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  1. In FM20 I am playing with Cottbus and got to 3.Liga after first season, next season ended mid-table. All the time I have problem with money because of high running costs of stadium (Stadion der Freundschaft) with capacity of 22,528. Every season the stadium costs me around 1,5m, which is killing my finances. After the season management decided to build new stadium with 13500 capacity, because of high running costs. So, the question is how will running cost change and if it depends on the age of stadium?
  2. I previously played FM15, where in records could be all-time appearances and goals found (i think it was prior to the seasons). Now i began to play FM20 and its nowhere to be found, so i wanted to ask if it is relocated somewhere else or why it was removed (as i like to play long saves with those statistics). Additionally, if it is in FM21.
  3. Sam Winnall? I had him as player in my game with Varnsdorf
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