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  1. Erhm, I dimply disagree here. 1) I don't agree that first team manager don't have control of what's going on in the reserve team 2) If realism is the reason I can't ask my B-team manager to give a player match experience in a certain position, why can I fire and hire the director of football at my club? I really think they should consider putting in this feature. Right now I got a few players that I want to give match experience as wingbacks, but it's just not possible as I can't play them on my first team before they're ready. The game is getting less and less sandbox and more and more cookie-build, unfortunately
  2. Not trying to start an argument here, but do you really think that, for instance, Guardiola cannot tell his reserve team manager to play certain players in certain positions? I think it's a vital part of developing players for the first time that you can have them work on the relevant skills and roles on the reserve team... And sorry for writing EA, my bad. Just so used to blaming EA for simplyfying games
  3. Ehm, you're saying that a manager cannot tell his B-team manager to train a player to play in a certain position IRL?
  4. So to have credibility I must first praise the game, or...? That's some strange logic, I think? Anyway, the team in question is called "Frem II". Don't know it it's "reserves" or "B-team". Isn't that the same thing? (And I disagree regarding the tactics - for instance I can't tell a Ball playing defender to get further forward anymore and players are generally much more locked in predefined roles than they were before). I didn't mean to offend anyone, just asking a question and commenting on the game here...
  5. So I've got these youngsters that I want to train to play as wingbacks. I always play with wingbacks and the game doesn't generate all that many. Why can't I ask the manager of the reserve-team to play them at the wingback position, so they get match training at that position? Or alternatively, why can't I just chose to manage the b-team, maybe without actually watching the games, and thereby help the players get comfortable as wingbacks? That's just stupid! And while I'm being annoyed with '16, I'd like to add that you simply must stop simplyfying things EA! There were more funny ways to tamper with the tactics 4-5 years ago - don't trivialize the tactical part of this game, please!
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