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  1. This is not the problem, no. I have no additional controllers. As I mentioned, the *only* thing that changed between mouse working fine and mouse stuttering was the 20.1 update. Not sure I could be more clear about that...!
  2. I don't recall exactly, and it's been a week now since I played that save (since it's basically broken now). I did think at the time of my orig posting that it had been quite some time since I previously changed the budget slider. At least a couple months, since I didn't have any transfers or new contracts (which would have triggered a need to adjust) during the first half part of the season.
  3. So you were able to increase the transfer budget to be GREATER than $268k? The slider still works, yes. Except you can only slide it to the left. Hopefully that isn't all you attempted to do. I just re-loaded this save and the problem persists. To be clear: the issue is *not* that the slider doesn't move. The issue is that the board has capped my transfer budget at $268k when I have lots of excess payroll available.
  4. After the most recent update (20.1) my mouse is experiencing constant stuttering while moving it around. I have isolated this issue to in-game only; I experience no issues with mouse movement in any other apps on my PC. This was not an issue in any other prior release.
  5. I uploaded my save: SEA 2019 Jul 6.fm I have a ton of excess payroll available after the sale of some expensive players, and the game will not allow me to adjust the slider to move some of those funds over to the transfer budget. I have not made an adjustment in some time, so I know it's not related to the "you just recently changed your budget" limitation. As you can see in the image below, I have $3.6mm of excess payroll available above my actual salaries, but cannot move the slider to increase the transfer budget. It says that the board won't allow me because there is "not enough excess payroll", which clearly isn't true. I thought perhaps it might be related to future payroll commitments, but that isn't the case either: My salary commitments are slated to be similar in all future years. This is a little game-breaking as I sold the players in order to buy in lower salary alternatives, but now I have no transfer funds available and I'm down like 5 or 6 players that now can't be replaced
  6. >>you seem to be ignoring the fact there is negligible impact on players over the age of 24 I'm not ignoring that at all. The issue is this: Let's say you have three players in a mentoring group, one who is 28 yo, "Influential" on the senior squad and has a renowned world reputation. He is partnered with two newgens, both of whom are 16yo and promoted straight out of the academy to the U19 youth squad. My concern is not that one of those kids might have some small impact on the senior player; rather, I find it unrealistic that youth player #1 and the senior player will have identical amounts of influence on youth player #2. If they intended it to be that way, then it's merely unrealistic. If they did not, then it's broken. When you were 15 years old, if you were in a room with Robbie Keane and another 15 year old, you're telling me the other kid would influence you as much as Keane? This is, essentially, what the game is doing. If you believe that sounds correct and realistic, then we'll have to disagree and be at an impasse. cheers
  7. >>tutoring was unrealistic, overpowered and illogical overpowered - absolutely. unrealistic and illogical? i don't see that. sure, it could have been refined in how it was applied, and I see they tried to do that. My point is that the application is broken. It's messy, and it doesn't work 'logically' or 'realistically.' I made no comments about how powerful it should or shouldn't be, fwiw.
  8. >>but it simply isn't correct to state that SI don't want to fix it Have you visited my post on the subject in the bug forum? The functionality, which is precisely as I described, was defended. If they don't view it as a problem, then how can you argue they want to fix it?
  9. After 276 hours thus far into FM 19, it's with sadness that at this point I will likely be going back to FM 18 for the foreseeable future. While many improvements were made, for me the number of broken or diminished features outweigh the good. This is based purely on how I play the game and what I enjoy the most about the franchise; others who play the game differently may wholly disagree with my assessment. THE GOOD Scout reports in the inbox. I love the new format of scout reports in the inbox. Includes more information I want, in a clean concise presentation. New Tactics Format. After years of refining my tactics in prior versions, I was admittedly a little turned off by the new format. However, in time I came to enjoy it more and definitely value the added new touches/details. The categorization of actions (possession / transition / out of possession) is intuitive and realistic. Coaching Focus. It works! In past FM's I've felt that when I set coaching focus on various attributes, those attributes would only very modestly outpace the rest (if at all) when increasing over time. The new coaching focus - as far as I can tell - appears to have both a quicker and more dramatic influence on the targeted attribute(s). Also, the new groupings of skill sets, rather than just picking one single attribute, is a nice and realistic addition. Additional Player Dialogue. I absolutely love the additions that have been made to player conversation. Persuading players, and new triggers such as 'pre-concerns' and the potential dialogue from changing things like team status, are all welcome additions to game play. More Balanced Newgens. In the last FM, after a few years the world was flooded with a budding crop of potentially world class newgen strikers. As far as I can tell, the number of 180+ PA strikers has dropped considerably, and thus the balance of positions and PA seems much more even. THE INDIFFERENT Revamped Training System. This one is a mixed bag for me. On the one hand, I do appreciate the added detail and complexity that went into the new training system, as well as the addition of aspects like the Training Rating. However, this system can bog me down at times, and unless I set a coach or AM to deal with it, it often times requires more micro managing than I care to spend. At the end of the day, I just don't desire to spend that much of my FM game time managing training (a personal preference, to be sure), so much of the new detail is lost on me. Random nuisances that carried over from FM 18. a) Did you ever notice that unless you're a top club in the world, you struggle to hire a zero reputation newgen Data Analyst from another country unless you offer them the role as Head Data Analyst? I believe the same thing often happens with Sports Scientists. Apparently moving to London or Los Angeles is just too much of an ask for a 19 year old Brazilian DA, such that he must be given the Head role to make it worthwhile. b) The inability to sign newgens on intake date. I can appreciate that this should have been dialed back from prior FMs (prior to FM 18 that is), but it went way too far. Unless you're at R. Madrid or Man City and you're trying to sign a player from the 3rd division of Colombia, you have no chance (and even then it's a toss up.). SI's desire to quash what they view as an 'exploit' instead creates absolute unrealism. "Really, you'd rather 'continue your training' at Reus instead of joining me at Barca on my youth squad? Despite that being the dream of every 15 year old in the world? Got it." c) The same, tired press conference answers. d) Will edit and add others as they come to mind... THE BAD Mentoring is a (Broken) Afterthought. I love to play teams with strong youth systems, where I can both generate extra income from player sales over time, as well as mold my stars of the future. Mentoring was one of the most important aspects to molding youth, and sadly in FM 19 it is just broken. The new concept of mentoring groups is fine enough, but it fails in two key respects. 1) The requirement to move all mentees to the senior squad is absurd. Why can't this be done elsewhere, such as in the Training Units section? SI feels that for a young player to be mentored, they need to be 'part of' the group mentoring them. I get that. However, in game play there must be a more elegant way then requiring my to put a 16 year old on the senior squad then set them for reserve on the youth team. Even the game itself doesn't understand it, as it often will tell you to transfer list or loan out said youth player if they are not registered for the senior competition. huh? First you tell me he has to be on the senior squad, then you suggest I sell the kid because he's not on my Champions Cup team. Lastly, if you want to mentor a player who is intended to play on your B/Reserve squad, in many cases you can forget about it. In Portugal, for instance, if your team is in the Premier League you cannot register a player for the Second League if they are on your senior squad. Even if you set them as Reserve for the B squad, they will not be registered/registerable and cannot play, thus making them impossible to both play on the B squad and also be mentored. 2) The system itself doesn't work. For those who care to see my posts elsewhere in the bugs forum, I highlight the failure of how relative influence is applied in the game. On more occasions than I can count, I have 16-17 yo newgens who are exerting the same influence on their mentoring group as a senior player with 4-5x the reputation and a higher squad status. There are several easy fixes to this to make it more realistic, and SI inexplicably seems to not want to fix it. Because FM forces you to move youth players to the senior squad, they will all get bundled together with the rest of the "Other Player" status senior players, thus giving the kids equal influence as a person a decade older. It's really just madness. Oh, it Hurts! You may have read elsewhere, and it is true - injuries seem to have increased in this FM. I have a big squad that rotates nearly every match, with world class Physios, and somebody is getting hurt every week. Every. Week. Happy Players Don't Want New Contracts. On multiple occasions, I've had otherwise happy players who will not sign new contracts. They say they are loving playing at the club, are not 'wanted' by anybody, but then when you try to offer them a contract they're either "waiting until they get closer to the end of contract" or "doesn't see playing here as part of their plans", or some variation. Supposedly this is under review and hopefully it gets addressed, but I've lost a couple of my most important players to this bug, so it can be somewhat of a game killer. Player Non-Versatility. In the FM of years' past, there was a player trait called Versatility. It governed how easily and quickly a player could add or perfect new or otherwise less accomplished positions. Players in FM 19 still have this trait, except, it appears to be completely irrelevant. And that is because players seem much less able to add additional positional skill in FM 19, especially those players who already have a reasonable baseline proficiency in a position. For instance, if a player is already accomplished (15/20) in a position, I've noticed he can spend two years both playing and training in that role with zero increase. Not just "a little increase" - I mean zero. And that's true even for players with very high 'versatility' (quotes intended). I have seen plenty of players add skill to a position they otherwise had very little or none in, so it appears that the system isn't entirely broken. It's just that players seem to be capping out early and often, despite training and character traits. Perhaps this was an intentional cap that was put in the game? I have seen on the forums an argument that "even accomplished is good enough for a position" - but to me that's just a lame excuse if it's a broken function. SUMMARY FM 19 certainly has some nice additions. I particularly enjoy the improved player dialogue system. However, as somebody who enjoys to play the game with a "build from youth" focus, the destruction of the Tutoring/Mentoring function saps much of the enjoyment. As I argued to SI elsewhere on this forum, developing youth personality is just as important (if not more) than other aspects such as training and competitive match time. Where I used to have control over molding all three of those aspects, I can now only effectively manage two of them. For me, that makes FM 19 less fun than FM 18.
  10. Did you ever come to any conclusions with this? I'm still seeing numerous times when a nobody newgen is having the same influence as a starting senior player who is also higher up the (senior) hierarchy
  11. Yes, I was referring to that post. Which had received no reply prior to my posting here. But thanks Mentoring is part of Training in the game, so that's where I posted it. And I've seen at least one other mentoring related post in the Dynamics forum get moved to the Training forum... >>Issues with Dynamics however need to be posted in the Dynamics section please. But starting to wonder why bother? It's clear that, so close to release, SI have already made firm determinations about broader game dynamics and aren't legitimately looking for constructive feedback on bigger issues. That can be my only logical conclusion from a dismissal of what, as far as I can tell, is a perfectly reasonable and realistic suggestion. "Average does not mean unmeaningful"? C'mon. The issue at hand is that his influence is the same as that of a 16yo on the rest of the cohort, that's it. However you want to slice or dice that, it's unrealistic. Hearing an attempt to argue that actually makes some kind of sense, sort of feels like listening to a Trump press conference; leaves me scratching my head, shrugging my shoulders and saying, "wait.. he couldn't possibly believe that, can he? ugh. oh well."
  12. I thought I did. Nobody replied... Oh well. I can see SI does not share my view on how (unnecessarily) broken this aspect is. So I'll leave it be
  13. I don't understand how this is an 'exploit.' Is it unrealistic IRL that a recently signed senior player on a club could mentor a youth player? Based on the new system, only recently signed world class players can have any meaningful influence on a 16yo (I have now tested this a few diff times on diff teams/leagues). So, you think that sounds realistic and appropriate? Perhaps the solution could be as simple as further dividing the "other player" hierarchy category based upon squad and squad status? I can't be the only one who finds it just a tad silly that an "other player" who is a First team player on the Senior squad is just the same on the hierarchy as an "other player" who is a 16yo hot prospect on the U-19 squad. More broadly, choosing the right personality for your squad, and tailoring new signings based on personality traits, are all realistic and common aspects of managing a real life club. Talented players who are obnoxious or controversial get overlooked for transfers in real life all the time. Suggesting that trying to reshape the personalities within my squad to those of more professional, less controversial and all-around more consistent individuals is somehow an "exploit" is downright absurd. Managing and creating a desired team personality is just as much part of being a successful real world manager as tactics, training or anything else. I'm not trying to recommend a move back to the old tutoring system where you could have a youth player end up with perfectly mirrored personality traits from the tutor. However, your 'fix' introduced new but equally unrealistic aspects. I'm merely suggesting a further tweak that could bring the new system even closer to reality, as I feel like it has great potential. But SI's stance on this is apparently a preference to do away with one point of unrealism merely to switch it for another. As I've made clear, this particular aspect of the new system is certainly not grounded in reality, that is for certain. If that is the new goal of the franchise then that's fine, but that was not my understanding of how this game was intended to evolve.
  14. Yet another example of this ridiculousness... Valere Germain, 28yo with 4500 world rep, on the Monaco team that won Ligue 1 in 2017 and newly signed to my squad. Tutoring in a group with the likes of... Acaymo Lista, 17yo newgen with 1053 world rep Adonai Quintana, 17yo newgen with 1049 world rep Lassine Doumbia, 16yo newgen with 908 world rep Paulo Bernardo, 16yo youth player with 900 world rep All of whom have an "Average" influence on the group. Errr... huh? Please address this so the tutoring system can become relevant again!
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