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  1. On starting a save as Vigo in La Liga I am asked in my introduction to the players to give them a target. the highest I can set is to achieve mid table which every single player reacts badly to.
  2. I guess i saw it as more of general topic of discussion on how different people use them but might not have done a good job in explaining that. For reference though this is how i am currently set up. Formation: [/img] i currently have set up with the following player instructions: But was wondering people opinions on using him in a tactic such as: Hope this is clearer.
  3. Without getting into too much detail regarding my current save i am currently playing as Celta in La Liga and have Nolito in my side who seems like the perfect inside forward and with a couple of perfect specimins coming through the ranks as well that i would like to take advantage of my issue is how to get the most out of these players. My main question is what do you consider the best instructions for an inside forward? I am unsure wheather i want him staying out wide and then using his prefered move of cutting inside or should i have him stay narrow for a majority of the time? and also unsure regarding wether i want him shooting more often, the idea is that he a major goal threat in my side but i dont want him taking long shots all the time. My secondary question is for reasons of squad numbers and atcking tatical reasons i would like my inside forwards to also be able to do a job as strikers. i guess in this role i see them as poachers (do you think this correct? i guess i see him playing in a way Jamie Vardy does for England, but succesfully) in addition to this i would be insterested to get peoples opinion on what role to play along side them as i am currently playing a support complete striker up front (with the inside forwards out wide) but when they push up do you think i am better moving this to a deep lying forward a false nine or even moving them down to an advanced playmaker in the central attacking midfielder role. Thanks
  4. i, So wanted to get a few peoples opinions on some things but first an update on my save. (started using the winter update) In my first season as Milan and think my main ethos is 'Evolution not Revloution' (as much fun as it is to just buy superstars straight off it always seems to make me loose interest quicker) Tactics Im using a 4312 with generally attacking full backs a deep lying playmaker, 2 box to box midfielders along side him, an attacking midfielder then a target man/ deep lying stiker alongside a poacher/complete forward. ususally looking something like below -----------------Lopez------------------- Abate--Romognoli--Mexes---Antonello ---Bertolacci--Montolivio--Poli --------Bonaventura------------ ----Adriano---Bacca---------- And its doing pretty well, 4pts clear at the top of serie A after 16 games with only one game lost (a freak result to palermo with 2 penalties against me) my main questions are: 1) with the transfer window approaching and perhaps more importantly the date at which clubs can offer contracts to my players with expiring contracts and a deep lying playmaker key to my tactics at the moment do i renew montolivios contract even thouh im sure he will want an extortionate amount and not be a regular much longer or do i let him go and see what i find in the transfer market? (i do have a capabale back up nd youth coming through but not confident its enough to battle on domestic and european front next season) 2) another key part of my tactic is crossing, or even just the risk of it in some circumstances (the ability to switch to playing through the middle in the width created by my fullbacks is one of the reasons i love this tactic) but with the forwards i currently have (adriano as a support target man and Bacca as a compete forward) what makes more sense crossing to target man or crossing to centre? does target man literally just mean the target man or just they pick out a man? 3) in more defensive situations i would like to stick with my fullbacks crossing from deep almost crossing from forst touch, is there a way to do this better than switching them to support full backs, with cross from deep and low dribbling? as it just doesnt seem to restrict it from the match engine. thanks for the help, sorry no screenshots as when ever i seem to take them it takes a copt of the screen behind FM! Phil
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