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  1. @Neil Brock Not any noticable diffrence on smaller screen.
  2. Hmm im not sure i will try and get back to you within the hour..
  3. @Neil Brock Tried the suggestions a few posts up and although it seems to have improved it a fair bit although it does stil lag and jitter a little still. One thing i thought though,i connect my laptop upto a 42" monitor so could that be in any way affecting things? Or can you suggest anything else please. Cheers.
  4. Fair shout that actually,dont bother closing it
  5. Since the new update installed on my computer 2d Classic has become very jittery and not running as well as it was previously was before the latest update, before everything was running perfectly until now, if anyone has any advice on how to solve this issue it’s very much appreciated.. I am running on low settings on all areas of the interface within the preferences section of the game nor am i using any custom GFX addons. Any suggestions here guys? a good edition of FM is getting ruined here it seems!!! DxDiag.txt
  6. Jeez that does sound like a challenge and a half? Have you tried it? reccomend any teams possibly?
  7. Yeh MLS is completely hard with all the mad restrictions etc that they have been there and tried that,Croatia Czech and Estonia is a fair shout i will defo keep these in mind.
  8. Looking to get a new save on the go somewhere but not quite sure as to where.Been doing the usual Rangers stuff etc.. Anybody any ideas or suggestions? Apologies if this is in the incorrect place
  9. As the title says up top,i only have Barisic at left back and need cover after both Halliday and Wallace have left.. Preferred suggestions would be either a free or a loan deal.. Cheers guys ;)
  10. Applied for both the Livingston and Blackpool jobs,got an interview with Livingston but they are in debt and rooted to the bottom of the SPFL,Blackpool didnt give me an interview,After having succeeded with Livingston a last minute approach has been made from Doncaster Rovers who have just narrowly avoided relegation from League 1 so we will be going in there for the 2019/20 season with better luck than having had at Linfield it seems. So Doncaster Rovers it is then after my dismissal from Linfield and a 6mnth break away from football.the team finished just outside the relegation places of league 1 last season and i will be hoping to turn there fortunes around,First thing i have noticed is though that they are spending way over there means on wage budget by nearly 10k and i cant adjust this due to FFP regulations so some high earners may need to be moved on... A more in depth update of the squad soon.
  11. SACKED!!! In the end a 1-0 defeat by Crusaders sealed my fate and i was called into the boardroom to get the chop leaving the club in 6th place in the league a disater for a team like Linfield.Too many under par performances led to this and its my first dismissal of this series of FM. Here are my options it seems,ive declared interest in the Livingston job so far who are struggling at the foot of the SPFL,as well as Blackpool who are 20th in league 1 Where should i go guys?
  12. NOVEMBER Knives are getting sharpened by the looks of it im afraid one more loss and i could be out despite some half decent results and performances this month,bad perfermance against Warrenpoint means we dropped 2points,Good performances against Coleraine and very nearly beating Cliftonville all be it a 95th min equaliser and a solid win against Institute sees us upto 5th place but the board seem to be having none of it. League Table
  13. Hello folks Needing a bit of advice and guidance with my tactic which i thought would go well in my current Linfield save but unfortunately this doesnt seem to be the case.dropping points here there and everywhere. Cant quite fathom out where i am going wrong with this any advice would be grateful before i receive my first sacking on FM19
  14. And out of the league cup we go after a 3-0 thumping by league leaders Cliftonville,the team really couldnt kick there own backside at the moment and i can see where this is going if there is not radical change and fast.A Jamie Harney double and a goal from current league top scorer Gormley sending us out.We have them again soon in the league.
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