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  1. If your playing the 2 in a deep dm position do you guys think a dlp on support would cover the same way as a dlp on defend in the mc strata? For the sake of this question assume he is paired with a bwm on support in both cases so the dlp would be the holding player
  2. 4231 deep LWb/A,CD/D CD/D RWB/A DLP/D BWM/S IF/S AM/A IF/S DLF/A Team instructions Play slightly higher,close down more,prevent short gk,shorter passing Player instructions CD's mark tighter,close down less DLP close down less tackle harder,more direct passing BWM more direct passing and get further forward Ifs experimented with shoot less often and sit narrower but decided to leave as default hoping moving is more unpredictable and delofeu/mirralas have decent shooting stats Am Roam from position, would also have more direct passing most likely but Barkley has no vision (All the players ahead of the 2 deep lying midfielders have tackle harder) Shape Flexible Mentality standard Line up Howard Oviedo/Baines Stones Jagielka/Galloway Coleman Barry DLP Mcarthy BWM IFr Lennon IFL Mirallas/Delofeu AM Barkley DLF Lukaku Playing this system i have had amazing results across different saves the big problem with Everton apart from the injuries is the players seem to drop into and out of form quite often especially players like, Barkley Delefeu,Mirrallas,Kone, Jags and Galloway, I watch my games on extending so its quite obvious when someones playing **** game after game , i tend to stick with a settled 11 and change for bad form and injuries. Hope this helps anyone struggling with a Everton save ;D YMMV
  3. Easy one for you guys I'v set team insructions to shorter passing. However i want 1 or 2 players to be a bit more expansive with mixed passing, when i go to the player insructions though it only has short/direct but the bar seems shorter than usual. Is it possible for me to choose mixed? Or is direct mixed because of the shorter passing t.i? Is it better to go by the images rather than the description in these situations in general e.g closing down, d-line
  4. Thanks for answering my query Dr Hook Another quickie.. Team Shape. In laymans terms does increasing the team shape to fluid or very fluid basically just make the gaps between the lines of Df,Mf and Sts smaller but not narrower and increases each players creative freedom. If i want to see my team pressing as a unit high up assuming iv set the instructions right very fluid would be the way to go?
  5. Iv recently started a new save and want to use a 4321, iv played a few games and having a DLF/s with two AM/A behind has produced some very nice movement and goals.But its the 3 behind im concerned about. The WBs i use tend to get isolated and i'm wondering which role prefably out of CM/s and B2B would give these guys some support. I'm quite willing to play a flat 3 in the middle with a DLp/d in the middle in a effort to push these guys a tad wider both in and out of possesion . Any feedback very welcome! Edit More info- Im using the play narrower TI at the moment with the WBs told to stay wider via PIs but am willing to listen to other ideas.
  6. I just read on another forum telling your team to play narrower helps with this as your wide guys are more central then
  7. @looping have you tried having your CBs on close down much less , FBs on sometimes, One cm on sometimes and everyone else on much higher and play with a slightly higher line and possibly choosing the close down more TI. This has helped the defensive side of my 442's alot against similarly ranked teams.
  8. I feel he gives the ball away too much in possesion, whereas Ibrahimovic plays beautiful balls to the Ifs. Yeah Lukaku and Chelseas Hazard are killing the prem on my save, Bellerin didnt even get a look in for player of the year for once
  9. Thank you for the detailed reply.I never took the individual mentalities into account i assume it affects individuals creative feedom as well then. I would say time wasting could be used for most though like if your pressing high and trying to keep the opposition pinned in their defensive third but winning by 1/2 goals and getting alot of throws cks etc
  10. Hello fellow fm'ers question Is it possible to achieve a attacking/control/defensive mentality using just TI's while keeping the mentality on standard? To me all mentality seems to do is alter the ti's so your short passing is now mixed or say the team shape narrows on defensive, is this achievable by keeping mentality on standard and adjusting ti's? Thanks for any answers edit do you also have to be playing defensive mentality to select time waste?
  11. I sold James Mcarthy for 35-45 mil to man city end of first season Also Danny Da Costa brought for 3 mil getting offers 15-20 million one season later
  12. Gorre......Gorre......Gorre.......Gorre... Love the videos and the posts mate.
  13. I played against Man City last night Kompany was playing midfield
  14. On the skin im using Vitrex theres a club news screen possibly there i would have thought.
  15. Hey all quick question, Iv got Lukaku playing as CF/A he scored 50 goals last season with a AMC/a and 2 IF/s behind him, his goalscorings wonderful but the CF has more risky passes selected by default and iv tried to work on his passing but its still only 11-12 whats the closest role to his without the risky passes option? Also i trained him to shoot with power would training him to place shots as well be beneficial at all?
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