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  1. I managed to get a lot more of Trequartistas once I stopped looking at them as playmakers that don't track back but instead players given complete freedom. Freedom to move around and even outside his position, freedom to dribble more, to try through balls, to try long balls, switching plays, to take shots from any position they feel comfortable. More than any other role in the game player attributes and PPMs will dictate how they operate, since they're allowed to do everything with no overly specific instruction. Different players might turn out to do completely different things in this role,
  2. He never said he wants or intends to play Tiki Taka like Barcelona, he's complaining the defensive sides do that, by his comments I don't think he cares about having or not possession or anything resembling Tiki Taka, just wants to learn how to press the opposition so they don't spend the whole game passing around the back, which I agree with you is kinda worthless without him providing his system. More likely is he just wanted to rant though, which is just out of place here.
  3. I'm not sure midfield compactness is a term, I just meant to how further apart everyone is, especially in that left side, there's a lot of vulnerable space. This is kinda shown in both videos you posted where your LCB is completely alone to defend that area, the fact he then decides to go elsewhere and not even try to defend the space is not something I can explain however. I don't know your players at all, but the first things I would change for being more defensively solid would be lowering the LoE to standard. In addition to that I'd get a much less aggressive left flank, something lik
  4. This is really weird to me. The behavior of the LCB in those videos is absolutely nonsensical in terms of real life football. It's a mistake that can happen once or twice, but as often as OP suggests it's worrysome and doesn't look tactical, even if it is. I have used many times tactics that rely on two players being enough to provide defensive cover on counter attacks and never saw anything remotely similar, although my setups are wildly different from what OP has here, and I agree with the issues you have pointed out, especially with the midfield compactness. This all makes me think tha
  5. CBs don't take part in counter-pressing so I don't think that's the issue. I noticed in both cases it's your LCB who goes way out of his position to pressure the guy on the opposite flank, if it happens often my guess it could be due to his stats (high aggression? low decisions?). If that's not it, I'm not sure what could be causing it.
  6. Whilst I see your point people are just way too fast to call things a bug, especially since with the info OP provided this is not a a repeating issue, but rather an one off thing, and as such it's hardly worth considering it a bug. I agree that players shouldn't do this, but players make mistakes and do things they shouldn't do all the time, they are not robots and won't do everything to perfection. A combination of the tactical setup and players making a wrong judgment decision on the pitch, this is all there is to see here. Of course, if OP goes on to see this happening a lot, it's
  7. Whilst I agree the old system was way too prone to being abused and just poor and I don't agree with the way @sverige91 is going about it, it would make sense if we had more information visible in game. Right now we set up mentoring groups, and... wait? No way of knowing if it's working or not, if we did the right thing or not, if the game cares about players being from the same nationality, or speaking the same language, or being in the same training unit, or playing in similar positions, or being in the same social group, or a player being in another player's favoured personnel, or the littl
  8. Thought I'd try to roughly translate some of the interesting parts of this at least, as I don't expect many people here speak portuguese. It's hard because Gerson doesn't name the positions so I might even get some bits wrong (he says a lot of 'here' or 'there' referring to positions as if we could see where he was pointing or read his mind lol) Gerson is very adamant that Rivelino played in the midfield 3 though. He says Zagallo told Rivelino the following: "I don't want you in the wings, I have exceptional wingers, Paulo Cézar Caju, Edu.. I don't want you here, ok? I want you here (mid
  9. What I wanted to say was that their aggressive system didn't work simply because of the way Barça set up. It has worked against many different systems, and if you try to paint it as something that only happened due to poor choices by Barcelona it kinda discredits Flick's overall work. Also what do you mean by not being possible to replicate the match vs Barca? Cause in terms of results, it certainly is possible: Of course, those don't happen all the time, much like Bayern won't be demolishing teams by 6+ goals every time, but it can happen for sure.
  10. You're right, I forgot that the game vs Barça was the only game they played under Flick, not like they have won their last 18 games in a row and haven't lost a game in 2020, playing against all sorts of different teams and formations.
  11. I mean, if someone posted here about their 4231 with Bayern using Goretzka and Thiago as their double pivot with a very offensive fullback and two ball playing defenders (one with the permission to dribble forward even) AND running extremely urgent pressing + Get Stuck In, imagine what the comments would be like: "Needless aggressive out of possession instructions" "CMs aren't good enough defensively and playing too offensively minded roles for a 4231" "One of the fullbacks should be more contained". Yet we see Goretzka and Kimmich stepping into the box, Davies sometimes transitioning into a w
  12. Don't know if I expressed myself poorly, but I didn't mean to say you can't get the CBs dribbling forward. What I meant to say that you can't get them forward to offer themselves as an option to recycle possession, without the ball. You can definitely have them dribbling forward almost as a fullback, that I agree with.
  13. Then it wouldn't be a Gasperini recreation anymore, would it? Cause he does the opposite of that, with the wide CBs sitting very wide and having permission to push forward, offering an option to recycle possession on the flanks when the wingbacks get forward. There's no way of doing that in FM, the closest you can do is BPD-St set to stay wider and Dribble More, but that still doesn't make them push forward when not dribbling, and even when defending the Stoppers don't push forward to mark someone before they receive the ball, only push to tackle once they do have it. The main thing on my
  14. Fair enough, makes complete sense. I'm just a little burned out on the game at the moment for all the micromanagement bits, but sitting on the tactics creator whilst attempting to create something with restrictions was interesting to me, just wanted to see more or less how it'd play out and holidaying was the easiest (laziest) way of doing that. If I give a proper go at it I'll report back
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