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  1. sergio ramos at kendall town. enough said.
  2. i would LOVE that but im not sure it would happen due to the amount of research etc. that would be needed to get this game to a high enough standard to reach expectations.
  3. Lost the love of the game :(

    i always find starting unemployed then taking over a struggling club is a great challenge!
  4. Manager Interaction

    i had never thought of this... BUT I LOVE THIS IDEA!!
  5. Most frustrating player

    mark albrighton for newcastle when i took over 13th in championship. after 2 seasons got promoted. albrightons average ratings: 2014/15: 6.54 2015/16: 6.21 such a great help......
  6. Money Grabbin ****£r

    happened to me at newcastle as well. joey barton wanted me to pay him 22k for 18 months until his contract ran out. i was going to say no until i realised he was on like 60k a week and i could use the transfer revenue and extra 38k wages to buy a decent replacement. got aaron ramsey as a replacement in the end, so worked out well for me
  7. What is highest contract u have had?

    i always ask for hardly any money, cos it doesnt affect the game at all and im paranoid that it takes it out of the wage budget. even though im not sure they are actually linked! haha
  8. Sending players out on loan

    this is what i always want. i dont accept bids unless i know theyll play frequently
  9. its on the personal tab of their profile, same as before
  10. its not actually in the game but ive devided im gonna us the editor to do this: make mike basset england manager!!
  11. im not a big fan of the whole 'owning a club' thing on f,- but if you did this i think it would work quite well wow.... never thought id be saying that!!
  12. thats happened to me before! i was at ipswich and seeing as im from southampton i got nostalgic and hired jo tessem as my assistant. i spent 3 years making him the man he was, then he went to stoke and started slagging me off... then beat stoke 4-1 and he was fired in 9 months... not sure whether that made me happy or sad!! also i got shearer at aresenal... doesn't seem right...
  13. micheal salgado manages kendall town on my file... always makes me giggle when i see it!! also jo tessem at stoke
  14. Team Talks

    you can say 'no pressure' at half-time if you're subbing the player on, but i don't think you can do it for players who were on in the 1st half. dynamic team talks are exactly what im on about and when they sort it i think the game will be pretty much sorted all round. (when they kill all the bugs! )
  15. Team Talks

    Lets be honest getting the choice of saying like the same 5 things every game gets very tedious and repetitive. I think there should be options like this: Scenario 1: Half-time and one of your players is having a quiet game- "You've got to get yourself into the game more" Scenario 2: Full-time after gaining a draw/ win against a much higher reputation team- "You're proving why we are in this league." (or something like that!) Scenario 3: Kick-off and your striker is demoralized due to a goal drought despite playing well- "Keep playing how you're playing, the goals will come." Also add something like in the private chats with preferred moves. I think you should be able to tell or players "come and collect the ball," or "make runs up the wing." Stuff like that. Anyone else think this??