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  1. Will you include me in your overall update now @lionel messi?
  2. So a little update from me here finally. I didn't start out in Tuvalu after all, but went to Mayotte for my beginning. Got the job at FC Mtsapere and won both the Mayotte Premier League and Mayotte French Cup in 2017. I then went on to Fiorentino in San Marino, but didn't manage to win anything. I was by far the best team in the league, but lost all play off matches. After just half a season there, I went to Golden Lions in Martinique. Won Trophee du Consil General, Coupe de France (Martinique), Division d'Honneur (Mart) and Ligue des Antilles. After one season there, I left for USR in Guadeloupe. Another 5 trophies here after winning Trophee des club champions, Coupe de France (Guadeloupe), Division d'Honneur (Guad), Ligue des Antilles and Coupe de Guadeloupe. I now stand with 11 trophies and 499 points in June 2020. Career Country - Club - Competitions Won - Year - Points Mayotte - FC Mtsapere - Mayotte Premier League - 2017 - 15 Mayotte - FC Mtsapere - Mayotte French Cup - 2017 - 11 San Marino - Fiorentino - None - 2017/18 - 0 Martinique - Golden Lion - Trophee de Consil General - 2018/19 - 35 Martinique - Golden Lion - Coupe de France Martinique - 2018/19 - 63 Martinique - Golden Lion - Division d'Honneur (Mart) - 2018/19 - 66 Martinique - Golden Lion - Ligue des Antilles - 2018/19 - 55 Guadeloupe - USR - Trophee des club champions - 2019/20 - 30 Guadeloupe - USR - Coupe de France Guadeloupe - 2019/20 - 56 Guadeloupe - USR - Division d'Honneur (Guad) - 2019/20 - 58 Guadeloupe - USR - Ligue des Antilles - 2019/20 - 55 Guadeloupe - USR - Coupe de Guadeloupe - 2019/20 - 55 TOTAL - 11 trophies - 499 points
  3. Been in management for 2,5 seasons now, and already got 245 points. Will write more about it when I have some time. But boy I love Caribbean countries, never tried those leagues before, was a lot of fun.
  4. I am sure you can win this next season if you stay on @Koetzer. Nice to see you have a go at the Olympics, no one has ever won that competition in this challenge to my knowledge.
  5. It can decline, but not by much. What percentage do you have in reputation? (If you hoover over the bar, you should see the percentage come up.) Of course in the game the reputation is a high number 1-10000 I believe, but this is hidden. How much this can decline, I am not sure. But I have seen my percentage go down by 5% at least, if I took jobs in less reputable league/clubs. But these 5% could be that you are just on the edge if you know what I mean. So I don't think its a lot. But to know more of this, I am sure you can ask in other parts of the forum, and some "geeks" will explain it better to you.
  6. @lionel messi Congrats, you are now the current leader on 24/70 trophies. I will go through why the number is just 24 and not 30 like you write. I will also come with some hints and tips regarding the remaining 45. Please do not take these tips/hints as any sort of pushing you away from your own challenge, just to explain what will be needed for this challenge. You have kind of reach the point where the cross reference between the two challenges are separating a bit. 25 league titles One would think first that you have 20 league titles in your game, but you can only count for 19 of those 20. The reason for this is that there is 3 leagues mandatory from each continent/confederation and 7 "free" leagues. You have: 2 European leagues 0 South American leagues 1 North American league (CONCACAF) 7 African leagues 3 Asian leagues 7 Oceania leagues This becomes in this challenge: 2/3 European leagues 0/3 South American leagues 1/3 North American leagues 3/3 African leagues 3/3 Asian leagues 3/3 Ocenia leagues 8/7 Free leagues (where you can only count 7) 19/25 mandatory leagues Hint: To score more league trophies in this challenge, you only have 6 to go. These 6 must come from Europe (1 more league), North America/CONCACAF (2 more leagues) and South America (3 more leagues) 25 cup titles from 20 different nations You "only" have 5 cup titles here. The reason for this is that minimum 10 clubs must enter the cup competition. The cups must also be from at least 20 different nations. All the 5 cups you can count for is from different nations, so that is at least a good start. The Cups not counted are : Crimean Premier League Cup (8 teams), and all the 4 cups from Tuvalu (8 teams in each) So in total: 5/25 mandatory cups Hint: Try to find nations in the future with 1 or 2 cups where 10 clubs or more participate. (Its allowed if your team has a bye to a quarter final, as long as the cup include 10 or more teams.) Other requirements: 10 continental club trophies You have none so far, but the following needs to be won: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, CONCACAF Champions League, African Champions League, African Confederations Cup, Asian Champions League, O-League, Club World Cup 10 international trophies You have none so far, but the following needs to be won: World Cup, Olympics, Confederations Cup, EURO, Copa America, Gold Cup, African Cup of Nations, CHAN, Asian Cup, Oceania Cup
  7. Nice progress @thomas_e you will see the leaderboards updated later today or tomorrow Just 1 trophy away from becoming part of 10/70 trophies.
  8. I have started in Tuvalu. My first update should come during this week.
  9. Nice I think you stand around 25-28 trophies allowed for this challenge. So it should put you firmly at the top.
  10. I might be planning to start this challenge, and run it alongside my own Giant 70 Challenge. So a big question for @lionel messi, even if you don't score points for winning with a national team in this challenge, is it allowed to manage a national team?
  11. @lionel messi a lot to go through in your game. I would definately say you are the leader and alltime highscore so far in this challenge. this is what I need to know: - are all leagues the top League in its nation? - which of the cups includes 10 teams or more? you can discard that continental trophy and all super cups. And also all trophies only count once. If all leagues are top leagues, you only miss 6 of the 25. But you miss 1 European, 2 North American and 3 South American as you have used all 7 «free of continent» leagues.
  12. It will, but probably not all of the 41. Will check it properly as soon as I have time