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  1. Another Save Ruined

    Any adults in the Forum tonight? If in real life i was the new Manager, i would simply say "look fella's, theres obviously going to be some changes, the first is that i want to appoint my own captain, largely due to the fact that the current club captain aint going to be playing for a few months, we will look at the situation again at christmas" Players "fair enough boss" instead of "who do you think you are coming in here and changing things?" Lets have some common sense please.
  2. Another Save Ruined

    It was his idea, it came up in his backroom advice.
  3. I'm not looking for a corner cheat or anything, in fact i just want a solid "defensive" set piece set up, so i can stop conceding all the time from corners and free kicks.
  4. Spent time getting my squad ready for the new season, everyone's morale is very good or better, then just before my first league game, i am asked to choose my Captain and Vice Captain for the season, noticing that the two already chosen have a 3 month and a 2 month injury respectively, i do what i think is the only sensible thing to do and pick two fit 1st teamers. The next day and 3 quarters of my squad are up in arms because they feel i was "too quick" to appoint a new team captain??? So we lose our first game 3-0, morale drops even further and we are 4-0 at ht in the 2nd game, save over, because i decided to choose an uninjured player as Captain??? Much more care needs to be taken when implementing features that have such a direct hit on team form.
  5. This is something i noticed early on in the game, but it did'nt seem too bad at first, i'm in season 3 now though and its gone from bad to worse, so much so that against my better judgement i decided to start a thread about it. The best way to describe it is that when the opposition are attacking, my defenders seem to meander about uninterested, almost like zombies and their reaction time is snail like, especially anywhere near the 6 yard box. It does'nt happen every game, so it is just so blatant when it does happen, even the keeper does it, instead of going to ground or for a 50-50 ball he just stands still and lets the ball go in right next to him. I can almost perfectly predict when i'm about to concede and its starting to spoil my enjoyment of the game. The amount of times opposing players with awful jumping and heading stats get good chances to score with their heads is comical, just because there is no attempt from my defender to challenge for the ball. It is largely around the area of the 6 yard box and so many soft goals are going in its just not right. Hopefully a few others will have noticed this, or maybe its already a known issue?
  6. Actually, despite year on year being told that a one tactic approach will no longer work, you ALWAYS end up with a few tactics that do just that.
  7. Not sure how to do links mate, but the tactic is here on the first page and is called "Great 4-3-3 tactic" by bobani17
  8. bobani17's Great 4-3-3 is without doubt the BEST tactic i have evr used in practically all my FM days, how its had such few replies is beyond me?
  9. Actually, i went back to the game this morning after cooling off, having looked at our difficult start to the season(top 7 clubs in first 7 games no less) and we have since gone on a fantastic unbeaten run, which included all 6 games in our CL group finishing top! I'll update soon. Haha, should have kept my mouth shut, just lost 2-1 at home to Man Utd, thanks to a o.g. and a last minute defensive error.
  10. Game Over - Twice

    Well, after giving myself time to cool off, i decided to carry on with the game and things are looking a little better. I'm still 19th in the EPL, but have now won 2 and lost 6 and amazingly have won my first 3 Champions League games against Galatassaray, Roma and FC Bayern, still using the tactic from last season. Looking back i noticed just what a difficult fixture list we started season 2 with. A Chelsea H Spurs A Arsenal H Man City A Man Utd H Liverpool A Everton We now have some easier fixtures to come(hopefully) so i'm going to continue for now, although christmas will be tough with all the reverse fixtures of those games above to come. I'll probably win the CL and get relegated this year.
  11. Game Over - Twice

    No, absolutely not, well not me anyway, i have always wanted to play the game in what i believe to be the correct way and that is using slightly different methods, strategys and shouts etc, depending on who you are playing and/or home and away, as well as going out to look for that late equaliser or shutting up shop to see out a slender lead in the last few minutes. I even started a thread about it in the T&T Forum, guess how many replies i had?
  12. Game Over - Twice

    I agree in part to what you are saying, but, first of all i tried using the in game tactics and shouts etc, found i was outplaying most teams and on the whole getting things **** on, the only thing wrong with this was the results i was getting. Changing philosophy, starting strategy as well as changing player roles, oi's and creativity etc, works well on the one hand, but on the other dominating games in every fashion but goals gets old really quickly, so as usual with this game, you find something that works instead and in every FM(or whatever its been called in the past) the easiest and best way has always been to find one tactic and stick with it. There are thousands of people logging in every day, looking for some kind of super tactic, personally i have always wanted to play the game the right way, but get forced into the one tactic route because at the end of the day its the only way that works, or at least it has in the past and i'm sure any day now the same will be said of FM11. I had 40 weeks of the year where my one tactic was outdoing the likes of Chelsea and Man Utd home and away, whilst tearing apart weaker sides, to one that 8 weeks later has gone from 65-70% possession, 80+% pass ratio and creating an average of 6 or 7 CCC's a game to one that i find players twice as good, struggling to put two passes together? Maybe if i was playing direct football and at all times aiming for a TM in a singular style of play, i could understand the tactic being found out and uneffective, but in this instance it is not the case, the overachievement is privvy to the tactic being that it is of a mixed variety of attacking creativity and as such its success should be pertinent to the quality of player available. This is exactly why such a massive amount of FM'ers choose to wait for and then enable one of the many super tactics that end up flooding the forums.
  13. Hi TBH, is this the tactic i was waiting for? Having trouble downloading, it keeps taking me to other sites when i click "download"???
  14. Game Over - Twice

    I made 1 less in the 2nd season than i did in the 1st(last game) In the save where i finished 7th i made just 3 signings 2nd season. I could understand if i brought in ten new players and threw them straight in, although it would not explain such an utterly complete downfall of the tactic anyway, especially as they were of so much better quality than the players i traded them for.