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  1. It is your choice to no highlight the attrs about any position or its just a bug?
  2. For me, its more helpful to see the how much strong are both feet, but ok! If its not possible to put its ok!
  3. i mean instead of "trait" if you can put how much strong are both feet
  4. Nice work man, very beautiful skin! I Have one request! At red border is it possible to put "footdness", both of them instead o traits? If u want you can tell me to do it manually!
  5. Familicao / Anderlecht / Stoke / Everton / Deportivo / Atalanta / Torino / Lens / Auxerre / HSV
  6. Ohhh beautiful!!! ^^^ I wait for release then!
  7. Ohhh that is better! ^^^^ I think the "footedness" we can see it if we go the info button left from the name in "Squad or Tactics" section right?
  8. Num of the foot is 1-5? Could we change it with "Strong" "Reasonable" etc? HYPE FOR THE SKIN ANOTHER ONE TIME!
  9. So! Should i be able to, apply a transfer policy to a club with the official editor? I want to apply a transfer policy on a specific team, not to all teams or league. Thats the point of this topic, to put this function in pregame editor or somewhere!
  10. Hello guys! Can you tell us if you have in your plans to put a selection on editor or in-game editor for transfer policy on your team you control like Bilbao? E.g. i want to manager Bolton and i want to put policy to make transfers only players who have nationality from UK.
  11. Hello! Nice work! I have to ask you if u can tell me how to disable boxes on atrs and if its possible to change the red place and instead of pref foot to put how powerfull is every foot plz?
  12. @XaW Yes i did, but there isnt any choice for restriction, only general transfer embargo! I read that, Bilbao's restriction is hard coded, but im asking if somehow i can do it the same with editor or put as an option in an update.
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