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  1. which center midfield role ventures for forward the most?
  2. somethings up with my save, i see lower league clubs with major interest in big players...
  3. total 10 seasons in, 3 with my current club. i had chinese, ukrainian, russian league too for like 5 seasons cause some said that would help but it didn't. all my star players like tonali are still stuck at my old clubs at 60 mill value at mid table teams. i tried selling tonali and doku for 60 mill each at my previous club, when their value was 35-40, to rebuild with a new style as a challenge. couldn't do it so i just moved to a new club. same with big players at mid to lower table AI teams.
  4. i agree with it being too easy before but i think it's over the top on FM19. over 2 seasons, i've only sold 2 players a little over their market value, neither of them transfer listed. haven't received any bids on other players who have all averaged over 7 rating in both seasons, 4 of them being wonderkids. maybe its just me.
  5. LB LM LCM were too congested. attack isn't narrow. i have stay wider on my RM, RB pulls defender while my RM gets behind. they take long shots instead of passing to open players.
  6. still can't fix longshots, tried work the ball + lower tempo.
  7. currently on FM19, can't sell anyone for a good price even if i haven't transfer listed them and it's an offer. 7.5 avg rating, 10 mill value. 26 yr old LW. not transfer listed, getting non-negotiable offers for under his value. 7.25 avg rating, 13 mill value player. transfer list him for 20, no offers. 10, no offers. 8, no offers. offer 10 mill for AI's 5 mill 3-star potential 19 year old, they counter offer 200 mill. (buying players probably still the same on FM20, it's always been this way) in FM15 (i skipped everything in-between), I used to be able to sell my first team players for a good profit if they had a good avg rating. now in FM19, i can't even sell anyone at their value price. instead of having a bench worth of +150 mill, i've had to go to new clubs to create new playstyles cause i couldn't sell key players who wouldn't fit in my new style. built a wonderful young squad at rangers hoping i can make huge profits after a couple season... NOPE. AI kept lowballing my 4 star wonderkids, nonegotiable offers where i only make 200k profit on the 5 mill i bought them for. star players valued at 20-30 mill are still there 6 years later. moved on from newcastle where i bought tonali & doku for 20 mill each, and i check back every so often and theyre still there cause i think even the AI isn't going to accept trash offers from other AIs. i play at smaller clubs and wait for AIs to buy my key players whose contract demands are too much for me. i find the challenge in keeping wages as low as possible, finding cheap and good players and profiting after a couple seasons. but it's impossible when i can't sell key players for a good price while they keep demanding more and more wage. is FM20 still the same in terms of selling players?
  8. did you even read what i needed help with in that tactic? it's not even a post about crossing.... i had difficulty controlling long shots in that tactic not crossing.
  9. its not about tendency to cross, you're not even reading what the problem is. what can people to do to their tactic to avoid this from happening? crosses not making the past the first defender. you leave no room for discussing if there is indeed an issue with the ME or coding if every time someone brings up an issue everyones just like "its your tactic".
  10. keep reading, people are having the same issue. the OP even quoted me and said "this is exactly what happens to me"
  11. I've posted on this same issue with my tactic with no fix, so have others.
  12. some tactical genius here is going to tell you that your player doesn't have high enough teamwork attribute. but no matter how high the guy's teamwork/decision/vision attribute is, whether or not he has look for pass rather than attempt to score, the player just shoots 9/10 instead of laying it off for a tap in.
  13. my theory is that instead of actually fixing the ME itself they made it worse with their lazy fixes. people used to complain about conceding and scoring too many goals from crosses so they "fixed" the issue by having your player mess up like the way you mentioned so on paper, statistically, they reduced the amount of goals from crosses. almost all incomplete crosses are blocked by the first defender, they could add variety to it by having the goalkeeper punch the cross out or catch it, defender winning the header, striker heading it over etc. same goes for 1v1s i believe. personally, my strikers per match get one to three easy 1v1s (not from an acute angle, not being pressured by defenders), but not too many other chances. in real life, i think, it's the other way around, fewer 1v1s, maybe not even one easy 1v1 for a couple of matches but more of other half chances and stuff. so to make it realistic on paper, they've made it so the conversion rate is like real life regardless if it's a simple 1v1. that's just my theory and i hope it made sense.
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