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  1. Oh and I forgot to mention. There is a Brazilian facebook group actually adding lower Brazilian leagues to the game, called the serie D, the Brazilian forth division (clubs, lower leagues, 3d and 2d kits, logos, faces), editing Brazilian stadium ..improving the AI of the game to improve libertadores championships (for them the game was too easy and libertadores wasnt so competitive).. updating so many features to make the game more immersive for Brazilian players. I know the person that is working on all of those features.. so, the thing is.. YES, lots of people would buy the game if you adde
  2. This is a very interesting question. However, Brazil doesnt have official Names, logos and kits. This is a shame for such an important game that doesnt include Brazil, country that most exported players to the world, with the most number of world championships in the world, that provided the most important protagonists players in many leagues in the whole football history. I will continue to be a fm player , however adding Brazil could save me hours and days of editing and adding mods and etc. Please , for the next FM..lets work on that SI.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a Samsung Model SM-T800, my Android version is 6.0.1, I already have FM Touch 2017 installed on it. I can´t find FM Touch 2018 on Play Store and Google Play. And when I access the game to buy on footballmanager website, it says that my tablet is not compatible. I tried to buy it from my UK gmail account, and also a account from France and Brazil.. and nothing works. What might be happening-?
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