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  1. I spend with no problem when i need, i always have a good financial heath in my clubs but i don't care about signing players for a huge value. For example, when i coached AC Milan i bought Bernardo Silva in the 3rd season for 115M, Lucas Ocampos in the 5th season for 90M. In Arsenal i bought Pogba in the 2nd season for 99M, Laporte 50M and in the 3rd season De Gea for 112M. With Wolves in the 2nd season Renato Sanches for 21M. Villarreal in the 2nd season Felipe Anderson for 40M. I never had any regret, in my opinion is better to give 100M for a class player than 100M for 3 good players.
  2. Goalkeepers : Reflexes Full backs: Anticipation Central Defenders: Tackling Defensive midfielders: Workrate Central Midfielders: Passing Attack Midfielders: First Touch Wingers: Acceleration Strikers: Finishing
  3. Now is broken ankle, only 1 month later after ozil's injury, the broken stuff strikes again. https://i.imgsafe.org/8e7366d7c3.png
  4. Hi My save with Arsenal, 2nd season. January 2017 - Jack Wilshere (broken foot - out for 4 months) February 2017 - André Carrillo (broken foot - out for 4 months) April 2017 - Álvaro Morata (broken foot - out for 4 months) I thought it was Wilshere "spreading the virus", so i sold him to Liverpool, to play cards with Sturridge in the clinic. But... July 2017 in a friendly match - Ozil (broken foot - out for 4 months) What the hell? 7 months and 4 times the same injury...and i usually don't have more than 3 injuries at the same time.
  5. Hi I find myself in most saves ending up buying the same players, because i fell comfortable with them and because i know what they will turn into. So this thread will serve to now witch youngsters can achieve world class status with training. So, post here your youngsters that turned into world class players. Please use staff with high scouting ability. Here are some from my saves. Lucas Ocampos Bernardo Silva Renato Sanches Mateo Kovacic I also had Riechedly Bazoer with world class status, but i don't have the save anymore.
  6. The minimum expectation was CL qualification because of the 4th place in the league, if i was in relegation zone the expectation would be to avoid relegation, here we have a problem already, just because the team is in 4th place in december doesn't mean that i have a squad strong enough to do it. I got lucky because i played the sharks at home and i won most of them. Now how the hell i'm suppose to maintain ate least the 4th place? Since i added the 2nd head coach i went down to 6th place (january), almost impossible to fight for top4 so early in the save, and it is only a matter of time unti
  7. Hi I got fired by new Chairman without a reason. I was training Wolves. 1st season i got 2nd in sky bet championship and got direct promotion. 2nd season i was in december when Wolves got a new chairman and he fired me. I was in a fantastic 4th place with a untouchable job security before the guy bought the club. In real life this would never happened. So i just retired and made a new head coach, i don't like cheating but in this case was a must lol. Now i have other problem, when i chose Wolves again the minimum expectation was to qualify to champions league, wtf this is Wolves not Ma
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