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  1. ZAGELBIE LUBIN Media expectation: 5th out of 16 teams Board expectations: Avoid relegation Transfer budget (remaining:) £0 Wage budget: £59,870p/w (£12,000p/w over budget) The financial mismanagement is horrific at the club so we have to rely on what we have at present to get us out of this mess,as we are spending way above our means at the moment with regards to wage budget all be it the highest earner at the club is only on £4,300 PW!!! FIRST TEAM Jakub Mares,Filip Starzynski and Damjan Bohar are the main players amongst others at the club and we will be relying on them to get a respectable finish in the league.Mares up top is key to the goals. Opening match is against Legia Warsaw couldnt have had a harder start if we asked..
  2. Job Update So the job applications at Luzern,Liefering have all been unsuccesful given the strength of other candidates,So we went on holiday and 4mnths we have an offer of employment at Zagelbie Lubin who lie bottom of the Polish League after 15games.The team are predicted a 5th place finish at the start of season so it has been a bit of a disaster so far by the looks of it.
  3. Current available Jobs Luzern seems the obvious choice who are based in Switzerland,then FC Liefering who are based in Austria,Im not particuarly keen on the International side of things but if the opportunity arises then it may have to be considered,with a few interesting nations in there looking for a manager Liefering and Luzern have been applied for so lets see what happens.
  4. Hello folks and welcome to my new career thead.In this im going to be showing how Italia 90' Legend Salvatore "toto"Schillaci does in the managerial world of football.He was absolutely immense in the 90's for Italy and one of my all time favorite players back in that era hence why i have decided to start a managerial career using him..received the Golden Shoe award for scoring six goals in the World Cup. This made him the second Italian footballer to have this honour, after Paolo Rossi won the award in 1982. If you are not familiar take a look below https://youtu.be/5klob5THT_k Thats the leagues ive decided to load up England,Australia,Austria,Israel,Italy,Poland and Switzerland.Most of these leagues i have never played in with the exception of England obviously.So we will start unemployed with a medium reputation and see where we end up.. Here Goes and i hope you all enjoy it as much as i will playing it.
  5. @Neil Brock Not any noticable diffrence on smaller screen.
  6. Hmm im not sure i will try and get back to you within the hour..
  7. @Neil Brock Tried the suggestions a few posts up and although it seems to have improved it a fair bit although it does stil lag and jitter a little still. One thing i thought though,i connect my laptop upto a 42" monitor so could that be in any way affecting things? Or can you suggest anything else please. Cheers.
  8. Fair shout that actually,dont bother closing it
  9. I'll try that tomorrow and get back to you with my results Neil - cheers as always for the quick reply.
  10. Started with Newport County - cheers to all who replied. - Can this be closed please mods
  11. Since the new update installed on my computer 2d Classic has become very jittery and not running as well as it was previously was before the latest update, before everything was running perfectly until now, if anyone has any advice on how to solve this issue it’s very much appreciated.. I am running on low settings on all areas of the interface within the preferences section of the game nor am i using any custom GFX addons. Any suggestions here guys? a good edition of FM is getting ruined here it seems!!! DxDiag.txt
  12. Jeez that does sound like a challenge and a half? Have you tried it? reccomend any teams possibly?
  13. Yeh MLS is completely hard with all the mad restrictions etc that they have been there and tried that,Croatia Czech and Estonia is a fair shout i will defo keep these in mind.
  14. Looking to get a new save on the go somewhere but not quite sure as to where.Been doing the usual Rangers stuff etc.. Anybody any ideas or suggestions? Apologies if this is in the incorrect place
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