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    18 year old Manchester United fan and huge fan of the FM series. Love the idea of taking a low league club to glory through the leagues but always end up managing United, Dortmund or some other top team.

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    Manchester United
  1. Realistic Player Management I think FM could be much more realistic in the way players are actually managed. There's often so many controversial events within football each season, the Benzema-Valbuena issues and high profile stars being named for tax evasion scandals. I think these could be implemented into FM based on a players personality. Players who are good natured will find themselves in less trouble than maybe those with low a teamwork rating or negative personality status. This would add balance to the feature and help to avoid the game create a controversial event between two players known for their good relationship in real life. Customisation I know there are many skins for FM which include new season kits but there really could be room for some kind of in-game editor which allows for new kits to be created each season. It could have some kind of fan feedback so you could hold focus groups to get a general idea whether the fans will like it or not. For example, if on a Manchester United save I created a blue home kit, then the fans should be angry and the shirt sales and therefore income should drop largely that season. This would allow the player to create new, modern kits but still have to conform to some basic kit rules. Sponsorship could then become a real part of the game and you could choose new sponsors and have their logo appear on the kits. This is a feature I personally am not too keen on because real world sponsors would not be used due to licensing so it may look unnatural to have a made-up sponsor or kit manufacturer on Barca's new home shirt. There could however be ways around this. There could be a similar situation for the stadium. I know you can ask the board to expand the stadium but currently you have no input on how it is expanded/upgraded. You could have an editor which allows you to choose which stands to add more seats to, how much to spend upgrading floodlights, the pitch surface, how many advertising boards to add, where the directors box should be and how much should be spent on making it luxurious. You could even go further in-depth with this and be able to improve medical facilities or the youth pitch. Along the lines of that, you could build and upgrade a whole stadium for your youth team if your club have the required funds. I know many players will say that this is Football MANAGER, not Football CHAIRMAN or OWNER but it is still a video game, and who doesn't want to turn Millwall's 'The Den' into a 60,000-seater fortress with all the new facilities ready to take on the Prem.
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