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  1. In this case, how to learn perfectly how a player operates? For example, I'm in an unknown 3rd division team and I don't know any of the players. By watching the full matches, how do I understand that x has a specific playing style and would be suited for such role in my formation. I know I'm trying to look at it very objectively, which football isn't. But how do I recognize a pattern, understand the situations? Any suggestion for guides/resources I can find these theories? Any suggestion on how to effectively learn them? I'm looking into the Mentality Ladder and a few posts from Cleon. Any other you would recommend? Thanks to summatsupeer for your thoughts. Will have to look at this much less objectively as I had anticipated.
  2. So you're saying that a striker will not change his positions/movements based on how high/deep the team plays in? A midfielder won't be positioned differently based on a narrow or wide formation? The movements won't be different depending on another player's movement? How should I dictate a player saying if X has the ball, make a run at this direction etc.? How will I be able to achieve that? What are the variables? What possible situations can I anticipate? Even if there are a lot of moving parts, I'm trying to create an organized thought around it. So I'm basically looking at it the other way around? The way to anticipate what a player will do is based on his attributes. I'm trying to create a framework for assisting myself through the matches. Do you think there's a resource that'll help me create it like this: A player will do X, Y, Z in an attacking mentality if he has A, B, C, D, E attributes + if the opposition is/isn't doing J, K, L to him. Thanks again for your response. Really looking forward to your thoughts.
  3. Hi there, Is there any resource that thoroughly details different player roles based on formations or strategies? I'm looking for a complete resource or various partial resources to see how players in different positions operate under different player roles in different formations/strategies. Example: A striker with "False 9" role does (movements, defensive duties etc.) X, Y, Z if he's playing in a 4-4-2 formation A winger with "defensive winger" role does (movements, defensive duties etc.) X, Y, Z if he's playing in a 4-1-4-1 formation in a team that's playing attacking, direct, high pressing football A defender with "limited defender" role does (movements, defensive duties etc.) X, Y, Z if he's playing in a 4-3-3 formation in a team that's playing control, short passing, creative football Also, I would like to learn more about how a player operates in conjunction with other players in the team with different roles. Example: A central midfielder (with ball winning midfielder role with defense duties, who's the middle person in a three man midfield) does (movements, defensive duties etc.) X, Y, Z in a 4-3-3 narrow formation with short passing when the other two midfielders have an "Advanced Playmaker" role A striker with "Target Man" role does (movements, defensive duties etc.) X, Y, Z in a 4-1-2-2-1 wide formation with direct passing when the wingers have an "Inside Forward" role I'm aware of pairs and combinations & the Football Manager's guide to Football management (Also, if someone can give me a review of this book, the 6 reviews on Amazon not helping much) - but before diving deeper into them, I want to make sure these are covered in details and if there are other better/updated resources. Thanks
  4. Hi Everyone, I apologize for the long post in advance. In FM16, I started lower league management in Belgium 3rd division and was managing Portuguese Premier league in about 9 seasons. I really loved the rise up. Although I was using my own tactics and ideas, I was never paying attention to the depth in it (so just creating tactics around player skills, hoping something would happen). I never even watched any match beyond "Key", let alone analyzing games on Prozone. Once I saw the rise, I realized I wasn't being a true manager - I mean, I only know how to move around things, just not the things that work in conjunction with each other. So basically, for example, I knew what short pass vs long pass was, but didn't know how to effectively use it. I knew if I go to fluid from flexible, what it would do, just not how it will affect individual players or my team's shape (whatever that means). Prior to buying FM17, I tried to read up on a lot on tactics, watch videos etc. I just can't seem to focus enough or pay enough attention to details. In FM17, I started an unemployment challenge for about 90 times, only to not go through with it after a couple of in-game months. I started to watch the matches in full detail to get the hang of it, but I'm either not understanding it, not doing it right, or paying enough attention to details. I know lower level managements can be tough, but still, after a few defeats, I'm just giving up and starting a new game. I really want to understand this game, want to go deep and figure it out - the way those awesome people on SIGames forum are doing in unemployment challenges. I just can't seem to be focused enough to go through it. At this point, I have some questions/concerns and would really love your input/inspirations in the matter. My goal: start as an unemployed Sunday league badgeless manager and end up managing my favorite club, Real Madrid. I want to climb up the ladders mostly based on my results (don't want to focus on youth developments or long-term visions in other clubs) and playing style (I want to play nice short passing games with possession, but willing to adapt at the other clubs as they are not in my long term goal). Once I reach Madrid, I want to focus on youth development and play beautiful games for eternity. The only thing I will use is no attribute masking and genie scout - because even if I was a real life manager, I would've used them. So I'm trying to keep everything as realistic as possible here. Questions - these are all going to be related to lower league management as I'll focus on the big-boy things once I make it there. Tactics and Strategy - seriously, what do you guys do around this area? How can I best work on this? How can I be focused, more attention to detail oriented and consistent? Mindset - I have a ridiculous mindset - if I lose, draw I just keep giving up. I cannot seem to stick to it at all. Any suggestions? Training - I don't even know how I can optimize this ideally. Details details details: I tried to read lines and diamonds, pairs and combinations etc. I understand everything at the time, but I forget everything later in the game - How do you keep track of all the combinations, ideas etc.? How can I improve in these areas? Substitutions: How do you keep players energy level up? My players usually have 100% match fitness, but their conditions go up and down. How do you work with below 80% condition back to back matches? When do you substitute? What do you look into it? More tactics: What do you do under different conditions in the game? Winning? Losing? Drawing need to score/defend? What drives you and how do you make those changes in a match to alter the results? Stats/prozone - I know this is an incredibly helpful tool - I don't know what changes to make based on the numbers. I watched the videos on prozone, I still don't get it. For example, x is making too many key passes to the right, I try to stop that it messes up my formation - how do you work around those? Basically, how do you just utilize it? Players - how do you analyze your team? There are players that have good attributes, but they still perform **** and some have poor attributes, but perform well. How do you get around that? How do you assess that? How do you optimize their performance? Are you afraid to move them around even if it's a drop in positional ability? What do you do when a tactic doesn't support that? How do I do it? How do I measure my progress if I'm losing constantly by playing well? How do I keep my spirits up, how do I keep myself from quitting that save and starting over? Seriously guys, how do you do what you do and how do I do it? I know I'm sounding like one of those people who want to achieve something but doesn't want to work for it. The problem is, it is incredibly difficult to keep your head held high in this game because something that works fantastically if I'm taking a lot of shots, playing the way I want etc. - I might still lose. That will make me doubtful about my abilities and I'll just give up. I'll give up because I'll feel like I'm not making any progress at all and I'm just not good enough. Please help me get over this, please help me get better.
  5. Has anyone played or have access to an unemployment challenge on online game? How is it played, how does it work? I never played FM online. Can anyone provide any insight on this? I would love to see a bunch of us starting an online career together and move towards glory slowly. Although I still suck, but I would love the challenge! I don't know how the rules work, otherwise I would've started it myself. But maybe with a committed bunch with 3 games a week or something? Thanks!
  6. Thank you so much guys, I'm gonna check them out tonight If you have any suggestion for a noob like me for overall approach to learning this, please share. The most important thing for me is to stick to it and not get demotivated.
  7. Hi guys, I'm new at the game but have a lot of passion for football. I have gone through a few threads already to find what I needed, but couldn't find it. As per your suggestions, I tried to check out Lines and diamonds, pairs and combinations and SI forums to really grasp the tactical framework. However, the sheer volume of information has been overwhelming and quite often I'm not being able to connect the concepts with one another. I have previously seen that I work better with video instructions and tutorials, so maybe study guides are not the right choice for me? To simplify, my questions are: Is there a tactical theory and step by step learning video series out there? Not the usual tactics analysis we find in the vlogs, but actual theoretical discussion. Is there a checklist of things to consider while assessing players to develop tactics? Is there a comprehensive video series for opposition analysis (before game) and team analysis (post game) that includes a checklist of things to make sure I've assessed right? Is there any comprehensive training video series? The training allows very limited options, in my opinion, and it's even harder for someone starting unemployed with no badges and managing lower league semi-professional teams. Quite obviously it's a very very comprehensive game and the match engines are really complicated (well, to me at least as I've not been able to grasp that at all). But I really want to learn the core of these things. I see people download tactics and use them to their needs and I don't want to do that. I want to be very hands on with my tactical, training and player development decisions. Can someone point me to the right direction? Thanks a bunch!
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