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  1. @Neil Brock I've just started a new game without any scouting going on and that seems to have resolved it. How would you suggest scouting instead? Select players and ask for the analysts to give a report? I tend to want to get information on every player that would be willing to join the club.
  2. @Neil Brock Hi Neil, I select 500 at a time and set my scouts to watch them until full knowledge, and the ones that are a certain rating, I set to watch them for 3 months. Is this what is causing the issue? It never used to happen on FM17
  3. Thanks for the reply Neil. Game has been uploaded to to your server (cordoba) and dxdiag file attached. Thanks again DxDiag.txt
  4. Hi, I had this issue in the beta and hoped it’d be resolved in the full game but it’s still happening. I go on holiday between matches, and on FM17 it used to fly through. But on FM18 it’s soooo slooooow. Almost unplayable. About 10-15 mins to simulate a week. And it seems to simulate every friendly and U19 match up to senior matches for every league I’m in (and some random ones that I’m not in) I'm running three leagues with the detail level on minimum. Ive tried deleting the game and reinstalling Laptop is running windows 10, has an i7 with 16gb ram and on SSD. Any help would be appreciated as it’s virtually unplayable Thanks
  5. Yes, I've changed these to the lowest settings and put 'none' on everything apart from in the league I'm playing in.
  6. Hi, I usually go on holiday between matches, and on FM17 it flew through. But FM18 is sooooo sllooooowwww. Seems like it's simulating every match and friendly from u19s up to senior teams in the leagues I'm running, and even ones I'm not running. Have dropped this down to just 4 leagues and 28,000 players) and it's still happening. My laptop is running Windows 10 Pro. i7-6500u with 16gb RAM EDIT: in match works fine, but between just between matches my CPU is running at 100% And just seen Swaziland B vs Seychelles B being processed......
  7. Hi all, I was looking to get FM18 with the 25% Contract Extension discount, but it seems to have expired! Is there anyway to get it back? Cheers!!
  8. Hi all, I've got a game and am managing BMG. Just before the group stage draw for CL, I saved the game. When the draw came out, I got LFC (who I support) so like a little cheater, I reloaded the game to before the draw and the same draw came out over and over again. To the point where I thought I'd record it and see what the community thinks? Dropbox link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9uz0akj5qtixf8x/Video 17-03-2017%2C 01 15 19.mov?dl=0 Cheers peeps!
  9. Uninstalled then reinstalled steam and now I get the following error Am I the only one suffering from this?
  10. Will this affect any saved games, preferences, formations, etc that I've saved?
  11. Hi, FM just crashed on me giving the following messages: Library folder not writable Any clues? Thanks
  12. Hi, New thread as requested. Crashes on 25/08/2052 Save file uploaded, name 'Portsmouth' I've started a brand new game which seems to be working fine. Thanks
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