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  1. I had hard times with this one while facing stronger teams or away games in D4 (Mondialito Update always) I may have to try again with my actual save in D2. Thanks Knap
  2. Hello FMmates, Im looking for a 4231 with IF for that 19.3.5 patch. It looks like this tactic isnt that efficient as before. I used to play with the Beowulf 4231 Girrafin Tweak tactic and that was absolutely amazing but it is not working anymore. In my actual save, im playing in D2 in the Mondialito patch so its Champions League level games every weekend. so it might be possible to use a 4231 for strong teams. Ill be glad to receive some help, thank you FMmates
  3. Is it because of the Brexit that I don’t receive many transfer offers ? I don’t say that I only received offers from England but I feel it’s locking the all European market
  4. Very good tactic Fuss thanks i just feel my CF are not that efficient as i expect as a striker could be but exploit all the potential of my wing backs and i love it. I also feel very weak on defensive and corner free kicks, it costed me a few draws already. need to find def corner and def free kicks setup. at home i use your main tactic then away games use the Vokes low block tweaked one. if i am in hurry to score the also tweaked version of White Europe can work. Both home and away games i tight mark striker(s). i am actually 1st in the league with Stade rennais FC after
  5. You already helped me a lot Smurf and im glad for this I may reconsider thinking my budget but the thing is, the actual laptop i have works perfectly i just meet issues to play fm this year. Im gonna have to wait christmas to maybe buy a good one.. Thank you Smurf
  6. I can increase it to 200$, i will try to find one, or if someone as any suggestions i m open to hear it
  7. alright thank you Smurf. I guess i dont have other choices than to buy a new laptop, i wont have any fun if i play on small database. i love scouting players
  8. May i ask, what can i do to upgrade my laptop to run Fm19 without crashes. To be clear i know nothing about laptop/computer Windows 10 Famille 64-bit (10.0, Build 17134) (17134.rs4_release.180410-1804) System Manufacturer: Acer System Model: Aspire V7-482P BIOS: V2.28 (type: UEFI) Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4010U CPU @ 1.70GHz (4 CPUs), ~1.7GHz Memory: 4096MB RAM Available OS Memory: 3976MB RAM Page File: 2884MB used, 3524MB available Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS DirectX Version: DirectX 12 DX Setup Parameters: Not found User DPI Setting: 96 DPI
  9. Well, I played until beginning of September 2016 then the game crashed. It says my computer doesn't have enough memory to play the game, but it's a new one so plenty of it. try to find out the reason why it crashed, this league pack is really enjoyable. Thx
  10. Great custom league, i really wanted a league pack who include all teams from every continent. Thank you very much. I just saw a few mistakes in the Lega 6 Money rewards, the 4th, 5th and 6th win more money than the top 3. That is it, now i am gonna start it right away. thx again
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