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  1. I love seeing regens with real player names, show me yours! here's a few of the ones i've seen across my save: Diego was in one of my previous saves and this was a back-up save made when he was young. He became one of the world's top players. Yaya is in my current save and i'm about 10 days past that. I don't think he's got a lot of potential.
  2. i think the corporate facilites are attached with the stadium. however, I don't know what would change it in the editor
  3. i don't know if it is playable in FM16 or even in it, but I know your thinking of Oslo City. they definitely exist in FM14 and have grey players from african countiries. i think they could be promoted but i'm not sure, as they aren't playable at the start but their reputation isn't too bad. you'd probably have to reload alot though, it'd be best to quickly change reputation in the editor. That is even if they can be promoted i'm only looking at reputation
  4. I think it also depends on the 2nd/B/II team being in the division below the lowest league playable, same for the normal teams. Things like love come into play aswell, clubs with higher reputation but outside the league are the most likely to get promoted, but it's not fixed, otherwise only a few clubs would rotate, but there also seems to be a limit ( relegated that have a highish reputation clubs : high probability, smaller teams less likely, the recently relegated are either reputable enough to be quite likely, but if one of the smaller teams came up for a season and finishes dead last, they don't gain reputation so they will still be unlikely to get promoted) I think putting players into the 2nd team does help though, as i've seen in Football Manager 2014 the B team (called Vetusta) to Oviedo (in Spain), who are in the lowest playable league at the start of the game and the B teams reputation is too low for promotion through reputation, but this was in the future of the save and Oviedo had become a top team competing in the EURO cup
  5. I've created a new managaer , whilst my first one will be put to rest. R.I.P. Me
  6. I've managed other clubs before and been succesful, as im now in the 2060s, however my reputation has gone all funny. I had this problem when i first started, but i was managing a edited team in malta in 2013-18. but for some reason Colombia hired me and solved it but atm i'm having no luck with international jobs.
  7. Does this mean I'm not good enough for the top teams, but too good for the lower teams and stuck floating in the middle? Should i try to ruin my rep, as I can still manage in wales but i don't have interest for that :/
  8. My save has gone funny and since i went to wales and won stuff there, no other team wants me. Apply for top clubs, they laugh, so then I apply for clubs in the lowest playable leagues, that are semi-pro, and they also laugh me off. The only people to not laugh at my interest is the czech national team. Has anyone else had this happen before?
  9. My macbook air is doing alright in 2053, i've usually had 5-8 leagues running at a time. So unless you want alot of leagues, or a really really long save, that'd do. Interestingly the last save I got to 2053 crashed in 2053, but that save was done on a different PC
  10. I've got a world class potential goalkeeper in my team, however he has determination of 4. Whilst he is 18, I signed a older goalkeeper to tutor him, however I think reputation might be in play, so no tutoring is possible. So can my goalkeeper become more determined naturally or is he destined to be so undetermined?
  11. I don't know about you guys, but i've got a real big bias for "Exoticness" Examples: If the clubs were in a similar situation, I'd rather manage: Crystal Palace than Hull Wolverhampton Wanderers than Wigan Weston-super-mare/Blyth Spartans/Concord Rangers than Bath/Worcester/Nuneaton etc. Kaiserslautern than Frankfurt Kaizer Chiefs/Orlando Pirates than Wits/SuperSpurt Utd Zaragoza than Almeria If I had two great players that were clones of each other in every way and 1 was called (pulling these names from regens) Gerard Vazquez or Justin Moon and the other called Robert Thomas or Pablo Remiro, i'd pick the first guys, becuase they sound kinda cool. Do you guys have this kind of bias and has it affected any of your decisions
  12. Interesting how a player who started out as a left back ended up as your striker.
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