him for £2.9k per week, the major downside is that he wants a release clause in his contract for £110k which is paltry for a player of his ability. As I said I lost Alan Forrest to a low release clause as well as Euan Valentine to Hibs for £250k. My other option is Callum Cooke, who I have on loan from Peterborough, he's slightly better, wants only £2.1k per week and most importantly he wants a foreign club release clause of £750k . In another save it would be a no brainer, but since this save is focused on Scotland, and it's Jamie Walker who I loved ever since his time at Hearts, I don't know what to do. Should I sign the Scottish talent based on sentiment or go with reason and go with Callum Cooke.
  10. Yeah I copied and pasted from my previous post and forgot to change it, silly me. I'm pretty happy with my squad but I need to keep them. Just look at how many players are being chased by other clubs.
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