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  1. Playing on the switch, I'm in my 5th season with Kettering. I've taken them to league one and have hit a ceiling, a big jump between league two and one. Roughly 18 games in and I'm lower mid table. Hull have offered me the job in the championship, with a 14 million transfer budget. It's so tempting...
  2. On the back of the latest update to the switch. I can see that there are still some UI bugs present, for example picking attributes relating to specific role on the player screen, anyone still seeing this? Have tried starting a new save and still having issues. The cursor speed has been updated which is great but in handheld mode the cursor is too responsive, its difficult to use the cursor now 🙁 I've seen that there are some comments on xbox feedback to implement a sensitivity setting for the cursor as a preference. Think this would be a good idea for the switch too,
  3. Press the left analog stick/button down, that'll bring the cursor onscreen
  4. I have some first thoughts on the game if you are interested :-) I have played roughly 2 hours or so Pros: Speed: The game appears to be quicker (I think this is universal across all platforms) UI changes: The controls are more fluid, I really like the L/R buttons for switching menus. 3D match engine: Feels optimised for the Switch, not as laggy as previous versions Cons: I couldn't get used to the default area/object focus controls leading to me toggling the mouse cursor The mouse cursor is not as responsive as I would like. Appreciate that this is po
  5. Appericiate that this isn't yours/sigames fault but this is very poor. The match engine is not in a fit state and switch owners will have to wait until next month at best to take advantage of the changes you are implementing. From a personal point of view, I will not be purchasing future versions of fm for the switch if this is the approach to updates.
  6. Hi guys, I've not put much effort into this year's edition of FM and I am shockingly bad at the game. I would love to have an attempt at this experience please?!
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