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  1. I decided to do a Man Utd save on full game now and the first season was amazing results i did the treble with winning Premier league , Champions Cup and Fa cup. For transfers in the first season i wanted to largely keep squad and give it a chance so only Signed 1 major player for a bargain price I am so far in 5th off august in the second season and spent considerable amount more this season though i am thrilled in getting sanchez there was battle with chelsea and man city to get him on a free and im looking at maybe bringing in Dolberg I have been lining up with a 4-2-3-1 using a shadow striker and 2 inside wingers on attack then lukaku upfront as a complete foward
  2. Well i have finally finished my first season i won the euro cup and finished 2nd in the league Man city and chelsea had shocking seasons chelsea finished 6th and man city 7th while watford off all teams finished 4th just finished transfer window for second season and i may of gone overboard on big money moves Transfers out Anthony Martial - £85 million to PSG Adnan Januzaj - £30 million to AS Monaco Morgan Schneiderlin - £33 million to leicester Transfers in Bryan oviedo - £850k Eden Hazard - £110 million Marco Verratti £85 million With bringing in such big fee players nothing less then premiership and champions cup glory will be acceptable for me
  3. Woohoo i am finally home and able to play new manager game and decided for first game to go with team i support With transfers i mostly kept squad same just couple in and couple out Tranfers In my star player from last fm game is back Ruben neves for £34.5 million danilo £7 million Transfers out fellaini £11 million valencia £7 million marcus rashford -loan as first team player for tottenham and in other news ive yet to play ibrahimovic he has been sidelined for 2 months with a hip injury and so most my goals are coming from pogba since ive yet to get rooney or martial to get goals upfront my tactic is a 4-3-2-1 with a DM and Wingers started slow in first couple games but i seem to have found my form now
  4. well damn just as this match was getting good and competitive cana makes very poor decison
  5. they missed a great chance but they certainly are starting to come in to this match and giving it a good go
  6. not a bad game at all some decent stuff out there and romania was not that bad against france either .. could be a few points in group for them
  7. wow did not see that as a foul .. romania are lucky
  8. not to bad off a first half i guess .. though i agree it seemed to drag on abit towards end off half but romania doing a pretty good job stopping france
  9. wow that was one weird opening ceremony .. i have no idea what i just watched but it was weirdly entertaining in a rubbish budget way
  10. In the end after some hard thinking i did sell him the offer off £50 million i decided was to good and i replaced him with George Thorne for £10 million i looked at grujic and he actualy just transfered to valencia this window for £8 million
  11. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: sergi samper Your Team: portsmouth Buyer/Seller: liverpool Player's Value: Around £21 million Offer: £50 million (£13 upfront £37 million over 12 months + 20% profit ) Transfer/Wage Budget: £42 million in transfer and wage budget off £670kpw Patch: Latest Season: January 2020 i really cant decide if to sell him or not i got him a year earlier for £9 million
  12. i ended up losing my everton save and so decided i may aswell go for a new challenge after finishing 3rd season anyway and winning prem and champions cup with them and so now i turn to portsmouth for a new challenge and my goal is to do same i want champions cup and premiership glory So far im 11 games in to my first season and its smooth sailing im 6 points ahead at the top and im not seeing signs off it slowing down for me im rampant against other teams in top 6 Transfers out Calvin Davies (£28k + 50% off profit ) Few other dead wood players in reserve to free up wages went for free Transfers In Tiago Terroso - free ( he been a beast so far 11 games avg rating off 8.19 and has become my most valued player at £725k ) Djily Vouho - £23.5k ( another beast so far with 9 games and 13 goals ) Reece Hands - free transfer ( was brought in as a back up but injurys means he been playing and he doing a good job avg rating 7.33) Stefano morotti - free ( he was brought as a back up and he been that just coming on few games from the bench) Luke Jones - free ( brought as back up due to few injurys but he has not really been able to get games for me ) Leo - £1.5k ( he has decent potential so figured id get him and see but he has not gotten games due to reece hands)
  13. Well due to rl issues i had to stop playing for while but finally finished my second season and even though i started off bad it ended good.. i did how ever after starting bad shore up my defence with a january swoop for stefan de vrij for £40 million who turned my season around at the back and stopped the leaking off goals Competitions premier league - 2nd champions cup - semi final fa cup-final I have just finished 2017 summer transfer window and it has been big spending season for me with little coming in the other way players brought in david de gea - £48 million ( £20 million over 48 months and 8 million after 30 matches and a insane wage package ) riechedly bazoer - £15 million (demanded £60 million release clause) achraf lazaar - £14.5 million kevin wimmer - £5 million sergio oliveira - £1.9 million alex martinez - £1 million Total £77.65 million Players sold ivan strinic £7 million ( he never performed and was injured most time for me ) joel robles £5 million muhamed besic £3 million darron gibson £2.1 million juan fuentes £2 million ( has been a good back up but he was rumbling about more games ) Matthew pennington £1.1 million phil jagielka - £750k Total - £20.95 million Well with all the money i spent this season and having the last two seasons finishing Second i am pushing this year to win the premiership and make it to final off Champions cup
  14. well i solved my problem above with leighton by selling him to man city who have decided he is worth £240kpw and £6 million signing bonus with £36k appearance fee and £46k clean sheet bonus ... which is way beyond what i would be willing to pay i also sold few other players and brought in mixture off youth and experience to everton i am pretty sure im done with transfers this season i wanted to keep my spending with in what i sold other players for so i am happy that only money leaving the club is from what was brought in with other players
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