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  1. I would use Henry as CF- SU and Bergkamp just behind him as AM-A. Viera as BBM and Silva as dlp-def maybe The rest seems ok, maybe Pires as IW-SU and Ljunberg staying as WM-A
  2. I am planning to start a save in South america for a couple of seasons. I then want to move to europe. So my question is if I just load the south american leagues for now and within a few seasons I just add the european ones and remove the south american, will it affect my save in the long term run?
  3. Could I run a databse with 60k players with this? http://www.amazon.in/Lenovo-Ideapad-80TJ00BNIH-15-6-inch-Graphics/dp/B01K1TTZSM Processor: 2.20GHz AMD A8-7410 processor memory : 8GB DDR3L RAM Storage: 1 TB Graphics: AMD R16M-M1-30 2GB Graphics
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