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  1. Coventry City have a pretty solid youth academy, financial problems means you rely a lot on the youth players anyway
  2. Post brexit in my save, got Coventry to the Championship and signed a few foreign youngsters who had work permits rejected, there was one who had full 5* potential so I signed him anyway, but thinking I can't play him I sent him out on loan to get the match experience etc. Thought I was doing fine. Got offered the Burnley job and went for it, managed to find a few Brazilian wonderkids who would sign, and some had work permits accepted, but there was a LWB Leandro who had his work permit rejected. Again ridiculous potential, and he was 18 and cost 70k I thought I'll take a chance on getting accepted in the future, and started training him to be a left winger. Got a bit bored of Burnley after a few in game months, the drive to succeed wasn't there so I started using the Instant result option. and who should start popping up on the left wing, our Brazilian friend Leandro who DOESN'T have a work permit to play. Hmm interesting, maybe he got accepted and I misread something. Fast forward a few seasons of simming, got sacked from Burnley, Coventry managed got offered the job so I went back to Coventry for a second spell. Up to the Premiership first try, I looked to the South American hunting grounds for my bargain buys to help us stay up. Thought I'd take a risk and ignore work permit rejections. Signed a load of Argentinian kids, most got rejected. However, it let me carry on playing them. In short, multiple players with no work permit is still playing for me.
  3. I started with Coventry, not doing terribly but should be better really, 7th at the start of November, finding consistency a real problem
  4. You don't get a list anymore like in previous versions. I believe when you choose the affiliate there is a list there of suggested suitable players but apart from that, I would suggest going for a team report of all the clubs squads and looking at what your scouts bring back from that
  5. I've adapted the 4-2-3-1 to be asymmetric based on my teams needs, technically i guess its a 4-1-1-3-1
  6. Had pretty good success so far using a SV and BBM for my central midfield partnership so far, not usually a fan of asymmetric tactics but it's got me to top of the league
  7. I had to upload a save to the server earlier due to spotting a small bug, and following the uploading rules I changed the name of the save. Since doing so, the save doesn't appear in the FM18 saved games loadup screen. I changed the name in the FileZilla app, rather than resaving under a different name in FM. Since doing this, I noticed when I find the actual save games file location, it's changed to just 'File' rather than 'FM File'. Have I lost it completely, or is there anything I can do to get it back?
  8. Just finished a penalty shootout and lost unsurprisingly. However, I noticed a couple of minor issues specifically during the shootout. 1) Score - there was no scoreboard keeping track of the score specifically for the shootout, and with the new ABBA system it was slightly confusing to keep track of when we were close to winning or not. 2) After the match had ended, the news report guy commented on how he had predicted a win for Bradford before the match and was surprised they managed to do so without going to penalties. 3) I didn't actually get to choose my penalty takers, apart from the ones who are chosen as my actual tactic they were all seemingly randomly chosen for me. These could all be issues relating to my game, interested to see if anyone has seen anything like this
  9. Going to give the counterattacking style a go again, after a proper read of this and wwfans 12 steps, hopefully I'll fare better this time Thinking of going with the following setup for Coventry on the FM18 demo, playing with Balanced/Fluid and Counter, no TI or PI for the moment Gk FB (Su) - CD (De) - CD (De) - FB (Su) DM (De) WM (Su) - CM (Su) - BBM (Su) - WM (Su) DLF (Su) My only issues are 1) the CM (su) seems as if he could be too generic a role, but I've seen playmakers can hinder the effectiveness of counters and BWM I think would take away from the DM's job. Would having a BBM, as well as the other BBM and WMs leave the defensive lines too open/exposed/too much of a gap for transition 2) the lone striker, i've played a lot with a lone DLF this year (admittedly not great ones) and have found that they're often not as lethal as I'd like. Now that could easily be my players and tactics, but would there be a better choice of role? I think AF would be too isolated, and F9 and T are too close to playmakers that would take away from the counter style. To me a P wouldnt work because he wouldnt come deep enough to win the ball I don't have much experience of CF or DF to say whether they could work solo.
  10. Okay cheers, gonna get my friend to build a PC seems easier
  11. Been thinking I need a new laptop for the new FM, but thought it might be worth checking how my current one fares. https://www.cnet.com/products/hp-250-g1-15-6-core-i3-3130m-4-gb-ram-500-gb-hdd/specs/ It struggles a bit at the moment as it's 4ish years old, but might just need a massive clean up
  12. I think it's important to remember that the game works differently to real life. In the game, you know you can buy certain players that have plenty of room for development relatively cheap, think Hirving Lozano when he was at Pachucha Malang Sarr at Nice etc, and bring them to most PL clubs, and through the gametime they get, they'll develop into better players making your team better. In real life, there's so many more factors that can't realistically transcend into the game that can affect a transfer. Certainly in the way I play, I push my budgets to the limit to maximise the amount I can spend (Coventry in the PL, help me please) so that I can sign the better quality players. In real life, there is no way the board would allow such a reckless handling of the budgets because IRL a football club is a business
  13. How well would this laptop run FM18? Generally play with 6 or 7 leagues loaded 8GB RAM 2.93 GHz processor https://www.tesco.com/direct/acer-156-e5-523-amd-a9-8gb-ram-1tb-hdd-black-laptop/359-4628.prd?skuId=359-4628 TIA
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