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  1. This is not the problem, no. I have no additional controllers. As I mentioned, the *only* thing that changed between mouse working fine and mouse stuttering was the 20.1 update. Not sure I could be more clear about that...!
  2. After the most recent update (20.1) my mouse is experiencing constant stuttering while moving it around. I have isolated this issue to in-game only; I experience no issues with mouse movement in any other apps on my PC. This was not an issue in any other prior release.
  3. >>you seem to be ignoring the fact there is negligible impact on players over the age of 24 I'm not ignoring that at all. The issue is this: Let's say you have three players in a mentoring group, one who is 28 yo, "Influential" on the senior squad and has a renowned world reputation. He is partnered with two newgens, both of whom are 16yo and promoted straight out of the academy to the U19 youth squad. My concern is not that one of those kids might have some small impact on the senior player; rather, I find it unrealistic that youth player #1 and the senior player will have
  4. >>tutoring was unrealistic, overpowered and illogical overpowered - absolutely. unrealistic and illogical? i don't see that. sure, it could have been refined in how it was applied, and I see they tried to do that. My point is that the application is broken. It's messy, and it doesn't work 'logically' or 'realistically.' I made no comments about how powerful it should or shouldn't be, fwiw.
  5. >>but it simply isn't correct to state that SI don't want to fix it Have you visited my post on the subject in the bug forum? The functionality, which is precisely as I described, was defended. If they don't view it as a problem, then how can you argue they want to fix it?
  6. After 276 hours thus far into FM 19, it's with sadness that at this point I will likely be going back to FM 18 for the foreseeable future. While many improvements were made, for me the number of broken or diminished features outweigh the good. This is based purely on how I play the game and what I enjoy the most about the franchise; others who play the game differently may wholly disagree with my assessment. THE GOOD Scout reports in the inbox. I love the new format of scout reports in the inbox. Includes more information I want, in a clean concise presentation. Ne
  7. Yes, I was referring to that post. Which had received no reply prior to my posting here. But thanks Mentoring is part of Training in the game, so that's where I posted it. And I've seen at least one other mentoring related post in the Dynamics forum get moved to the Training forum... >>Issues with Dynamics however need to be posted in the Dynamics section please. But starting to wonder why bother? It's clear that, so close to release, SI have already made firm determinations about broader game dynamics and aren't legitimately looking for constructive feedback on
  8. I thought I did. Nobody replied... Oh well. I can see SI does not share my view on how (unnecessarily) broken this aspect is. So I'll leave it be
  9. I don't understand how this is an 'exploit.' Is it unrealistic IRL that a recently signed senior player on a club could mentor a youth player? Based on the new system, only recently signed world class players can have any meaningful influence on a 16yo (I have now tested this a few diff times on diff teams/leagues). So, you think that sounds realistic and appropriate? Perhaps the solution could be as simple as further dividing the "other player" hierarchy category based upon squad and squad status? I can't be the only one who finds it just a tad silly that an "other player" who is a F
  10. Overall I like the improvements. However, I am really disappointed in the mentoring system so far. That is an aspect of the game I rely on a lot, and the new system *almost* seems good. However, the relative influence given to absolutely zero reputation, newgen kids amongst their mentoring circle is a little absurd and essentially breaks the feature, IMO. See my post here on a suggested fix: Cheers
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