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  1. Same story all over again @vikeologist, seems to lack those International trophies
  2. 2040 is an achievement on its own @Koetzer and 30 trohpies is just amazing. Keep it up :)
  3. I feel really slow regarding all others progress here, but finally got some sort of update for the 3rd season. Sorry its not much writing, just a bunch of screenshots. The Double again, but still couldn't win Champions League. Challenge Progress Domestic Titles 2/13 Premier League Titles 2/5 The Emirates FA Cup Titles 0/4 Carabao Cup (League Cup) Titles 1/10 English Community Shield European Titles 0/2 UEFA Champions League 1/1 UEFA Europa League 1/1 UEFA Super Cup 0/2 FIFA Club World Championship
  4. Great work @smp20, I wont be challenging you for quite some time, as I am very busy these days. So I will see what I can catch up with next week ;)
  5. This thread is like the old days, so much activity, I love it. Unfortunately the next 7-8 days, I am so busy at work I have finished the 3rd season, but no time to write about it yet. I will try to squeeze in an update as soon as possible.
  6. Haha, well I think West Ham - Chelsea should be ok also, but its up to the "judge" to decice. I would actually want one or two players from that unnamed team, but most of my team is better than them already. A talent wouldnt mind though, but will find them elsewhere.
  7. Nice climb from 12th to 8th @MarcxD And a really great win in the FA-Cup. @jaysdailydose here is another contender for some serious points for you. Should be 700 by my recogning.
  8. After 3 days away from work, I need to go back to work today. So I am around 2,5 seasons into the challenge, now it will be a slower pace. I will try to finish the 3rd season tonight though ;)
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