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  1. Not completely correct. If your xbox is set as your home xbox, you can play the game on a 2nd account on your xbox and on your main account on PC. This is the game sharing system for xbox.
  2. That is the news I was waiting for! My x series is going to purr playing this.
  3. Check the rep of the sellers on ebay is always a must. A lot of refurbs on ebay are from people who do it for a living so can have hundreds to thousands of positive reps. If you pay through PayPal you always have some added protection as well. If in doubt, you can always message the seller and take it from there.
  4. You will get a far superior refurb than that on ebay. Literally just search refurb it and for 200 quid you will prob pick up a 6th gen i5 with 8gb ram, minimum. Plus it will only be 4ish years old.
  5. Don't forget that xbox supports mouse and keyboard. I'm not entirely sure why it doesn't live on xbox when it's on ios, android and switch. The X is more powerful than a substantial amount of the devices, let alone pcs so it seems a bit crazy to not be there.
  6. Maybe there needs to be a 'Momma I've made it' mechanism. If a player goes from earning buttons and then earns more than they thought was possible playing in their own country, this effects their mental stats i.e. determination, ambitions, consistency, etc.
  7. Is this really a reason to not buy a game? It's pretty much standard practice for the majority of games that use the game sale as the main mode of profit.
  8. I completely agree. You cannot be too consumer focused as consumers are very fickle beasts and generally don't really understand what they want. If you listened too much to the community then the game would be akin to a drag queen, all show and little substance. With regards to the faces, the previous iterations were far superior. I'm of the mind in life that if it isn't an improvement then don't include it. Park it and spend more time on it or scrap it. Devs will always struggle in forums. Their voice isn't heard and they constantly just deal with complaints rather than engaging wit
  9. I think maybe he worded his post too strongly, like we all can we are passionate about something. The key part is more about what is a priority as a large proportion of fans feel (or not as this is my opinion that that I'm indirectly including everyone in to make it appear more valid) that the priorities that SI seem to working towards and not exactly in-line with what the community wants, which is a very blurry direction anyway as it wants rather a lot. There seems to be a huge empahiss on interaction with the media and players, when the fans (general assumption again) want improved tactical
  10. So is this offering anything new or is it just a new screen that draws information together this is basically already view-able?
  11. He gave you pretty legitimate reason why this affects his game. Immersion is a huge part of gaming and if something is visually off, then it continuously draws you out of the game and back into the real world. If all your players look like zombies, it's harder to form a connection with them.
  12. If I recall correctly. it as released on the original Xbox. I don't think this sold that well in the UK. Since the UK is probably the biggest market, I can imagine that sales weren't great. I don't think it would work too well as a port. If it was heavily tweaked, it could work well but would probably require too much effort to justify.
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