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  1. no, FM12 was amazing when I had it but the only option to play it now is if I pirate it or pay an absurd amount for it on some shady site
  2. finally got a new pc, im wondering if there is a newer version of FM where players don't miss 9 out of 10 1v1s and they back/side pass to open players instead of taking a long shot cause the players ahead aren't open. ps: I have only played fm12 and fm15
  3. playing fm15 currently, how do I get CMs to be more involved in attacks? they're usually just really static, never make runs or get in the box late, and are rarely open for a pass. current setup: (P) (DLF) (EG) (CM/s) (DLP/d) (CM/s) (WB) (CB) (CB) (WB)
  4. I play a high line to try to suffocate the opposition into launching the ball out of bound or upfield. sometimes my defenders are out muscled by weaker strikers and end up conceding on the counter or they completely miss the ball launched upfield. thought high anticipation would solve missing the ball over the top problem.
  5. disclaimer: yes I still play fm15 signed denys garmash in the winter for 5 million, but he could only join in the next transfer window due to serie a's foreigner transfer rule. and then he decides to retire.... first time this has happened to me
  6. I haven't found any of the new FMs as enjoyable as FM12. so I was wondering if I can use new database on FM12 for all the transfers and stuff?
  7. I don't have a problem with players often hitting shots off target, but can you guys actually make them realistic? Most off target shots are usually way waaaayyyy off target, no matter how close to goal they are. If its gonna go off target, then its usually gonna go off by a mile.
  8. yea exactly, doing press myself has drastically changed the game for me. no more crap performances from players cause my ass man decided say it would be difficult to play against some 2nd division team. you can also boost your own players against bigger opponents by saying we're confident if we stick to our plan etc. etc. implying that your team should win.
  9. is it just me or is the way a match plays out a little too dependant on pre-match press conferences. Making your team out to be a way better side than it actually is in press conferences can usually completely change outcomes of games. Just cause I've build up my below average team in a press conference doesn't mean they should perform like Barcelona on the pitch. before when I used to let my ass man handle the press, I always noticed him saying things like it would be a difficult task to beat an opponent that in fact I should be easily crushing. But just cause he said it, it changes the entire dynamic of the game. ever since I took charge of press conferences I noticed I could beat better teams way more frequently and I'm losing to crappier team way less frequently. it doesn't just affect the scoreline, it also affects how teams play. I would understand if it was between 2 similar level teams, a manger could seek a little boost from press conferences, but its been too influential in FM in my experience. I don't want to get into another ramble but I think the reputation of a club is more influential on the match than the players playing, morale, and form. but this is a whole other topic.
  10. so difficult to analyze what im doing wrong with my tactis away from home when my players go from world class at home to sunday league away from home. like literally. they can't even play a simple short back pass without giving it away. easy 1v1 chances are squandered multiple times in a single away game. a 3-0 win in the first leg home game of a champions league semi final turns into a 5-0 away lose in the 2nd leg. players falling asleep 24/7, players' reaction slower than a ******'s, and many other kinds of f-ups, they all happen in the same game too this will happen in numerous games, for example: i'll dominate chelsea, juventus, arsenal types of team at home 2-0, 3-1, 4-0 over 58% possession, chances created, etc. every aspect. i go away and what i stated above happens and my team get killed 5-0, 5-1, 4-1. this doesnt only happen to me because the AI plays just as bad as i do when playing away, their players make the same mistakes. its incomprehensible ive read threads saying "its your tactics", "play more cautiously away from home", and I somewhat disagree because i have created just a couple of tactics that work away from home, and even with that, there are plenty of f-ups all over the pitch please tell I'm not the only one facing this issue.
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