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  1. Appericiate that this isn't yours/sigames fault but this is very poor. The match engine is not in a fit state and switch owners will have to wait until next month at best to take advantage of the changes you are implementing. From a personal point of view, I will not be purchasing future versions of fm for the switch if this is the approach to updates.
  2. Hi guys, I've not put much effort into this year's edition of FM and I am shockingly bad at the game. I would love to have an attempt at this experience please?!
  3. Hi all, Thanks for the replies, some great advice that i'll be looking to implement this morning. I am looking to change the CM-A to a BBM or a CM-S and will be reviewing my team instructions with considerations towards the width of the tactic. I'll also have a look at opp instructions to see if that can help prevent the crosses coming in.
  4. Hi macca, thanks for the reply. Yes I do play an attacking mentality for one of my formations, the other formations have a more standard\counter approach to the game. I'll have a look back at the goals, from what I can remember I do believe there have been a lot of deep crosses and crosses go across my goal for their striker to have a tap in. I'll review my opp instructions too as I have only just gone about setting these, I previously ignored setting any...perhaps a fundamental flaw of my game setup?
  5. Hi guys, Long time reader, first time poster. Apologies for bringing up a topic that has possibly been done to death but after a quick search in the forum I wasn't able to find an answer to the issues i'm currently having with FM16. I'll cut to the chase. How do you stop/prevent/negate crosses from destroying your sides chances of winning games? As they say, a picture paints a thousand words, so instead of me waffling on about my problems please see the images below that detail my frustration. From the above it's easy to see that only five of the goals I've conceded have assist locations of the middle of the pitch, the damage is done from the wings. It won't be a surprise to see that the right side of my formation has an attacking right full back and I'm pointing the blame at the moment to this attacking fullback. I am slightly against making him support however as he provides a decent outlet for our team and you can see that the chap who plays on the right side FB has the best avg rating of the team. I have a play narrower instruction on too, could this be the problem? I'm unsure. Player instructions wise. I have both my fullbacks set to pass shorter. No instructions for them to sit wider etc. My CB's aren't the best but they should be good enough to stop 26 goals from the wings! I'm not sure if my defensive line is the problem? Any help, advice, comments would be greatly appreciated. This isn't the first time I have been stung by crosses in FM16, each save I have played I have witnessed the cross, goal, repeat from the AI destroy any chance of success.
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