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  1. Nice work and cheers for sharing!
  2. Wow, this is a golden tip! Cheers Hodgy. Have you done it yourself? Do you know if it works with other gubbed accounts, like coral, paddy power etc?
  3. Ah shoot. When you get it back, just bet different amounts prematch, like £100 prematch and £50 in play. Or £30 prematch and £30 in play. Also, don't take the best % matches. It all helps. (You probably know this all already, but just in case it helps someone). Nice work! Coral are giving out £10 free bets everyday if you aren't doing those and have coral accounts still.
  4. Bet 365 have their £50 inplay offer for the England vs Wales game today if anyone has time to get on it. It's worth about £30 profit. Bwin have pretty much the same £50 inplay offer for the same match. Worth about £25 profit or so. They may be more, I haven't had time to look yet.
  5. Yep, it's definitely got harder over the years! For someone completely new to it, there are still a lot of easy low hanging fruits to be grabbed. Not as many as there used to be but still several hundred pounds worth I'd say. It's more of a game now, us vs the bookmaker and we can still win. The rules have just changed a bit and require a bit more work. Sorry to hear about bet365. Do you mean they gubbed your account recently?
  6. Lol, I might have to try this Maybe, these should be rearranged? Where does wikipedia fit in with the list? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matched_betting But seriously, if you are over 18 and not claimed your free sign up offers... This is a genuine opportunity.
  7. With the Euro's coming up, you might have noticed lots of free bet offers being given out by the bookmakers. These free bets can actually be turned into money by placing bets on all outcomes of a football match by using a method called matched betting. You can currently get an amazon kindle book for free called Matched Betting Made Easy that will teach you all about it (Up until 14th June): https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01FUI9ML4 You can also see a 4 minute video on youtube that will teach you a bit more about it to see if it's for you or not: Finally, there is an example that is updated regularly that you can just copy and do for yourself: http://www.onlinebettingschool.com/how-to-bet-online/matched-betting/matched-betting-example/ In this example, you place 3 bets totaling £25 (2 x £10 bets and 1 x £5 bet). You bet these on Both teams winning and the draw so whatever happens you win 1 of your bets. You also get cashback and access to £60 worth of free bets for placing these initial bets, that can be used to guarantee you a profit. Before you comment badly (If you haven't heard of this or aren't already doing it), I encourage you research the links above where you will see articles from The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Lad Bible and the Daily Mail of people who are making a genuine second tax free income from this. The Euro's are a great time to get involved and turn your share of free bets into money if you aren't already doing this!
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