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  1. I have updated my file tried to make it more real adding in real cup names more teams updated the leagues any suggestions are welcomed thanks.
  2. hello yes i do have one was was not going to put up but happy for you download it ,its a 20 premiership and 22 championship play each other twice something like the one i have on here exempt more money in the premiership and championship .put the file below if you want to download it and try it out. Scottish Fantasy Leagues .fmf Scottish rich 2.fmf
  3. hi not been on for a while forgot about this update it was some minor changes i made, I have been working on a new update for this improving it ones i find out where teams are playing next season will release it plus adding some new teams as well .
  4. thanks for the replay , i will have a go at this give it a bash thanks .
  5. Looking for help was going to set up Conference leagues of 4 leagues off 68 teams, Which would mirror the real life for next season for the west of Scotland tier 6 for 1 season. The next season there be a 16 team premiership 16 team championship 18 league one and a 18 team League two. Can this be done on football manger normal good with the database but struggling with this any advice would be great thanks.
  6. the first one i done is on steam , this update one is not on steam .
  7. I have updated my file for next season added in more teams and more cups level 16 Level one Scottish premiership Level two Scottish championship Level Three Scottish League one Level four Scottish league two Level five Highland/ Lowland Leagues Level Six East of Scotland League / South of Scotland League / West of Scotland League Level seven North Superleague/ North Caledonian League / East Superleague Level Eight East of Scotland Conference A and B Level Nine West of Scotland conference A,B
  8. Hi guys that's my file on steam , not had a chance to upload it here , more than happy to start a new topic and upload on here if yous like thanks.
  9. can save file then place it in your editor file and your good too go , or yous winzip too unzip it too the editor file hope that helps
  10. aye lowland vs highland and the winner plays the bottom team in league 2 in level 4 and 5 in Scotland
  11. Giving this another go for the new season added a few extra teams updated the leagues improved a few things from last one , managed to get it down too level 13 there is also 2 extra leagues below this . Take a team from the bottom through the amateurs leagues and work your way up through the different leagues including the juniors Scottish cup open too 276 teams British and Irish fa cup for fun 736 teams ! Level 1 Ladbrokes Premier League Level 2 Ladbrokes Championship level 3 Ladbrokes league one level 4 Ladbrokes League two level 5 highland /lo
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