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  1. what is the difference between the Database in 11.2 and the original Database? I remember all patch x.2 in FM before was released in February with Winter transfer updated DB. FM 11.2 is so early and has its own DB? :-?
  2. "same as before", you mean 10.2.0 dont u? It means I have to tweak GK training right?
  3. and errr, so if I want to train Composure and Concentration for my players, which training catergories should I tweak?
  4. Today's (Mon 14th) blog

    http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/opinion/blogs/football-manager-2010/Football-Manager-2010-new-features-blog-Day-9-AND-10-nine-new-screenshots-article158457.html Not tomorrow but today
  5. http://upanh.com/uploads/19-Mar-2009/cxtmwgmlrrvw2e7g5okh.jpg Please check that picture and tell me which PPM will the player choose? :| Is it a bug? :|
  6. If we man mark a specific position, what will happen if the opposing team changes the formation? The man-mark option at the moment looks like have depend on position already. I think the option to man-mark a specific player would be enough. Then we could man-mark a player even if he swaps his position with other player.
  7. I've played against Sevilla and I noticed that Kanoute and Fabiano often play swap positon. Kanoute who is taller than Fabiano played a bit deeper than Fabiano. So I set my tall DC to man-mark Kanoute (aka Tall ST) and my quick DC to man-mark Fabiano. But whenever they swap position, the name of the player that I want my DC to man-mark is changed X( That really annoys me! I have no complain about they play swap position. But when I order my DC to man-mark a specific player, then he must man mark that player. Do u think it needs to be fixed?
  8. "Half-time team talks" is one that affect to the performance of players in the second half. :-? Many times I see a player that plays extremely good in second half then I check the team talk feed back. I often see that player gets Fired up, motivated :-?
  9. Does anyone know which software can make animation gif from Goal highlight at a good FPS "frames per second"? I've already tried Screen capture to animation Gif. But the delay between each frame is really long (100milisecond). I dont care much about the quality of image (as long as I can see players and ball. it's ok) just need the size of GIF is not too large
  10. My "Game status" is just a blank screen. What's the matter?
  11. I clicked "Game Status" But it was a blank page :|:| What's the matter?
  12. I managed Hull, Stuttgart and Athletic Bilbao, all of their defenders plays well for me
  13. why did u think 920ME is so bad? :-?