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  1. Is there a way to filter for players who are on youth contracts and haven't agreed a professional contract yet?
  2. If he's on a month by month contract, you could always just release him on a free?
  3. Are you actually a billion in the red, or is the value of the loan taken out a million?
  4. Basically, I know it's hardcoded for a Brexit decision at the end of the first season I think it is, and there's nothing you can do about that. But is it possible, with a bit of luck on the side, for the UK to rejoin the EU at a later point in the game? Like Serbia and co tend to join around 2025 I think?
  5. You can ask the board to turn semi-pro, but they may say no due to financial reasons. Depending on the Welsh league rules, you may automatically go semi-pro when you get promoted anyway. I know if you're semi-pro in the English conference and get promoted to League 2, you automatically go professional due to the league rules, but I'm not sure about Wales.
  6. I'm on a similar save myself, taking Looe Town from 12th tier to the Prem. One of the things i quickly noticed was that most of my team, when you go into coach reports, are at Tier 8 levels when I'm in Tier 10. And as such, when I was in Tier 8, I was able to grab a couple of Conference North/South (Tier 6) quality players. So on and so forth. Certainly in the early years, the number of players willing to join me was minimal, and I had a bit of trouble finding a decent left winger. Did the usual trials, anyone who was 3.5 stars plus was offered an amateur contract. Ended up signing an en
  7. Coventry City (League One) have pretty solid facilities, and virtually no money which means you're kinda stuck with youth only whether you like it or not!
  8. The club has just turned professional at the start of this season, so I've offered everyone full time contracts la di dah. Once the messages come through that coaches have signed contracts I go to set the full time training schedules. For some reason, I could do full time for week one and two of the month, but for the remaining 3 weeks I can't? The next month, we don't have full time training for the first two weeks, but once the season starts (First game is Bracknell Town on the 9th, it seems we can do full time. Obviously, for pre-season, I'd like to get in as m
  9. A 2.5 star player by United's standards is still going to be a pretty decent player. Also, stars are relative to the squad so if you've brought well and improved the squad, a 2.5 star player can still be a really good player.
  10. I don't think it means necessarily good so much as a larger number will have the potential to be first teamers (maybe 3* or higher) in the future.
  11. I would imagine that the lack of interest is due to a high asking price. Poor form with a high asking price doesn't make for an attractive signing. From the selling club's point of view, you either want to keep your star players to get you out of this funk, or sell them for good money to enable a rebuild. Perhaps the only thing you could do is declare interest in players to try and unsettle them. But to unsettle a whole squad would be tricky. Nevertheless, by unsettling them, you should be able to get a reduced asking price which might then prompt other clubs to make a move.
  12. Granted yes, there are times when I might consider the signing if there is easy money to be made. Quite often you can get high ability Brazilians at a low price, loan them out and then sell them on for a profit. I do tend to focus more on the development of players for my own side. As I'm managing in Germany, the other teams are likely to stay at a reasonable level, however if I was managing in say Sweden or wherever, a country where you'd want to raise the coefficient for European spots, I would probably have a more relaxed view on certain attributes like injury proneness because any pr
  13. With my Wolfsburg save, I look for the below as minimum. Determination >17 Work rate > 12 Teamwork > 12 Natural fitness > 12 Unless I'm really desperate to sign someone, I avoid anyone who has injury problems in the scout report.
  14. Stars are relevant to your current squad. With Roma a few seasons in, I'd expect you already have amassed a pretty solid squad with a reasonable amount of high/top level players. Most of your starting XI are probably 3.5 stars or higher maybe? 2.5 stars at that level is probably gonna be a decent back up option, and able to do the required job when your star man breaks his leg in a 1st round cup game against a Serie D side... Assuming you're saying 2.5 gold stars, there's usually an extra 1 star in black 'possible' potential. Let's say you know what you're doing and can nurture a players
  15. Similar thing, got promoted from League One with Coventry, after two young star strikers dragged us to 1st place. Board not only wanted to get promoted from the Championship, they required me to win the league outright. With a maybe high end League one squad with two high Championship/low Prem level strikers. Oh and don't forget to give youth players an opportunity.. With regards to the Dortmund sacking, perhaps some form of warning system could be implemented. If you've signed loads of non-Germans, a message from the board in the inbox to say hey don't forget to sign some Germans like yo
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