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  1. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    I agree that they settled in some islands as well. It could also be mentioned Dublin. But for this challenge only the mentioned countries will be considered vikings: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Faroe Isles. I also made it possible to play without attribute masking, so it should be possible to find some of these players to sign.
  2. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    I think I will never forget the name Zheng Long. Like I wrote sometime earlier it was funny when Zheng Long scored on an assist made by Shane Long.
  3. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    Thanks for encouragement. Hopefully one of the future Stages will suit you. I know in a part that one would do, but its one of the 2 final ones that will be longer than the others. (Also more time to complete it), but I guess that might not suit you after all. But Stages 4-7 should be relatively short, depending on your own pace of play.
  4. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    So done with scoring and wrapping up Stage 2, and finally Stage 3 is launched. Would love to hear any comments. And forgot to mention, of course GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!
  5. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    Stage 3 - Viking raid Deadline for submissions: 4th March 2018 23:59pm UK time Team: York City (Vanarama National North) Duration: 2 seasons Background: Vikings where known as a people of trading, warfare and plundering. They rarely settled land outside their own area, but left again as they grabbed all the valuables they could. One of the few places they did settle for a while, was a place they called Jordvik. That is todays York. Subsequently York City FC is at the clubs lowest level in history of football. Your task is to bring the club as high up in 2 seasons as you possibly can, with the influence of Viking players. Important note: Regarded as Vikings in these terms are footballers with the Nationality of (random order): Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Faroe Isles. Note that for those note aware, Finnish players are NOT vikings. Setup instructions: Load a new game of FM18. Choose the following leagues: England down to Tier 6 and Norway, Sweden Denmark as view only to the lowest Tiers. You might add as few or many other leagues as you want. Database size is totally optional, the same goes for adding extra players. Tick off: Do not add additional staff, prevent use of in game editor and Disable Attribute masking (This so FM-touch users can compete for Stage win). All other checked boxes should be unticked. Important: Set start date to earliest possible in England. Start the game with the following criteria: - Same name as in previous Stages if you took part, if this is your first Stage chose a name of your liking. - Same nationality as in previous Stages, or if you are new only 1 nationality. Languages learned in earlier Stages are removed, and ONLY those who earned a Chinese second nationality might add this from now on. - Everyone starts with the same criteria, for this Stage its National A-License and Semi Professional Footballer. - Manager birth year 1994, day and month is optional Take over York City FC immediately without waiting any days. Aim: To bring York City FC as far up the ladder in 2 seasons as possible, do well in cups for green/polkadot jersey point and bring in Viking players. Spend wisely though as transfer money counts for Stage Win. Scoring system Yellow jersey: Yellow jersey will be split into 2 parts this time: Part 1 - Points for your finishing position in the second season only. 21st-22nd in VNN - 1 point 16th-20th in VNN - 3 points 11th-15th in VNN - 5 points 8th-10th in VNN - 7 points 2nd-7th in VNN - 9 points (10 points if you get promoted) 1st in VNN - 15 points 21st-24th in VNL - 8 points 16th-20th in VNL - 11 points 11th-15th in VNL - 14 points 8th-10th in VNL - 19 points 2nd-7th in VNL - 22 points (25 points if you get promoted) 1st in VNL - 30 points Part 2: - Add up this with points from Vikings players who play competitive matches for you in both seasons. You get 1 point for every 6 games played by a Viking Player. As described a Viking player is a player from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland or Faroe Islands. If you have one player with 5 games and another with 7 games, this makes for 2 points. So you can take all the Viking players and add their games over the 2 seasons together. Green jersey: More simple scoring this time. Its your success in FA Trophy in both seasons that counts. Add the points for the 2 seasons together as follows: 3rd Qual.round - 0 points 1st round - 1 point 2nd round - 3 points 3rd round - 5 points Quarter Final - 7 points Semi Final - 10 points Finalist - 15 points Winner - 20 points Polkadot jersey: Also a straight forward calculation. This time its your progress in FA Cup in both seasons that counts. Once again add the points for the 2 seasons together as follows: 2nd Qual.round - 0 points 3rd Qual.round - 1 point 4th Qual.round - 2 points 1st round - 3 points 2nd round - 4 points 3rd round - 7 points 4th round - 8 points 5th round - 9 points Quarter Final - 10 points Semi Final - 15 points Finalist - 20 points Winner - 30 points Stage win: Stage victory will be awarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze. And is made up of Transfer income and expenses. Pluss is for all British/Irish players sold. You can only count the straight forward cash for players sold. Both seasons counts. Minus is for all Viking players bought/signed. You count the amount in (parenthesis) so also future clauses are included. This amount together for both season are you final score. Important: Make the final screenshot here directly after your last match in the second season. You can't wait for the new transfer window to open to sell off all your players when leaving. Bonuses: Gold: 16 yellow jersey points, 16 green jersey points, 10 polkadot jersey points Silver: 8 yellow jersey points, 8 green jersey points, 5 polkadot jersey points Bronze: 4 yellow jersey points, 4 green jersey points, 3 polkadot jersey point Submission: Please post your submission before deadline (4th March) including the following screenshots: - Manager profile at start of season - Manager profile at the end of the season - Setup screen before you started the game - League Table at the end of season 2 - Fixture list from both seasons - Transfer History from both seasons - Individual stats history of all Viking players
  6. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    Stage 2 final overview. Finally have some time to wrap up Stage 2 here. We are down to 7 submissions this time, so still a bit decline. I hope people will catch up again as I soon will launch Stage 3. I have prolonged the submission date for the next Stages to give people more time. Stage 3 will the first with more than one season. Maybe it will encourage those who like to build a team over time. Anyway its time for the results of Stage 2. Stage victory This was the scoring for most goals/assists made by Chinese players vs. goals/assists made by foreigners. A first Stage win for me, as Zheng Long just went bananas. Watson claimed "only" a silver, his first after two straight golds. Close race for bronze, which Fadedaf just made enough to secure his first medal. @TheEarl - 512 points @Watson156 - 344 points @Fadedaf - 297 points @abirdc - 294 points @Skogmus - 156 points @Ice Ice Gravy - 83 points @vossmaj - 53 points Stage winners: TheEarl GOLD, Watson156 SILVER, Fadedaf BRONZE. Yellow jersey (including bonus points) TheEarl - 101 points Watson156 - 64 points abirdc - 34 points Skogmus - 12 points Fadedaf - 5 points Ice Ice Gravy - 1 point vossmaj - 0 points Current holder of the yellow jersey: TheEarl with 165 points, Watson156 with 151 points is second and Skogmus third with 85 points. Green jersey (including bonus points) TheEarl - 66 points Watson156 - 52 points abirdc - 30 points Skogmus - 27 points Ice Ice Gravy - 22 points Fadedaf - 20 points vossmaj - 11 points Current holder of the green jersey: Watson156 with 97 points. TheEarl is second with 90 points and Skogmus third with 66 points. Polkadot jersey (including bonus points) TheEarl - 24 points Watson156 - 17 points abirdc - 14 points Fadedaf - 12 points Skogmus - 11 points Ice Ice Gravy - 2 points vossmaj - 2 points Current leader of the polkadot jersey is TheEarl with 39 points. Second is Watson156 with 37 points. Third placed and wearer of the jersey is Skogmus with 29 points. Leaderboards will be updated shortly. Stage 3 will be launched very shortly also. After seeing all the scores I must admit I agree to Watson156 comment about the scoring and bonus being to high. I really thought more people would end around the same score. But the Stage was a big upset with the bunch falling behind. I will try to adjust the scoring to be more "fair" for coming Stages.
  7. Remember that before you can wrap up Africa, you have to win the African Confederations Cup also (Their version of Europa League)
  8. Nice to see peoples updates. Sorry for lack of updating leaderboards. I have been very busy, and will be for some time yet. I will pop in, and try to update from time to time. My own game is in 2023, and its quite successful. I have tried to take screenshots of everything needed, but don't have time to write my actual updates. Expect somewhere in the future a massive update from me as I squeeze in some game time every now and then. Best of luck to everyone, and nice to see people progress here.
  9. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    Now I really have to apologize, I dont have time to wrap up Stage 2 today, and also didn't have time to launch Stage 3 yet. I will do my very best to wrap up Stage 2 tomorrow, and launch Stage 3 during this week. I will move submission dates for Stage 3 and 4 forward by at least 2 weeks to give people more time. Thanks for all submissions.
  10. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    Like I said, it was a bit of a coincidence. Shane Long whom I bought would have scored a lot of goals, but he got injured for about 3 months in the first game he played. Then Zheng Long took over and he scored a lot. Dembele and Ricardo Goulart played in midfield. They where a lot third last on the goals but made us score a lot of goals without negative points. Also one of my tactics was to buy a lot of foreigners that played in the later parts of the season. Alan and Muriqui where sold. Finally your score is really good, its around where I though the winner would be.
  11. Yes it DO count, as long as 10 teams or more enter the Cup. Like I wrote all from the start compared to England, you could count cups as Checkatrade Paint Trophy or even FA Trophy. Just remember the 25 cups must come from 20 different nations. This rule is made to encourage those who want to start at lower leagues and go for promotions. So you could actually start to have a trophy (or more) even in the lower leagues.
  12. Nice effort. First to pass 10 trophies, and first to pick up one with an International team. Also respect that you have played to 2027 already.
  13. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    Sounds great Good luck for the remainder of the season
  14. Only cups with 10 teams or more count. So if the League Cup only consists of 8 teams its not countable for the challenge. If you play in a country where you can win more cups, all of them counts. Do remember though that the 25 cups must come from minimum 20 nations.
  15. I don't want people only to stick to certain leagues, but if there is one league above any I would recommend it would be Ivory Coast. Why? You can get a job there from the start, even at some of the best teams. They have both FA Cup and League Cup so possible to win 3 domestic titles. And they produce some of the best talents in the game. And thus if that league is enabled the Ivorian national team will get some real gems during the game....