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  1. I think this would be as far away from the reality as you could possibly go. In my save which is with FM19 (probably slightly easier than FM20), after 5 seasons I couldn't get an interview with Bournemouth. If you count all kinds of trophies, I have 9 to my belt, and 3 of those count for this challenge. So I would call it a pretty good start, but Dortmund no way.....
  2. The previous census has been to only count one from each nation, although the initial maker of this challenge never mentioned anything like this. However you might choose which one you want to count (hence the one you win, in case you don't win both). You can see how I calculated Ireland in my latest update
  3. I forgot in my update to mention some of my goals for this challenge: - A player to play 500 matches under my management - A player to score 250 goals under my management - A player to win World Footballer of the Year, and European Golden Boot under my management, and preferably not at his "first club" under my management. So far obviously far away from these goals, but I want to bring players with me from club to club. So far no player has played for me in more than one club.
  4. The Earls quest for Ultimate Football Manager Challenge Cork City FC 2021 The story: First I want to say, this attempt is not to make the fastest finish ever, but to enjoy every club and country I manage in. This means I might stay a bit longer than necessary in each place. The league: This time we didn't play as many draws as last season. We soon build up a huge lead, and to be honest our team was far better than any other in the league. I actually forgot to take a screenshot of the table, but we racked up the title already at the end of September.
  5. The Earls quest for Ultimate Football Manager Challenge Cork City FC 2021 This was really a season "in between". I used most of the season to build my team, and to develop some really great young players. This resulted in some inpatience from players and boards, but I kept my job. In the end we had a nice run, and climbed to 3rd. This gave us qualification to next years Europa League. The only win of the season came in the Munster Senior Cup, which doesn't count for anything in this challenge. The history and stats are somewhat short this time, but I will pick it up again at a l
  6. Nope Seems I can only edit posts that are less than a year old Might have to ask a moderator to help you out, if even that is possible...
  7. We never discussed things like this a few years ago, because there was only unofficial add ons to the game. Its not important for me and how I play, but adding SI-games leagues would for me be cool. This is something that anyone could do these days, and especially the Canadian league would add depth to a region with only 2 playable leagues....
  8. @Skogmus I feel your pain. @Homicidal_Jesus great progress there @Crowy good luck
  9. Sounds like a really unlucky season @LeoFM, better luck next season :)
  10. Nice start @Homicidal_Jesus :) Cool to see someone starting in lower rep leagues. Have you decided now whether to stay or go? The first moves in this challenge can be so crucial. @XuluBak how do you find Portugal? One of my all time favorite leagues of this challenge. :)
  11. The Earls quest for Ultimate Football Manager Challenge FM 2019 Season 2020 Cork City FC Ireland Airtricity Premier League I left Glentoran after the league win and took over Cork City FC in the Irish Premier League. The club was 8th when I took over, but I promised the board a top half finish. The remainder of this season was somewhat unusual for me. We didn't perform in the league at all from my start. Drawing too many matches, and also loosing some. But we often dominated, and I was sure I could be doing better. Well it almost went very wrong. 8 matches from the end, we
  12. The Earls quest for Ultimate Football Manager Challenge FM 2019 Season 2019/20 Glentoran Northern Ireland Danske Bank Premiership We started the season in a decent way, and it became clear early that only Larne and Crusaders could follow us. For me league seems to be the easiest of the competitions in this game, keeping a steady performance through the entire season. However the season opened with winning the Charity Shield competition. Soon we won another title, the County Antrim Shield, so both Northern Irish competitions that doesn't count in this challenge was in
  13. He might be the only one to achieve it, because I play very slow. So slow am not sure I can finish due to time, but I will at least give it a try :P lol
  14. The Earl's Ultimate challenge FM2019 So finally I have decided to come back to this challenge. Its been a long time. I don't know how fast I will play, but it will surely be slower than before. I loaded up the game with these settings: After holidaying for quite some time, I found myself as manager of Glentoran in Premier League of Northern Ireland. Sitting in 9th, but with quite a lot of matches to go in the first season. To make the story of the first season short, we managed to finish 5th and loose the final of the FA-Cup. I also lost play-
  15. I think I found a decent start, but I will come back to that later.
  16. I might give it another go at this challenge, after long time away. I play FM 2019. Its been so long time away, so I have to ask for some advice. Which leagues can I expect to give me a start? I know of Vanarama North/South in England, but I rather start in a different country (or maybe even different Confederation). Can anyone who made a reasonable good start at FM 2019 give me some hints/tips?
  17. This isn't very much a challenge yet, but a data editor file. Can still be interesting, but for it to be a challenge, it should have a set of goals/requirements to reach...
  18. Just reading here a few times. What happened to the Confed Cup?
  19. If no one else makes one, I will try, just I don't have the same time as before. I also can't connect to this page at work, only from home.
  20. Hello there! Would anyone with a great mind and some time on hand create a new fun and challenging task for FM2020? I would like it to include: - Multiple leagues to play, so you don't stick in one place forever - Mostly or only focus on club football, but can include some sort of national management. - A point scoring and/or set of achievements to reach Any contribution is mostly appreciated, as it will have a influence on whether to buy the game at all.
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