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  1. It would only use one so for example in the playmaker drop down box if you had your DMC at the top and your MC below him, the DMC would be the playmaker. However if you substitute the DMC later in the game your MC would automatically become the playmaker.
  2. You might want to turn forward runs of your full backs down to mixed as it will tighten it up a bit that is the formation that won the league 1 with Oldham.
  3. For those playing as a weaker team and struggling with the control tactic, in my Oldham game which i won the league, it was pretty much the same control tactic except the full backs had forward runs on mixed. However in my City game because i have a better team i wasn't creating as many chances as i should so i put them on often and started to have good success. If your a small team with poor full backs you might be best on reducing the forward runs on your full backs to mixed.
  4. Are these the V2 tactics, and which are you using the control, home or both?
  5. Play your big striker in the FCR slot, remove swap positions with the other striker, if he has good strength ask him to hold up ball, and play through balls often.
  6. The download links are in the post above yours and have also been added to opening post.
  7. Ok here goes two new tactics control V2 and a home V2 same as before the control away from home unless big favourites and the home at home unless big underdogs. I'll leave a couple of screenshots of league positions i achieved please note that during my Man City season especially many tweaks were made to the control V2 tactic and the control V2 is slightly different to that, that won the league with Oldham. I find it plays similar to the last control and the player requirements are the same. Funnily enough i didn't stumble on the most notable difference to alter the control tactic until aro
  8. Sorry i've not posted on here for a while, i've been bust trying to resolve the tactical issues mainly the control as that seems to been affected most by the new patch. I'd finished a season with Oldham Athletic and won the league having pretty good success with a tweaked control that i made. However in some games it fell apart and at times i scraped victories that to be honest felt like a defeat. However i felt the base was right. I've nearly finished my Man City season i finished 2nd in the league won the UEFA cup and i'm in the final of the FA cup, i've been tweaking the control from th
  9. Yeah Bob send me your tweaked version email address is pointon27@hotmail.com
  10. To give it more control and be abit more patient in the build up,as with my Roma game team we're parking the bus and i was struggling to break them down. It was down to the success i had over the last few seasons but if i hadn't enjoyed the success i had and teams wasn't so defensive i dont think i'd of needed to change it.
  11. Just this moment started a new game as Oldham to test abit more with lower quality players, hopefully if i can get it working right i'll release at the rnd of the season.
  12. Thats strange the attacking and defending corner set up is exactly the same as the old home tactic, in my City game Richards is prolific in the attacking corner routine, the thing is when your playing lower league is it's hard to get a player with high corner stats, that is essential to make sure he constantly delivers pin point crosses to the 6 yard box. Defending corners to be honest i've always used the default set up and it could be improved but i'm realy not sure how if anyone has any ideas i'm all ears.
  13. Yeah the home tactic is very effective even on the new patch, but people and myself are finding the control now less so, except in my Roma save in which my squad is so stong i think any tactic would be great.
  14. Sorry not had much playing time been busy last couple of days, i'm finding though the home tactic still pretty good and the new version of home so far i find even better, still struggling with the control though.
  15. The control tactic isn't quite as effective on the new patch, i'm currently working on a new control tactic and will post when complete.
  16. Thats the original one isn't it? as i've not given you the tweaked version yet, or have i? Long shots are a problem the further up the league ladder you progress, as they have been tweaked in the patch and are now more far effective, and players like Gerrard rifle them in from 30 yrds constantly, i dont suffer from this using the home formation as i domnate matches, but away from home the opposition midfielders have acres of space to pick the shots, and so far i've not come up with a solution although i've struggled to get much play time in. As well as my City game i'm going to start a new g
  17. In my Man City game using my tweaked versions mainly the home because i've had little success with the control, i notice the players do get more physically tired but not to the point it effects my game and at home i'm winning games usually by 3 or 4 goals, i've had a few away wins as well but thats with me tweaking my home tactic to suit but i'm not dominating and when i win these games i feel i've been lucky, thats why i'm not ready to release an away version yet as i think for many people they will suffer bad. I haven't managed to get much play time in though so i think i'm going to try and
  18. I never tweaked the tactics on 9.2. If your not having much success using the control away from home, then you might want to switch to the home formation and give it a try as some teams that face you will try and sit deep and put men behind the ball i find the home tactic can break them down easier, then later in the game switch to control.
  19. Are you using home, control or both? As what i find is the home works ok on 9.3 but control doesn't, except for my Roma save in which my team is so strong even teams such as AC Milan come and try and park the bus.
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