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  1. Hi there Can somebody PLEASE update us on the following issue? Allegedly this has been 'under review' for quite some time, though the fix for this should be quite simple and quick to implement (after all it works correctly and just fine in FM 18). So, that leads me to assume that this issue has just gotten lost in the mix. To be clear, the MLS is essentially not playable in FM 19 until this gets fixed. FM 19 has been out for what, 6 months now? The idea that you have a relatively meaningful football league still unplayable at a very fundamental level is pretty inexcusable at this point. I recognize the MLS is not the EPL, but it's not some completely obscure league either. Does anybody at SI ever play in the MLS?? I'm guessing not. Because it's just unfathomable to me that such a basic yet critical mechanism to managing this league could still be broken. If this happened in the EPL in FM 19 it would have been fixed with a Day 1 hotfix. Can we get a little help here please? Honestly, this should take one of your devs about 30 mins to fix.
  2. Hi Russell Do you know if this was ever looked at or addressed? Haven't bothered playing MLS the last few months Thanks
  3. Hi there I just started playing an older save in FM 18 , which is in year 2021, and noticed that youth intake now appears to have a PA cap of 159. I have re-run the Brazilian intake on Sept 7, 2021, about 20 times now as a test and haven't gotten a single newgen with PA over 159. Can you confirm whether this cap has indeed been put in place? Also, I thought the cap was meant to be implemented at the start of a save/new DB... ? This save is 4 years in. Apologies I know this is an FM 18 question but there is no longer a section to post this to under FM 18 forum. However, I presume any such DB patch for FM 18 probably also occurred in FM 19, per my original inquiry here.
  4. Just tested it out again. Appears this is still not yet fixed. Any ETA on this? thanks
  5. Hi there I still have this save, waiting to be resumed once this has been fixed. Do you happen to know if this was addressed in the recent patch? And, if not, if there is an ETA for a fix? thx
  6. sure thing. just uploaded: "RMad 2020 Feb 1.fm" literally just a couple cycles right before he says he's happy to stay. for context - Liverpool had bid, i promised him silverware to stay. and then when they dropped their interest he said he was happy. but just recently PSG added him to their scout list and seems that has overridden his newfound 'happiness.' cheers
  7. Any update on this? This has been a pervasive issue throughout several saves. Just want to check in and see if we might see a solution forthcoming. Thanks Case in point, just now in another save... no longer wants to leave, but still won't sign a new contract due to interest being shown in him
  8. The broken application of the new mentoring system is driving me nuts. Please, can SI work out a fix?! I started a new save as R. Madrid and bought a few young players. Wanting to mentor them, I naturally had them on my senior squad and then set them Available for the B team, so they could get their playing time there. Then, at the end of first winter transfer window, it's falling apart. In La Liga, it would seem that any player over the age of 18 can't be mentored AND play for the B team. Even if the player is on the senior roster and set for reserve, they will not be able to simultaneously be registered to play for the B team and also remain on the senior roster. A player on the senior roster, even when unregistered for the senior team, will automatically be unregistered from the B team. I have tried every method of getting players to be registered on the B team and have them also be mentorable but it is not possible. Example... It's Jan 31, 2019 and time to register both Senior and B squads. I have 4 young players whom I'd like to a) mentor and b) have play on my B squad. So, first method to try is to set them available for 90mins on B squad, switch over to B team registration page and make sure to set them as "In" the squad. Here they are, on Senior roster page Okay, they are set for Reserve. Now, to go register them on the B team. They are listed on the main B team roster list, so that's a good start.. Now, switch over to "Registration" view, and... Curious, they are nowhere to be found. No way to register them for the competition. Even if I go and make sure that they are unregistered for the Spanish First Division, they still don't show up as an option to register on the B squad. The only way to register them on the B squad is to actually MOVE them to the B team. Doing so enables them to be registered. However, you guess it - doing that makes them unavailable to mentor. I even tried this: 1) Unregister from First Division 2) Move to B squad 3) Register for Second Division 4) After registration window closes, move them back to Senior Roster (but still unregistered for the First Division) 5) The game automatically unregisters them from the Second Division and once again they are ineligible So, in summary, there is no way to mentor a player who you'd like to get playing time and is not yet ready for the First Division. So, in reality, we can only "mentor" somebody who is already of First Division starting quality. Which means he has a CA of probably 130-140 or higher. That... is silly. I do realize that this is actually a registration glitch issue. But honestly the only reason why you'd really need to keep these players on the senior roster nowadays is for the mentoring system. In past games you would have just moved them to the B team and that was fine. For those readers who will argue this somehow is correct, keep in mind: In the Spanish First Division up to 6 B team players can play in a First Division match. The B teams are closely tied to senior squads. For Real Madrid in particular, the Castilla team shares all the same facilities and plays at a field that is contained within the same sporting complex. In short, the concept that a B team player could in no way be mentored by a senior player is totally unrealistic in this case. I have uploaded a save "RMad 2019 Jan 31 2.fm" The poor implementation of the new mentoring mechanic really needs a fix. Please...PLEASE. Reasonable solutions have been presented all over this forum, and I beg SI devs to consider applying one. Through a more thoughtful application of the mechanics, the spirit of the new system can easily be maintained at the same time that many of the rostering issues can be alleviated. I love the FM series, but I have never quit so many new saves after a half of a season as I have with FM 19.
  9. That's a fair point, and I don't have any first hand knowledge of a real life example. That said- let me ask you this: if a first team manager DID ask for particular captaincy at the youth level, would it not be honored by most youth managers? Perhaps you could institute an override option. Ie, the youth manager selects by default but you can ask for a change, or set it before the youth manager has made the determination. The fact is, IRL a first team mgr doesn't have the time to care about this stuff. But, I do! And just because IRL they don't have the time, that's not the same as not having the ability... There are plenty of other areas in the game where we as players are given the choice over what things to care about (control), from training to pressers to scouting. And that's all despite what might be the typical norm IRL. It is a game, after all.
  10. Great, thanks I haven't played in weeks; just have an MLS save in limbo waiting/hoping for a patch that makes it fun to play.
  11. Anybody? I mean, if I'm right and this is incorrect, I would think a broken transfer mechanic of an entire league is kind of a big deal.
  12. **If it's not clear by the end of the post, this is a game-breaking bug for anybody trying to play in the MLS** As far as I'm aware, this is how it works when signing a foreign player into MLS: 1) Transfer Funds are used to pay the actual transfer fee 2) The transfer fee is added to the player salary and amortized over the term of the contract to determine the total Salary Cap hit (up to the max allowed for non-DP contracts, currently about $505k/yr I believe) 3) GAM/TAM can be used to pay down the impact to the salary cap 4) All of the above pertains to a non-DP contract What is not correct? A transfer fee attempting to be paid via the GAM budget. However, it appears that that is exactly what FM 19 is attempting to do. I have uploaded a save in which you can test this: "Bob Hope - Atlanta United players.fm" Go ahead and try to sign any reasonable non-DP contract. I recently just tried out signing Dejan Joveljic. I bought him for $2mm, and was able to sign him for a pretty reasonable rotational contract (non DP). During contract negotiations, you'll be able to observe the hit to salary cap, GAM, and transfer budget. All looks correct at this point. Fast forward to signing confirmation and that's when it breaks: You'll see the system is trying to hit my GAM budget of $400k with his full $2mm transfer fee. That's not correct, as far as I understand the system. Perhaps the transfer is breaking some other MLS rule I'm unaware of and it's just being misrepresented in the dialog. Here's another great example: I tried to sign a young player from Italy. I am paying $850k in fee and offering a 2 year contract at $67.5k/yr. Looking at the contract offer page below, everything looks correct, per MLS rules. Notably, the following: 1) The $850k fee is hitting my transfer fee budget 2) I am currently slated to use none of the GAM balance to pay down his salary cap hit, because... 3) I have $861k of salary cap space, and his total hit is $492k/yr (425k of fee per contract year + 67.5k per year of salary) All looks good and he agrees. Fast forward a few days, and here we are again... The game still thinks my "transfer budget" is my GAM budget, and cancels the trade. ----- Okay, I just tested this with FM 18 and the mechanics appear to be working correctly in the prior game but not FM 19. I played as the Sounders and just bid on some random newgen that I could get within my transfer budget. The trade closed and the transfer fee hit my transfer budget and not my GAM budget.
  13. Cool, thanks for following up. I was going to run a test game through new intake to see if that was the case, so you saved me some time! It is still a little obnoxious for those of us who like to create custom leagues. I like to play a full USA league with promotion and relegation and basically the teams outside of the original MLS clubs are useless, rendering the custom league unplayable. This was an unfortunate "fix" they implemented. Probably no big deal for people who play standard leagues.
  14. Anybody? I've tried every iteration of setting and can't seem any way around this. I noticed another post referencing a 119 PA cap on newgens as well, so it must not just be me. Literally my game cannot generate a player with a PA higher than 119. That's kind of a game breaking bug; I would think this would get top priority / lots of attention... ? I don't have a whole lot of incentive to start a multi-month save game if the future universe of players will be capped at 119. This issue didn't happen in any of my prior saves before the new patch
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