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  1. Created my save and my manager, I just need to find someone stupid willing enough to take on a 19 year old Australian with virtually no experience! Loaded up Spain, Italy, France, Germany, England, Australia, South Korea, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico, although the first five are View-Only for the time being, I want a tougher challenge... Will edit when I have found myself a job. Just going to apply like mad and take whatever I feel is right! EDIT: I have taken the job at Santos F.C. in South Africa, they have a much larger transfer budget but with similar expectations to every other club that offered me an interview. I was surprised that I was able to get a job this early.
  2. I'M DOING IT: Ilkeston FC So I decided to sim through the first season and pick one of the few teams that was promoted to the Vanarama North/South without reloading. I decided to pick the only one of those teams that was without a manager: Ilkeston FC. I do realise that I am already sending myself on a deathwish. Not just because of the quality of the club (more on that later) but because I have to go through 6 tiers of brutal football, make it to the summit and eventually win the final of the Champions League. With Ilkeston? No way! Club Background The club was founded in 2010 after the dissolution if its predecessor, Ilkeston United after failing to pay £47,000 of taxes. The club entered in the 8th tier in the 2011/12 season and were promoted in the first year. They have been in the 7th tier since, winning promotion in my save. What Needs To Be Done? Everything. There is absolutely no way that this club can continue running in its current state. The finances are surprisingly the best part (as far as I know) with a £5k a month kit sponsorship deal lasting until June 2017, lots of space in the wage budget and a healthy £40k balance we should be free from debt for the time being. However, I am the only staff member. Other than the chairman, there is nobody else at the club. Not even a physio of any sort. How am I going to find a good AssMan? Thank God I can sign backroom staff! My current squad consists of 9 players. 9. NINE. Not even any grey players! My U21 squad has about 18 players including a RWB by the name of Luke Shaw but my U18 squad is only greys (and the first-team GK). 1/3rd of the first-team are on youth contracts. The average squad age is 20 and there is only 1 player above the age of 23. Thankfully my 2 star striker has 5 star potential, the best on the team. Season Projection The club are predicted to finish 15th of of 22 teams (Jesus Christ 42 games!). The board expect a mid-table finish as well as to reach the 4th Qualifying Round of the FA Cup and the 1st Round of the FA Trophy. My Goals - Survive - 30 points More to come!
  3. Sorry if this has already been asked, but are you allowed to sign players from the annual Youth Intake? I do realise that it says that transfers/loans in are forbidden but I am a bit confused with the wording of the post. Thanks I'll still do it either way...
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