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  1. Ok i can accept that a warning appear and i did see it! So, why he became unhappy cuz i didnt register him on CL squad? I dont have save before the registration, i upload it after, i think there a message for the reason at the save which i upload on cloud!
  2. I bought Aaron Martin on winter transfer window, he is ineligible to play with my team because he played on 2 team in one season. Later, it was the time to register players for the CL and ofc i didnt register him, after this he became unhappy... The problem is why the game let me to finish the transfer without any message about this and why the player became unhappy when i couldnt register him. I Can accept that, the game show any message and i didnt see it but i cant accept the reason to became unhappy. I dont have save before the last registration but its not hard to understand where is the problem. i upload the save, on cloud, with the name " Bacardimojito's save.fm " you can see it!
  3. @XaW I bought him at winter transfer window and its like this. @Neil Brock I'm sorry for the wrong topic! I dont have save before the last registration, but i will upload the save. Its not hard to understand what i said! I will make new topic on bug forum right now!
  4. I bought Aaron Martin who ultimately does not have the right to play, because in one season he played in two teams. Later it was time to register players about CL and i dont register him. After this he became unhappy. Why the ****? I cant understand it.. The prob is why the game let me to confirm this transfer without any message and why the game cant understand this prob to not make unhappy the player.
  5. Is it possible to add, in marked position, somehow how strong is every foot instead of pref foot (idc if i have to do it manually)? @a31632
  6. Is it possible to put body language on panels between hl?
  7. He means pay or not its the save version, the only different maybe its about view only!
  8. You are right, personally i dont care about "enchanted version", this public/free version is good and smooth for game and for my eyes! But its hard to understand why someone who want this version to have to pay. I know its hit personal work and he throw time to work on it but.. anyway its his choice! I prefer the normal version, its very good!
  9. This is true, but the free version is good too!
  10. I will check it! a31632 Another one problem, as you can see when i go to a player to see infos about contract, slide bar eat half letter
  11. As you can see on shots panel there are two buttons, take a look!
  12. Hello, i want to know if its possible to put a remove button for customs schedules on our saves and if its possible to put an option for mass import custom schedules instead of 1 by 1!
  13. Game is not playable for linux users?
  14. As you can see the screen before match, i cant see my Tactic and player from my team and the other team.
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