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  1. I find more crosses go off a defender into touch, probably because the ball carrier takes the ball deeper. If you have a good corner taker it can be useful. I play Birmingham City and spend a fair bit of time on set pieces as we aren't the most gifted team technically, so I use it mainly against stronger (most of them!) teams.
  2. When I'm going through a form slump, but everyone is rating ok (i.e. 6.7 +) I try to arrange a friendly with a weaker team so the guys can get their groove back. Holding a team meeting and telling the lads to keep their heads up helps too. Another thing you can try is to start the elder statesman... most teams have one, the veteran who has slightly lower stats in fitness and technicals but has good consistency, teamwork and concentration etc.
  3. Mr Rossler, I am happy to say, I have recently had great success in my Birmingham City save, coming through the playoffs to gain promotion to the Premier League for 19/20 Season, while using your Match Week and Performance Week training schedules all through the season. My better players were available for most matches and my lesser lights improved some degree during the season. You might say, I am a rather happy manager as I prepare for the new season ahead in Premier League. I have had a look at your Pre-Season schedule and while not using it exactly, have prepared a Pre-Sea
  4. As a youngster, this guy has low attributes, and is probably the cause of all your woes. His composure is pretty close to "PANIC!!!" and his positioning has him in the wrong place most of the time, I'd say. Given his determination is okay, you could expect he will develop with some encouragement. May I ask why you are playing a 17 year old in your first team? Also, seeing his attributes alone, it's hard to put them into context. It all hangs together. Personally, if he is your best option at right back, I'd have a look at a three man defence or look to get somebody else in, whether a free agen
  5. The other way to think aboiut it, is that the players who cover the most distance may need to focus train on Positioning!
  6. Inside Forwards are the advanced version of the Inverted Wingers. Inside Forwards have Cross Less hard coded into their Player Instructions though.
  7. You will likely find that if the player has high attributes in marking, tackling, and technique and he will perform in the optimum manner. If he doesn't have top score, he will not do a top job. Same goes for any player in any role.
  8. I'm no guru, however from reading those who are, I gather a player left to train the position they are playing will improve in the attributes needed for that position. Individual role training looks to improve the attributes of the those considered important for the role in question. For example, if you have a pressing forward who can't tackle, there is no reason you couldn't give him role training for a Ball Winning Midfielder. An extreme example, but one I have sometimes used for attacking midfielders. If you are trying to train a left midfileder to play left defender for example, you
  9. I tried this. There is now a Schedules folder, but none of the schedules I have created are in there.
  10. That will be hard as it seems nigh on impossible to start a conversation with a player! (Or have I missed something?)
  11. Ch Cheers Mark. Not actually new to the forum, been around since around FM2009, maybe 2008... but never posted anything like this before.
  12. I began the save knowing it would be a short one, and getting in two full seasons actually exceeded my expectation. However, the Beta for FM2019 became available, so it's back to the Championship and trying to come to grips with managing this club and hopefully repeat my promotion and subsequent survival success. Thanks for those of you who read through to the end. It was fun to write, as as I mention at the end of each installment, your feedback is encouraged, and very welcome. Cheers Kel secondcityblues.com (a work in progress!)
  13. Second City Survival – Part 2 The previous instalment saw Birmingham City sitting comfortably in 11th place at the end of December. What will the New Year bring, happiness or heart-ache? Read on to find out… Round Two There was only one new signing in the winter window, bing Victor Omeje, an 18yo central midfielder who looks like he has a future. There was also a couple of departures. Cohen Brammal saw he was not going to cut the mustard in the top flight and took an offer at Charlton when if came his way. Jonathon Grounds went on loan to Reading later in January.
  14. Second City Survival – Part One Season one in the Premier League is always a challenge, and for a club who were only expecting a bottom half Championship place last season, surviving season one could be a stretch. We did better than expected on the transfer marker during the summer and have some challenging friendlies ahead of us to keep ourselves focused. As FM2019 beta is imminent, the remainder of this save will be played in holiday mode, with the Assistant Manager running the team. Let’s see how it pans out. Pre-Season The plan was to get the boys match-fit, the
  15. Second City Summer – Part 2 Our last instalment detailed our plans for the summer break. Now let’s dive right in and see what happened… Staff We were wanting to sign some new coaches and scouts, and maybe improve the quality of our medicos during the break. The biggest decision of all came down to whether to replace Lee Carsley or not. Players We had hoped to convince a few top flight veterans to join our ranks… Unfortunately, things didn’t go to plan. Terence Kongolo (CD) and Ki Sung-yueng wanted far too much in wages but
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