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  1. was told to post here by @Experienced Defender since its an "alleged bug" and won't explain the closing down. i believe the marking is more of an ME flaw than a bug but the closing down is probably a bug. 1. tight marking OI on #9 - marking flaw: LCM arnold initially tracks RW but as #9 (tight marking OI) comes into his vicinity, LCM leaves RW, the more immediate and logical player, and marks #9 instead. and by @Experienced Defender and the ME's logic whoever is in the vicinity has to be marking #9 since hes got an OI, then why didn't LCB stick with throughout? 2. RCM seeger decide
  2. no press conferences in FMT and can't initiate a team talk unless my assman tells me to. plus i notice the bread and butter that got me to where im at just isnt working anymore unless i change up my tactic or grind out the final 1/3 of the season. just wondering if it rolls over into the new season if i dont change my tactic.
  3. yea same same. if they adapt to it, do they continue to do so from the first game or it takes a while like in the first season?
  4. tail end of the season, every games hard as hell. does it just mean other teams have caught up to my tactics and countering it? if so does it mean they'll continue to do so next season from the get go if i use the same tactic?
  5. you need to be less dismissive when people bring up valid criticisms of the ME. you don't even see what the problem in the clip is about, just going straight for the "its your tactics". the point is the wrong player is tight marking, if anything the LCM is following the instruction to a T. magic bullet? is it too much to ask for sensible gameplay? LCM follows RW till the ST is in his vicinity and the OI kicks in and he leaves RW to mark ST. also how is it not bugged for the RCM to make that run across the box to close down the #15? also explain why there isn't anything buggy about the 2n
  6. flaw in ME? i have tight marking OI on #9 - i've highlighted LCM arnold, LB Itter, RCM seeger, LCB chabot. my LCM is tracking their #9 ST the entire time leaving RW #15 open for a pass inside the box and once he receives the pass my RCM decides to join in on the action and close him down meanwhile leaving a huge gap for a pass to their RCM #6. 1.mp4
  7. so i can just ignore the interference prompt for run wide with ball?
  8. how does cut in from left wing affect a winger playing on the right?
  9. how does cut in from the left wing PPM affect a RM Winger cause it says it interferes with run ball down the right?
  10. no marking TIs, PIs, OIs but my RCM (27) follows the CAM (23) to where my RCM is now a CB.
  11. how do you defend zonally in this game? already on balanced + regular pressing yet players press way out and then player behind covers for him and then its just a domino effect.
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