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  1. Hmmm, since the file is too big to attach I followed the instructions here: I didn't see any link to the file but the file name is foxeses.sav so I hope there is a way for you to see it. If that was wrong then please advise me how and where to upload it and thanks for taking your time to help
  2. Unsure if this is new in the 1.5 beta or if it is an old one but here is what I noticed. When trying to doubleshift some players in my lines, when ingame then the doubleshifts are removed by the headcoach even thou I have set it to him to use the lines. Picture 1: GM settings Picture 2: Lines I set up before going to the match (notice RD 2 and 4 and LW 1 and 4). Picture 3: Lines shown ingame even before the puck is dropped (and yes even after the puck is dropped :P). Is this WAD or a bug?
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