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    Player transfers

    A suggestion I have for fm18 is the player not being interested in joining at all. While this is true in a lot of cases, i think there should be a dialog screen before the player decides. For example, you can promise him to be part of a new project, or that this team will win the league, or a cup this year. This happens a lot in real life too when a new manager takes over, or when the club decides to spend a lot of money on the market, or the clubs history. At the start of every fm game I pick Milan to start a career and i usually go for domestic players, whether im managing in england, italy or anywhere else. most of the time I see that a certain team accepted a 20m bid for a player from a foreign team, when I bid on the player the team asks for 80m even though they accepted a 20m bid from another team already. This makes sense as no team wants to sell a good player to their rivals, & id be prepared to pay 2-3 mil more, even 5 mil more for a player i want. But to go from 20m to 80m is insane & not at all realistic. I hope the fm18 team reads these suggestions and decides to include them in fm18. I'dlove to see these features in november
  2. This is something that bothers me most about FM. value of the player should depend on their performance, not solely on potential. I see players who play less than 10 games for their team, with an average of under 6.70, and they get sold for millions and millions of pounds. Other players get sold for 2-5m pounds, even though their performance that season was over a 7.20. It's true that potential does play a role in the transfermarket (i.e. Martial to Utd) but I think performance matters just as much if not more. Another thing that should change depending on performance is player potential. if a players potential and current ability are 132, but that player has been putting in great performance on the pitch, I think that his current ability and potential should go up. & for players with the same potential but with 6.40 avg performance, the potential & current ability should go down. I think this would make the game a lot more realistic.
  3. So this is an issue that's been bothering me for a while now. Most sackings happen either in november or around march or april. By this time you've already started the season with your current team, or you could be in the quarter finals of the champions league with them. Meanwhile, a team you want to manage has approached you about taking control of them. If you refuse they'll just hire someone else, and if you join them you'll be missing out a champions league final or a title with your current team. It would be great if clubs were more lenient of using interim managers for a month or two until the season ends and you're ready to take over. Similar to what's happening now in football, Guardiola's case, Ancelotti, Mourinho etc.
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