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  1. Any possibility of creating 3 leagues from continents that dont have 3 leagues from the beginning rather quickly? (N.America, Africa and Oceania)
  2. Another idea would be a fairly high training and youth facilities otherwise the players might not reach their potential
  3. This is exactly the right place to post, and I am sure a lot of people will welcome you to do this. This is generally what we call a "Sign Up" project in this section Hope you will go through with this, and good luck
  4. To explain more @lvzifer you could at the moment just update something like this to make it quicker: Season - Club - trophies won (alternatively nation - trophies won) Then do this season by season until you reach the point you are now. Then finish it off with a screenshot of your Hall of Fame or manager history. Then I will update you in the Leaderboards
  5. Understand @lvzifer just update as you please, and probably keep it as simple as possible
  6. This challenge is not possible on FM18 on release day, it will have to wait until there is enough required leagues made manually. Good luck until then @makovn
  7. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    Congrats on promotion @Andrew Haines
  8. @Watson156 I like this idea, tried to discuss it a year ago and got some response but not too much. But I guess someone would just have to initiate and let people join a long the way.
  9. One thing I would love to see back here is the annual aware for the best challenges
  10. Everyone waiting for FM18 here, or someone still having a go?
  11. Sorry for lack of update from me, there has not been a lot of time to write updates. So this is an update for a few seasons, but rather short. First I applied for jobs when my contract with New York City FC was going to run out. A few too many so 6 days before my contract was up I was sacked due to unloyalty. A big mistake it proved as my manager reputation dropped from 65% to 55%. Eventually after nearly 4 months I was appointed manager of Herediano in Costa Rica Premier Division. They play a massive amount of games there with an Opening and Closing Stage of the season. Both Stages announces a winner, it can be with a Final Play Off match, if the winner of the League Table and a Final Phase is different clubs. In the Opening Stage we won both the League Table and the Final Phase and was declared winner without having to play that Final Play Off Matches. I stayed on for the Closing Stage also, but could only reach 2nd and 3rd place respectively. We also won the Costa Rica Cup and thus I managed 2 more trophies. I also took on the role for South Africa once again. This time for the CHAN 2026, and we won it finally. I could have tried the ACON of 2027 but the best defender quit international football, and I felt it hampered me in applying for new club jobs so I resigned again. Club football, I then moved to Mattersburg in June/July 2026. Destined for a relegation battle in the Austrian Bundesliga. After selling my best player for a hefty 6M pounds, which was a staggering 50% of the yearly budget I got some cash to acquire a more balanced team with no superstars but not too many weak positions either. After a really bad start, we over performed for a 4th spot in the league and Europa League qualification. CAREER OVERVIEW Season by season stats (club): 2016-2017 ASEC Mimosas - Ligue 1 (Ivory Coast) - Winners - Won League Cup - Won FA Cup 2018 Hearts of Oak - Premier Division - Winners - Won FA Cup 2019 Hearts of Oak - Premier Division - Winners - Won FA Cup - Won African Champions League - Won Super Cup 2019/20 FC Sion - Raffeisen Super League - 2nd in the league - Already knocked out of Schweizer Cup when I took over. 2020/21 FC Sion - Raiffeisen Super League - Winners - Won Schweizer Cup - 1st KO round of Europa League 2021/22 Al-Ahly (EGY) - Etisalat Egyptian Premier League - Winners - Won Egypt Cup - Won African Confederations Cup 2022/23 Q.P.R. - English Championships - 11th (up from 20th) - FA Cup 4th round loss against West Ham 2023 New York City FC - MLS - 15th (up from 22nd) - Already knocked out of US Open Cup 2024 New York City FC - MLS - Winners of MLS Cup (and Supporters Shield) - Knocked out in Quarter Final of US Open Cup by Pittsburgh. 2025/26 Herediano - Costa Rica Premier Division Opening Stage Winners - Winners of Costa Rica Cup - Knocked out in Group Stage of NACL. 2026/27 Mattersburg - 4th in Austrian Bundesliga - 3rd round of Austrian Cup lost to Austria Wien Season by season stats (international): 2022 - South Africa - CHAN loosing in Quarter Finals to Sudan 2023 - South Africa - ACON loosing in Final to Ivory Coast 2026 - South Africa - CHAN Winners Total landmarks: 15/70 Specific landmarks: 6/25 domestic league titles (3/3 for African continent, 1/3 for European continent and 1/3 for North American continent) - 2016/17 (Ivory Coast with ASEC Mimosas) - 2018 and 2019 (Ghana with Hearts of Oak) - 2020/21 (Switzerland with FC Sion) - 2021/22 (Egypt with Al-Ahly (EGY) - 2024 (USA with New York City FC) - 2025/26 (Costa Rica with Herediano) 6/25 domestic cup titles (4 different countries) - 2017 FA Cup (Ivory Coast with ASEC Mimosas) - 2017 League Cup (Ivory Coast with ASEC Mimosas) - 2018 and 2019 National Cup (Ghana with Hearts of Oak) - 2020/21 Schweizer Cup (Switzerland with FC Sion) - (2021/22 Egypt Cup (Egypt with Al-Ahly (EGY) - 2025 (Costa Rica Cup with Herediano) 2/9 continental titles - 2019 African Champions League (with Hearts of Oak) 2022 African Confederations Cup (with Al-Ahly (EGY) 1/11 international titles - 2026 CHAN (with South Africa)
  12. I am really sorry this fell apart. Unfortunately the save-game is lost. I will make a new sign up when we all get FM18 and can mess around with the editor there, but don't expect it until some weeks after the full release. If we have any mods seeing this, this thread can be closed.
  13. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    Congrats on promotion @vikeologist Your progress here makes me wanna try this out myself for FM18. I will make correction/update to the leaderboard later on today...
  14. I agree a lot to what you say @vikeologist this period is the most quite until the new game comes out. What I would like to see though, is someone keeping this section of the forum together. Maybe get another annual awards up again, lifting old but fun challenges back in the forum etc.
  15. The challenges you mention, I am not the best to answer as I havent looked into them too much. So others should reply to that. But good to hear that there are others who would like a more active Challenge forum also