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  1. for some reason the CL and EL anthems aren't working when the players line up on the pitch before the game? has anyone got any ideas as to what's gone wrong? many thanks
  2. Here are some of the teams key players that hopefully can make a good contribution for us this season Rest of the squad are going to be getting shifted on hopefully as there not up to the standard i expect so these are about the best it gets
  3. So we waited on any offers coming in and it was from Pontypridd who play in the welsh JD Cymru South,never played in the welsh league before so this is all new to me in all honesty Club has been making some steady progress over the years so lets hope it continues whilst im here
  4. Hello everyone,decided im having another crack at a journeyman save,cant say as yet ive managed to get right into a save due to real life commitments etc so here we go again,one thing i love doing is sharing my fm stuff with the community so i hope you enjoy the save as much as i will playing it Ive started as sunday league reputation with no coaching badges,keeping it as realistic as possible Here we go then.. As you can see im focusing on a uk based save ireland in there as well i guess even though they arent in the UK yeh yeh!! - Just a free flowing game and see where i end up,i wont actively be looking to move jobs unless i get fired of course Lets do this guys
  5. Great save have been thinking of doing something very similar,great to see that you are far into the save,couple of questions though,what settings do you play on? 2D or 3D? and is it key or extended? Reason i ask is that explains how far in that you are possibly?..
  6. Game: FM22 Type of Game: Normal Career Age: 41 Timezone: GMT When can you play: Couple of evenings a week,not every night though Steam Username: Mr Steff80
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