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  1. - An option so we can set a nickname for our own avatar - An option so we can change to our own sountrack, sometime we're tired of playing and need music ^^
  2. 1. About red cards, I played myself and read some posts in this forum. And I agree with them. Red cards are real problem in FM2007. Players are easily get red cards. Need to fix. 2. About injuries, I just saw that in demo (really annoying me at there) and in full version, I read some posts: they complained about that too. Need to hear more opinions from player 3. About appeal bans, I think we should get more detail about this function If player have red card in game, so after game, we should have option to ask more people about if it's right or wrong. For example: we can ask anyone you like (players who sit on bench, or gather all your staff, get them view replay and ask them to get right decision). I agree that we dont like sim football, so just an email or an option 4. About discipline player, like my 3rd wish, I want an option that allow user to ask assist manager to discipline player more exactly. Because if you do something wrong, so your team will have a chaos. 5. SI can choose whether add this or not. At manager profile, we have short plane section. I think we can add an option as drop out menu or something like that. So we can choose yourself. Example: You manage 1 small team very good. Then you change your plan: Want to challenge at bigger club. More big club will notice you. and you likely get more offer, the small club will offer you a new contract with hope to keep you stay with them. I think this will make the more interesting. Just an option not like sim football 6. About cup game, I think game want me to lose. Example: I play very good at some begin round. And feel hard when go farther. Okie, I agree. But sometimes, you meet very weak team in final. They still overmatch you. I dont know how. But they always have more ball then have more chance to score(even I play short and slow). Although I play stronger team, I must still choose defend and counter attack to get a win. I think some unfair-things have happen
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