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  1. The trouble is that a closed and detailed approach is the exact opposite of random wildness. Either a player usually moves to the spot you pick out on a pitch when the ball is in a certain area of the field or they make a variety of decisions based on the situation around them and a general idea their role means they get forward often or run wide with the ball or man mark. Most of the time the optimum behaviour for a particular player isn't to move to a particular position on the pitch based on a general idea of where the ball is, and because there usually isn't a particular spot a p
  2. It would make some of sense for SI to resurrect WIBL/WOBL as a view, even if in practice it's just showing the standard behaviour of players in a tactical system and modified only by role/formation/mentality changes. (At the very least, there should be arrows on the formation layout to indicate general direction of player movement implied by the formation/role/instructions) But the other issue with WIBL/WOBL beyond the ability to create exploit-y behaviour is that it'll generate a lot of complaints from users furious that their players aren't positioning themselves where the screens say t
  3. Apart from the errant shooting, you might want to take into account that improving his weaker foot will also improve his touch (whenever it would be an advantage to use a left foot) and ability to turn his man (by making him more easily able to go past markers on either side). Striker is probably the position I'd think it's most useful to have ability on both feet since they're under the most pressure from opponents and a scuffed shot is usually more costly than a scuffed pass. Also why I'd be very reluctant to train a striker to "avoid using weaker foot" unless I expected the vast majority o
  4. Kudos to the Yanks for reaching the final without winning a single match in the knockout stages, and knocking out Argentina, Germany and Holland (and Brazil in the group stages) in the process. I suppose the sides that suffered shootout defeats will see it as justice that Gunnar's men ultimately defeated them with a penalty
  5. A logical solution to Santi's research issue would be for the editor to calculate an RCA based on the midpoint of any specified range (or min/max RCAs) so editors get an indication if they're setting the bottom end of ranges too high. I'm assuming the use case for these ranges is when the researcher would otherwise be tempted to leave the attributes blank (i.e. a de-facto 0-20 range), and that ranges would most likely to be applied to players the researcher is very unfamiliar with (who probably have lots of other blank attributes anyway), attributes a researcher is unsure how to rate beca
  6. Suspect there's a trigger involving the bidding club having a high enough reputation for the other players to aspire to play at that level one day. Had a player complain about me not offering him out to an interested club and the squad ignored it; same player complained the following year with a better club interested and the squad supported him (and backed down). He shut up and decided he liked me and my club after a second successive promotion though I do think the player complaints has been sensibly toned down a little from FM16
  7. If Rashford's determination to make the most of his potential and opportunity as demonstrated thus far deserves a 3 out of 20, I expect to see you in the Arsenal thread demanding the entire squad get their determination removed to 1 (with the possible exception of Sanchez if he succeeds in getting his move)
  8. Determination has other effects beyond the match engine, but none of them involve complaining about a change in position and only playing 53 games in a season at the age of 19.
  9. I think what's missing is for the ability to set ranges for players' attributes where there's not been enough evidence to nail down a particular value, but researchers feel reasonably confident that a player isn't notably aggressive, a set piece specialist, a dribbler, especially injury prone, disloyal etc. Ideally this would be a "top end" and "bottom end" starting value for attributes, which would achieve both the goal of not having some moderately-known players randomly given standout values that are obviously wrong, and allowing a bit more randomness in the starting attributes because
  10. You weren't a million miles away, but that was the one that finished It's the others that were more remarkable, like the cup match later that week that finished And this one below, which is probably the most bonkers scoreline I've seen in FM
  11. Would be genuinely amazed if someone can get close to the right scorelines for these three games, all between the same opposition in the same season
  12. That's generous. The game's code's ability to recognise completely standard situations in relation to promises is poor. No, I don't think you should be objecting to me not having made good on last month's promise to sign new players in a team meeting SI forces me to call on the first day of the transfer window...
  13. Surely part of the benefit of an editor is being able to scan through existing values and see where, in your opinion, the researcher didn't get it right? A ban on discussing values on the forum might be better, but a starting point might be wider realisation that for two young players with the same starting attributes, it's entirely possible (if not actively likely) that a player with excellent professionalism and ambition and few injury problems and a 139PA will have a higher ability level for most if not all of their career than a player with 149PA and a problematic personality or persi
  14. Plus the biggest things which affect development curves IRL is whether they're playing, and who they're playing for - neither of which could or should be set in advance...
  15. I think that would be an improvement. Getting rid of the assumption that any player, ever, would complain about not being instructed to play like a regular defender only with more emphasis on hoofing would be a start. Some players are very keen to be played in their most natural position IRL. A smaller number might be very keen on being a playmaker or target man. I doubt anyone, anywhere, has ever got upset about their manager not insisting they play a role where they do as little with the ball as humanly possible. Getting rid of that promise altogether because it's more often unbeli
  16. I doubt anyone could tell the difference between a 190CA player (the highest possible under Mbappe's current allocation, which you used as an example of a problem) and a 199CA player without using an editor. IIRC Dybala - considered by most FMers who've signed him to be an unstoppable force of nature - has a PA of 180. To the extent CA is (i) a reasonable approximation of player abilities and (ii) influences other game mechanics it makes a lot more difference when their abilities are a similar level to the rest of the division they play in than when it's over 170 and so they tend to
  17. Isn't this exactly how negative PAs used to work 15-20 year ago (back when it was -1 or -2, with the latter being a range going all the way up to 200)? Didn't the new system come in because this wasn't a very good way of rating potential? Personally I'd rather see negative PAs replaced by a "max PA" and "min PA" box, so researchers can set narrow or wide ranges depending on their knowledge of the player, the player's maturity, and whether there's anything about the player that justifies a particularly wide range (like being way more technically gifted than his peers but too small to make
  18. FMT's faster game play and reduced emphasis on adapting to new formations and training is also particularly well suited to experiments that people like to run with custom databases
  19. The roles actually offer a lot of flexibility in adjusting player's shape going backwards and forward *but none for lateral movement of central players* (bar 'roam' settings and decisions a player might make to cover space without instructions). A "cover right flank/left flank" instruction for DMs, MC/AMs to instruct them where to drop back (and possibly a "tuck in defensively" instruction on wide players and "stay wider/overlap" attacking instructions for MCs playing in a three) would solve most of those problems, and probably not be too difficult to train the AI to use occasionally and sensi
  20. One advantage of the existing setup (at least for lower division clubs with smaller squads) is that you generally get your youth intake at least a couple of months before the contracts of some of your players run out and the transfer window opens, so a high potential and/or reasonably developed youngster coming through can save you the need to renew/replace that backup player. Sometimes with people in the early stages of Youth Only saves the youth intake can help save their season midway through too. Or it can be incredibly frustrating if they're not allowed to play them because of squad
  21. I quite like the way it's rigged against save/reloaders looking for a better draw tbh
  22. Wouldn't mind them speeding up the slow walk of the referee to the about-to-be carded player too (especially when he has a bit of distance to cover, and the card's only part of the highlight because there's a scoring opportunity from the resulting freekick)
  23. Even the standard Star Ratings based recommended teamsheet with "include shortlist" (and the ability to manually remove individual shortlisted players because they're too dear or low priority) would be nice.
  24. With match engine updates, I completely understand why SI don't want to address major, match changing issues that need very careful balancing like the current compromise between wide midfielders helping their (too narrow) MCs out and watching fullbacks that might overlap, which is currently skewed far too much towards the latter having been skewed too much towards the former in FM16. Getting the balance right is tricky, and a mid-term update that radically alters how the engine handles midfield play also annoys players by wiping out tactical edges they've spent a long time tinkering with tacti
  25. I take it none of your Swedish players will repeat Zarzo's impressive feat of staying with you from the lowest playable division to Champions League success
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