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  1. Hey, So I've gone away and read (and re-read) the various threads around and I just wanna gauge people's thoughts on this newer tactic and if there are things I can improve on. Positive TI Much shorter passing, WBIB Counter-press Higher DL, higher LoE, prevent short GK distribution, offside trap From right to left SK (s) FB (s) less risk, cross less BPD (d) CB (d) stay wider, less risk WB (s) A DLP (s) close more Mez (s) close more RMD dribble more, close more IF (s) sit narrower, roam, close more DLF (s) close more Ill just run through some of the thought behind certain aspects. I removed to 'dribble less' TI as I've got some terrific dribblers in my team and it gives another avenue of attack, 'WBIB' and 'much shorter passing' as I still would like to keep possession as much as possible. I've removed all the roam (except the IF) as I agree with the above comments, it was hindering me in attack. BPD as I've got a CB who's got great stats for a BPD and can launch some great long passes. I'm using a WB on the left to attack the space left by the IF and as such ask the left CB to stay a wider to try and cover the space. I chose the Anchor as the DM(d) role I was using wasn't covering the defence as I wanted and HB dropped too deep, he still seems to help in the attack but doesn't push up as much. Mez to try and get an overload on that left side with the WB and IF, as a secondary he gets into box due to PPM and scores a few goals too. RMD, I didn't have anyone suitable to play an AP, treq or IF so I tried a winger on both attack and support but as you'd expect he just kept running wide and chucking crosses in the box to no one, so as a last resort I tried the RMD with dribble more PI as he is a really good dribbler. It seems to be working pretty well so far, the RMD is actually my top scorer, I put that down to the space he's getting due to the overload on the left and the DLF dragging at least one defender away. I'm still getting great possession (60%+) but I'm now not as toothless when attacking. I do change / adjust TI and player roles depending how the games going but this is generally it, have you guys got any feedback or potential changes?
  2. Also, some foreign players that have been at your club for the accepted amount of time take up citizenship to help, i had Bellerin and Koscielny take up citizenship automatically to help with restrictions
  3. Well I've learnt something new today, cheers
  4. The AI doesn't do any analysis on how you've played over the last X amount of games to counter how your team plays?
  5. I did trim back what I was using as I started by using too much, i.e. using play out of defence, much shorter passing, lower tempo, distribute to FB/CB, take shorter kicks etc. Which was just overkill! I did find that the first few matches go really well and then it tails off, that all may be the opposition learning how I play and as it was quite one dimensional it became easier to defend against. I'll take everything from this thread and re-read your thread again and hopefully come back with a better understanding and a better tactic.
  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone, I'll take everything on board and try to improve it. I think sometimes I pay too much attention to the possession stat rather than focusing on what will win me games! @Experienced Defender I read through that thread and thought I'd understood it correctly (clearly not!), I'll re-read it and try to better understand it, I wasn't trying to copy it though, more take inspiration from it and work it into my team.
  7. Load up Sweden as a playable league (view only may be ok but I'm not sure) and you can start Feb 2019
  8. In terms of adventurous CM are you saying more of a B2B CM or AP(a) CM? I'm never too sure with CM roles He's got a fairly good left foot, not ideal I know. What exactly does an RMD do? I've never really thought about using one tbh Sorry for the continuous questions but I haven't played FM for awhile so I'm not entirely up to scratch on all the new roles
  9. That makes a lot of sense now that you've said it, I just assumed they'd find little pockets of space not even thinking that the only space they there would be is in front of the defending team! Thanks
  10. You know what, I didn't even think about that roaming instructions making players drop deeper, I'll dropping the roaming instructions to see if that helps, cheers. I did already check my players stats and they're all really strong in what I want them to do and they're all pretty strong mentally too. As above, you may be right with the roaming instruction, sometimes my players, especially the FB, run out of passing options in the middle and that may be due to the roaming instruction. I figured that the roaming would help players find space but it could actually just be hindering my play. I'm also using a winger atm as I don't have any good players to play a different role, the winger does have cut inside PPM though so I thought that may help with unpredictability. Would you suggest changing them to either attack duty FB or WB then? I also find the HB very good at stopping the counters but would a DM (d) be a better option then?
  11. Thanks for the quick response. I get that it's a balancing act but I just can't seem to get that balance right! My AP has the gets forward and gets into opposition's area PPM and he seems to get in and around that area fine so I don't think there's any issues there. When you say 'play around with' shorter passing and WBIB what exactly do you mean?
  12. Hi all I wonder if anyone can have a look and see if there's anything I'm doing wrong with my tactics, I like to play a possession game and it's fairly decent at holding the ball in my half and the middle of the pitch but when it comes to the final third there isnt a whole lot of penetration, which results in rubbish long shots. (I'm currently not at my PC and can't upload screenshots so ill do my best to word my tactic, if a screenshot would be better then I'll upload some later) Positive mentality (I play this in pretty much all my games) TI Fairly narrow, shorter passing, WBIB, less dribbling. Counter-press, distribute to FB and CB Higher DL, higher LOE, offside trap, prevent short GK distribution Player Roles, Duties and PI (from right to left) SK (s) FB (s) / IWB (s) fewer risks, cross less CB (d) fewer risks CB (d) fewer risks FB (s) fewer risks, cross less HB (d) fewer risks AP (s) close more, roam CM (s) close more, roam W (s) close more, roam IF (s) sit narrower, close more, roam DLF (s) close more Now I've got a feeling that the lack of penetration is due to the support roles but I've tried changing certain roles to attack ( DLF, AP W) but when I've done that it affects my possession negatively. Can anyone see any glaring errors or just general advice would be gladly appreciated.
  13. Brexit didn't happen for me until the 21/22 season started
  14. I used to only watch extended, but after reading a few different threads I now watch the full match for around 15-20 in game minutes on a slightly faster setting, then change to extended or comp depending how the game looks. It allows me to see whats working, what's not, adjust accordingly and see how that works.
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