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  1. Hi everybody. I'm playing Football Manager 2016 and I ran into a problem. My assistant manager left the club so I had to use my Reserves Squad coach to fill the position. With my previous assistant manager, before each game, I'd get an Inbox message with his advice in terms of match preparation (Att. Movement; Df. Positioning; Def. Set Pieces; Att. Set Pieces and Teamwork). Now, with my new AM, I don't get that message ever. I have to go to the training screen and select it myself. I've search the Straff Responsibilities screen and also the Assistant Manager personal profile, but I can't have access to that option. Is this a question of "hiring" a person who was not suited for the role? Maybe he does not have the skills needed to prepare these advices? Or can I make him do what the previous Assistant Manager did? Thank you very much.
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