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  1. Have a look at this: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/327822-Asking-For-Help-PLEASE-READ-THIS
  2. The thing is nobody will be able to tell you, considering we know nothing but the results. A good starting point would be to have a look at the last ten or so games and try to figure out what's going on. First check the match stats: check posession, shots, shots on target for your team and the opponents .. any patterns? Also check tackles, crosses, long shots ... anything stick out? Next start digging into the analysis tab/prozone - start checking where your and your opponents shots are coming from. What does it look like? Check the average positions of the players - are you deep or are they deep? Doing this for the last games should give you an idea what's going on. Feel free to take some screenshots and post them (stats or prozone).
  3. On the imgur page you can right-click on your image and choose "Copy image address" (or similar, that's what it's called in Chrome). In your post the URL between the image tags was >> that's the full pageIn my post it was >> just the image.Cheers
  4. Looks like you're linking to the whole page not just the image (image tag is for images only)
  5. I think the AI has a few different strategies. When I offer players out most of the time I get a bunch of offers of which a/ a few are exactly the amount asked or b/ precisely 50% of the asking fee. So clearly there is some evaluation going on about how much a club may want the player and if they really want him they offer 100% asking price but if they have him a maybe/nice-to-have they go with "bid 50%.
  6. I'm looking at the transfer market/system with mixed feelings, too. I definitely wouldn't call it broken, none of that, but it feels very flat and not very dynamic at all. In my current save I'm playing Bayern, just finished the sixth season. 12 or 13 playable leagues (top euro leagues + Arg/Bra). In those six years I have been able to sell 1 (one) player for 150% of his value, that's a absolute maximum. The players have one the Champions League twice, made it to the finals two more times, obviously won the Bundesliga every season, all my players get lots of playing time, ratings 7.5-8.20 average with a few outliers ... nonetheless over six years not a single "yes, we really want that guy and mean" bid from Real, City or PSG. Lots of joke bids, though, but as soon as I start to negotiate up (never asking for more than 200% of value) it's "bye, bye ... we're not paying more". On the other hand if I want to buy it's 200% of value at the very least in the vast majority of cases (I know I can play the unsettling game, but it's very boring to me) Also when I look at the world transfer stats ... only very few marquee transfers over the last six years, even though club values have skyrocketed. So yeah, transfers are certainly serviceable, but that's pretty much about it. Feels often like a chore, because unless you play unsettle-the-player you have to pay a lot more for signings then you can expect from sales.
  7. Just popping by to give you a massive thumbs up for FM Touch. I had grown extremely tired of the last couple iterations of FM, because of what I perceive as too much bloat (too many team talks, media interactions, player interactions etc pp). I couldn't switch to FM Classic before, because I never watch my matches, but make heavy use of the analysis screens. So FM Touch has been god sent for me. I've played more on this year's FM Touch than anything since FM2012.
  8. Just the usual - full match - at least a setting for no default OIs by AssMan But whatever you do, please, pretty please do NOT start to introduce additional clutter like team talks, more media, more player interaction, tutoring, etc pp in FM Touch. The whole reason I play Touch is that all these things don't exist here.
  9. I pretty much ignore the scouting assignments and manually scout the top clubs, top national teams and most expensive player in each age bracket.
  10. +1 ... I am six years into a save with about a dozen leagues playable and teams with more than 2 goals per game scored on average are outliers. And even then they are only a handful of goals over the 2 average.
  11. Salve, quick question - assuming you have good players for the role (Boateng, Laporte) is there any reason NOT to use a BPD-D, BPD-D combo instead of the standard CD-D, CD-D? I know BPD have more risky passes and that's okay, but are there any "hidden" changes, eg automatically higher defense line with BPD or else? Thanks
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