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  1. Since my Juve squad is quite short in numbers i've been giving my three high potential players lots of game time from the bench and occasional starts so im hoping for good growth. Has anyone any idea how good Bazoer from Ajax can be? Bought him for 15 million and seems to be developing quickly.
  2. Ok cheers lads, will just put him on the bench as he's only 17 and can play comfortably in Serie B.
  3. Is it better to send a high potential young player out on loan to get first team football, or should you leave them in your Under 20's/21's then tutor them also giving them access to your excellent training and youth facilities? (Im Juventus)
  4. This is his new tactic and new instructions, exact same is happening.
  5. I shall put screenshots of what he uses on later tonight, i cant understand why hes doing so badly considering his squad is pretty strong, although i have noticed he ships a lot of goals in.
  6. Me and my relatively inexperienced FM friend have a save, he is Notts County in league 2. His team is one of the strongest in the division, and he is dominating games having more shots and more possession most games but he's currently 20th after 10 games. I have no idea how to help him as every suggestion i offer doesnt work, despite me being 4th in league 1 with a poor Chesterfield side. He plays 4-4-2 with wingers, an AF and TM (s) with a midfield pair of CM (s) and BWM (d). He plays direct and has the attacking mentality, forgot his other instructions but i have no idea what to recommend. Help would be appreciated.
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