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  1. im guessing that performance bonuses have no motivational impact on a player's performance?
  2. thats exactly what im doing. im a at loss right now, replaying a game we should be winning. opposition seems to be scoring out of nothing every game, a lot of individual errors, chances not being taken. i might just switch back to a formation and system that im familiar with.
  3. I was seeing way too many long balls on direct. My RB just won't bomb forward with the current mentality and shape until the ball is in the final third, which is a little too late. As one of my better players, I'd prefer him to be more involved with the transition too. Another issue right now is the SS not making runs past the TM unless we're by the penalty area, may have to switch to an AF or something.
  4. no instructions for now aside from overlap, float crosses, exploit flanks, shorter passing. structured, counter or standard.
  5. this is what i have right now. RB doesn't go up far enough, tends to sit behind RM. still not sure since i usually just stick with 4123
  6. what if the opposition is sitting back and just marking everyone, leaving no open passing options?
  7. after winning the league 5 years in a row, multiple domestic cups, 1 EURO cup, I suddenly jumped from favored personal to legend.
  8. my star player sets a new league avg rating record every year, has the assists record, and hes only an icon. all time club lead goal scorer approaching retirement age is also just an icon. captain and key CB, +7.20 rating every season, record club appearances that eclipses the last record. 8 season deep, near retirement age. not even a favored personal. meanwhile a cheap squad rotation purchase that exceeded in his only season before being sold is a club icon.
  9. what are some tell tell signs that i need to make certain changes? how to spot weaknesses in your team and the opposition during a game? how to tell if your team is doing something wrong against certain opposition? how to tell whats working and what isnt?
  10. i already play with work ball and ive tried the lowest tempo. i dont wanna rush things, they just do. theres nothing to run onto when almost every cross hits the first defender. players refuse to take their time on the ball when there arent options available immediately, how are you supposed to analyze which roles are and arent working.
  11. what PPMs should an F9 have? ive read contradictory things on comes deep on an F9 and tries killer balls.
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