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  1. I did it but still "apply" button is wrong! Hmmm!
  2. How we can fix this? And how we can change the color from attrs? I saw your answer about something to remove, but there is not there :/
  3. Hello to everyone! I want to ask about something. Can someone tell me how the the range that your team search about affiliate club sets and if i can somehow increase this. For example i manage an English team and i want to find affiliate club from Spain to send Brazilians/Argentines players on loan to take the Spanish Nationality faster!
  4. @Christopher Lewis Hello again! 5th season 8 matches before League finish, the message about "the best of the rest" coming again. But if you can see at "Club Vision" says passed. Now i'm 1st on league, so if i lose 1st place it will be "failed" again? What does it mean "rest of the best" only if you take the 1st place on your league? Its translate problem? Is there a problem with the wording or what? I upload the save on Cloud with name "bacardimojito - Marseille"
  5. As i said im stupid and i dont have a save on this message. So i have to upload the save or its impossible to see this? EDIT: I cant connect on cloud, could i upload it at mega.nz and send you the link? https://mega.nz/file/Kt0VzRzK#S0iIq7u195itCQ3_6gdwud95vcAzacUdnwopb7GXxP0
  6. Hello! I think there is a problem with club vision translate (?) or something! I just finish the 3rd season with Marseiile. 1st season i finished 2nd, 2nd season i finished 3rd and 3rd season i finished 3rd again! The problem starts when my chairman says that i failed on "Become recognized as the "best of the rest"" How is it possible to failed this club vision when i finish at 3rd position? If its translate problem i can understand why i failed to pass this, if its not translate problem its something else!
  7. It is your choice to no highlight the attrs about any position or its just a bug?
  8. For me, its more helpful to see the how much strong are both feet, but ok! If its not possible to put its ok!
  9. Nice work man, very beautiful skin! I Have one request! At red border is it possible to put "footdness", both of them instead o traits? If u want you can tell me to do it manually!
  10. Familicao / Anderlecht / Stoke / Everton / Deportivo / Atalanta / Torino / Lens / Auxerre / HSV
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