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  1. I'm also having this issue. Every match, same advice.
  2. No, I'm saying that the logo file size (in pixels) is always the same, different parts of the skin may scale the graphic (75% size, 90% size etc) differently depending on where it is being used but the alignment being off is due to the dimensions of the file itself. To actually reposition it would require a more comprehensive knowledge than I do as you would have to manually edit the skin's xml files. But this in turn would throw any of the default logos out of alignment. So you'll still have the same problem.
  3. They might be scaled differently for different parts of the skin but the file itself is the same. I'm sure 18x25 is the right size for small logos. If you check the TCM pack small logos on the league table against the in-game default ones you'll probably notice that the text isn't aligned properly next to the logo. It'll be because the default logos are a different size to the TCM ones.
  4. I make my own logos, been working on just a super clean logo and flag pack for a while now in FM18. I've been using the dimensions of 18px high by 25px wide for the small logos and 15px high by 22px wide for the small national flags. I think the default logos are that size and mine line up perfectly with them. Here's a screenshot below, I'm using the Wannachup FM18 skin.
  5. Would anyone be able to tell me what and where the modifier is for the colour of this knowledge level box on the scout card screen? I've used: <colour name="scout card" value="dialog_box_background" /> <colour name="scout card text" red="204" green="204" blue="204" /> To change the background colour of the scout card to a darker colour to match the skin I'm using. Not sure what I need to change to make the knowledge level box darker too. Thanks in advance.
  6. I'm assuming you mean the small logos on things like tables etc? If so it's probably because of the size of the smaller logos. The default logos are 25px wide by 18px high (I believe) where I've seen a lot of custom logo packs using 18x18 or 20x20... so any default logos didn't line up properly with them. Basically, they all need to be a uniform size or it throws the columns off. So you need a logo pack which has all the default logos replaced or the packs small logos need to be a similar size to the default logos.
  7. I'm new to skinning so I don't know if this is possible but would it be possible to add the league/cup/competition logo next to the text for each one respectively on the fixtures page? So it would look like the way the teams are represented with the badge next to the text for each of them. I'm using the default skin at the moment.
  8. I have dropped the settings to Medium and it has increased the frame rate considerably and it's able to get to 55-60FPS now. It's still seems a little laggy but nowhere near how it was on High.
  9. Hi Neil, Ah, I see. Fair enough in regards to the Hz display and the Borderless Window mode. PC star rating is 5 out of 5. Currently the graphics are set to the default out the box which defaulted to High. Just in case I've changed something, here's the full settings list:- Graphics Quality - High Frame Rate - 60 Render Quality - High Shadows - High Textures - High AA - Medium Crowds - High Thanks.
  10. I only seem to have the one resolution option available to me. 1920x1080 - 29Hz. The resolution itself is fine but I would rather have the option of 60Hz. My monitor is set to 60Hz and the FPS monitor in the Steam Overlay, during 3D matches, never gets above about 30FPS making the 3D match engine noticeably stuttery. 2D Classic runs very smoothly at 60FPS. I also noticed there is no Borderless Window Mode. Has that gone now or is it just as this is a beta?
  11. Thanks for the info. I managed to get the colours to work using a combination of this and by downloading and copying over the files from the base dark skin, seeing as the Tempo skin is actually very similar to the default, with just a few tweaks for quality of life. When I copied the base dark skin over I asked it not to overwrite what was there and then when I made the edits and reloaded the skin, the edits took hold.
  12. Hopefully someone can point out what I'm doing wrong here. Initially for FM17 I've been using the CFM Skin which comes with a settings.xml file in the settings folder of the skin. I made quite a few changes in there to alter the colours of things like highlighting attributes suited to a specific role on the players profile page, changing the colours of the morale icons to match the condition icon colours of the old PES games I used to play etc. Recently though I switched to using the Tempo skin from the Higher Tempo Press blog. It doesn't have a settings.xml file and even after i created one using the same file structure as the one in the CFM skin and copying the changes across... It doesn't work. Nothing in the game changes on the Tempo skin. What am I missing here? I'm guessing that it's something to do with the way the skins are made i.e. written to reference that file somehow... but I don't have the knowledge to know where to look. Any help and advice appreciated.
  13. I think it might be to do with the fact that the old number font looks monospaced whist the new one isn't. So with the "1" being thinner than the "8", if you have an 11 it'll look way smaller than an 88 for example. If you had a monospaced font you could replace the numbers with then simply right aligning the text would make all the numbers line up correctly as each number is the same width.
  14. Really enjoying this skin. Keep up the good work! Have been using it since it was released and doing my own little tweaks to it. Recently I changed the font over from Proxima Nova to Ubuntu, as well as changing a few colors around. Have been using the old Pro Evo Soccer color scheme for the Morale icons (Red for Excellent through to Blue/Purple for Abysmal). I really liked the Ubuntu font when I used to run Linux. Kind of works with FM.
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