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  1. Well, have you considered changing mentality to Control/Attacking?
  2. Idk about you guys, but Martial scored 30 goals for me in the first season. He doesn't have the best stats to start with but I've found he grows very fast. He starts the game with 2 star current ability i think, and by end of the first season he was already at 4 full stars.
  3. Cleon and then why SI implemented the 4-2-3-1 formation in the tactics creator if it's not even working like a 4-2-3-1?
  4. Yes, BustTheNet/Rashidi channel is probably the best. I definetely recommend it. His voice might be annoying(? i don't mind it at all, some friend of mine told me he did, who cares though) but the content is top notch
  5. There are plenty of ways to link up with the front quartet. A deeper AMC, a more aggresive DM, more aggresive fullbacks, mentality etc. I would start with something simple: Control/Attacking-Fluid(Keeps you more compact, so there are few less yards between the defend and attacking strata) SK-S(since the mentality already gives you a high D-line) 2xCD 2xWB-S(they are more aggresive then FB-S yet they don't have an attacking mentality, help at linking) That would be my defence. Now on the DM strata, one of them has to link up. I think going for a playmaker is not that great as you anyway want to give the ball to the front four as soon as possible, and they will most likely be the only ones assisting and scoring. So i would go with something like Anchorman + DM-S or DM-D + DM-S DM-D is a bit more aggresive than the A, closes down a bit more, but also covers a lot more space which might turn to be useful when WBs go forward. On the front quartet it's up to you, but i certainly think either the AMC or both AML/R should be on support to link.
  6. So guys this is my tactic: and my TI's Now the thing is, Martial is doing great, he has 10 goals from 13 appearances in the league so far. But i think that's rather because he is on a good form and very clinical than because he has lots of opportunities. He usually has around 4-5 shots per game, with 1-2 on target, one of which is usually a goal. Does he lack support? I thought like this at first and tried changing the CM to Attack duty but that made Martial's shots even less. My "main" shooter is Depay which has the Shoots from Distance PPMs which i think might be a problem as well. So how can i make my team feed more balls to the striker, how can i make him have more opportunities
  7. I would honestly change the flanks to IF, probably on attack and put the RB and LB on attack. I would change the Regista to a DLP(D). Then, to make some space for the IF(S) i would go with a F9 up front or maybe a CF(S) with Move into Channels PI. Honestly the roam from positions/more disciplined are pretty useless shouts, their effect can be reached by changing the shape so i would just drop them. But most importantly, what kind of football are you trying to play?
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