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  1. It's a problem I've never faced at all. Im genuinely quite baffled sometimes at how the AI often throws money away or pays seriously inflated prices (obviously this isn't limited to the AI buying just my players though). I'm 9 seasons in with Norwich, and after my first City took Redmond off me for £60m, cash upfront. He had a good season but nothing ground breaking. I think he's still there now, and he's never been a regular starter.
  2. This sounds spot on to me. I've had a few players on my save who after joining have the wonderkid but didn't at their previous clubs when I was viewing their profile.
  3. If you leave the "penalties" section of your tactics blank, how does the game decide who takes the penalties? I'm certain I've had instances where it doesn't automatically choose the player with the highest penalty taking attribute. What else drives the choice? If it's things like who is playing well in that particular match, I quite like the idea of leaving it blank.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Fingers crossed with the big chunk of money that comes in at the end of the season it'll all be sorted. I've prided myself on not giving anyone wages of 100k per week or over, so in my mind we were being pretty prudent compared to our peers.
  5. Apologies for the double post. I've just stumbled across this screen which I've never looked at before. £8 million a year over. How the hell will I be able to get this down considering we're past January?! And why did the board set a wage budget that even if I stuck to, would result in us failing FFP rules??
  6. ....and I don't know enough about the rules surrounding FFP to know exactly why I really didn't think as a club we were spending a ridiculous amount on wages. Would anyone be so kind to explain exactly why we're projected to fail and, more importantly, if I can do anything to stop it happening! I've attached some screenshots so you can see our finances. Thanks in advance guys, it's our first year that we could realistically win the title and I'd hate not to because of a points deduction!!
  7. Would someone kindly link me to, or name this skin for me please?
  8. Bizarrely, it's pulling out the wrong face. (A white guy who I don't recognise) I had this problem before when I added Fabio Coentrao's face. It was pulling out a black guy, who I managed to locate in the facepack. He had a completely different I.D to the one Coentrao has in the game (and the one I'd saved Coentrao's face as in the pack and notepad) so I just saved Coentrao with that guys (wrong) I.D. And that seemed to work weirdly enough. Any idea who this guy is? That way I can just swap his I.D for Aboudakar's and hopefully that will work as it did for Coentrao.
  9. Strangely, that didn't seem to work. I saved the picture in my faces folder (I downloaded a mega pack a while back so its now in there with all of them, and saved the file as a PNG like you said, and the filename is 12028932. The notepad is extremely long (the megapack had loads of faces in it), and looks something like this: Does it matter whereabouts in the notepad I save it? And should it simply read to="graphics/pictures/person/12028932 /portrait"/> <record from="12028932 "
  10. Thanks a lot for the link and info
  11. Hi guys - would one of you kindly create a face that I can use in game please for Vincent Aboubakar? He's the only player in my squad without one and it bugs me more than it should! http://iv1.lisimg.com/image/5361894/225full-vincent-aboubakar.jpg That image should be ideal, unfortunately I myself have no knowledge of how to cut out faces. Thanks!
  12. I usually have more possession but this isn't transferring into goals. Away from we are particular poor, often creating near to nothing.
  13. Hi guys, looking for some help. After two seasons of good finishes (3rd both times round), last season we fell to 6th and so far this season results have continued to drop off. Looking at the quality of my team I think we should again be challenging for the top 4 spots but we're stuck in mid table. I was hoping you may all be able to have a look at my tactics and give some possible reasons as to why my team is underachieving? Thanks! Team and TI's GK PI's Full back's PI's CB's PI's CM (Def) PI's CM (support) PI's Winger PI's AM PI's FW PI's
  14. I see that, just seems iffy timing considering he'd just played a poor game. Maybe should have "despite struggling in the last game his recent performances have been excellent..."
  15. Let's just say in those private chats sometimes he'll give you a little....."favour".
  16. I've never had a striker perform like this before. He was absolutely unstoppable. He's been called up to the Euro's despite never playing a senior game for England; wonder if Roy will play him...
  17. I'm interested to know why it'd attract the ball more? Does playing a treq also alter other players PI's to try and find his feet on a regular basis?
  18. Thanks for the reply. So lets say I play a trequartista. The player instruction it selects by default are dribble more, more risky passes, move into channels, roam from position, close down much less and ease off tackles. Now lets say instead of that, I play an attacking midfielder on the support duty. No TI's are selected by default but I could in theory select all the TI's that the trequartista would have selected by default. If I did this, would that player now play exactly as it would had it been selected to play as a trequartista? Or does the trequartista role make the player behave in ways that can't just be replicated by choosing the same TI's?
  19. I've really struggled with the two past FM's, but seem to finally have got to grips with this version and have a nice tactic that see's my Norwich side lead the Premier League after 15 games. (Callum Wilson's 22 league goals already has helped!) I've only just noticed however that I'm not using any specialist roles. This wasn't intentional but it seems to be working for me. I do tinker with the player instructions a fair bit however and wondered if this really was all that specialist roles did? For example, I notice when selecting a trequartista it by default sets 6 player instructions. Is this all selecting a specialist role does? Or is there more going on behind the scenes? Apologies if this is posted in the wrong thread also, haven't posted on the forum before.
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