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  1. right no doubt all these have been mentioned because it is a 58 page thread but hear are my views: 1. MAJOR revamp of media conferences. Everyone says it, and its true. They are all identical and when they quote what you previously said it makes no difference. needs to be more in depth! 2. When people like Terry/ Gerrard etc are 28 they still start in most games. Youth players who are now at that point 22ish should be picked over them- surely? 3. International management needs changing. I find it really boring because simply there is never anything to do for 3 month periods. 4. Just because you disagree with a ref doesn't mean you should receive a warning. Managers moan all the time IRL even if the ref is correct and nothing happens 5. Off-the-pitch antics. Things like fan protests, bad behaved players, MAYBE fans clashes at rival matches. It will add a little more character to the game as well. 6. Anyone ever play USM98?? Probably the greatest manager game ever. On there you could make your very own tactics and set plays for scratch- this is a must be included in my opinion!! 7. Also on USM, you could be assistant manger/ 1st team coach. This meant you could take charge of line ups and matches but leave transfers etc. to someone else. I wouldn't personally use that option but if it was available I know some people would! 8. Appealing against red cards. Your assistant should give you an in-depth write up of the incident so that you can decided whether it is worth appealing or not. 9. Scrap P.A- Hidden stats along with how you develop youth at your club (training/matches etc) is all you need. Some players with -9 P.A will reach it, even if they are at a below standard club. If a team doesn't have the facilities required to train a player to world-class stardom, then it simply wouldn't happen. 10. Transfers: E.G: Derivite on market for £450 000. So I make a bid for that plus incentives and then Spurs comeback saying they want at least £1.2million. How does that work!!? Pretty sure there is more but thats all I can think of!
  2. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_T48oiKNb8WM/S-Pyr0HixXI/AAAAAAAAAEQ/4yKYD7-v2s0/s1600/fm+fail.jpg
  3. Ermmm.. on another note, how have you made like the champions league semis and 19th in the table...! haha
  4. i physically cant go on for more than 15 seasons usually- get bored otherwise!
  5. i heard about these on earlier versions- but never saw one myself!
  6. about 15 years, but thats as long as i can keep a game running before i loose interest because of all the regens!
  7. not a team but look at bulgarias players: ivankov???? lol
  8. yes... yes it is Charlie! lol I WILL BEAT YOU! (personal message!) lol
  9. Only a couple of things i could think of!: 1. compare remaining fixtures(e.g compare your fixtures with your nearest rival to see who has the harder fixtures) 2. creating own set plays(what should happen at corners, centre, free kicks, goal kicks, etc.) 3. A filter on the transfer market for minimum release fee clause 4. Change profits(it seems redicoulasly easy to make money on this game) and i think thats about it!
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