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  1. Merhaba, resimlerin görünmesi için resim paketi yüklemen gerekir. Onlar skin dosyaları içinde olan şeyler değil. You have to download picture files to see them.
  2. this skin has downloaded over ten thousand and you are the first that who said they don't work. All of them aside, I'm using this skin. so I don't know what your purpose is, please use another skin.
  3. go fm/preferences/interface/skin colours and choose the colour you want.
  4. you can change the background pictures as you wish on graphics/backgrounds folder
  5. sidebar rengi otomatik takıma ya da lige göre değişiyor. Eğer takımın ya da ligin birinci rengi beyaz ise sidebarda beyaz olur.
  6. Google Light Skin v2 Whats new; Background support mode,manager picture mode and background selector added, Standard sidebar added, New player overview panel, New nation overview panel, New non-human overview panel and some more .. DOWNLOAD go to version 1 topic
  7. go to panels / player / by folder. Open by player overview small selector panel xml file with notepad+ in this folder. copy this code after the green codes. <widget class="player_additional_stats_panel" id="pcsp" file="player/player additional stats small"> </widget> it looks like that after do it;
  8. Hello all; This is my first skin,im still working on it to change some panels but i think its ready to share for now. i hope you will like it. DOWNLOAD Version 2
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