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  1. Seriously? I've never encountered the AI lowering the value of a deal if I offer some of the money over a period of time. They generally want more money to offset the fact that they aren't getting all the money upfront.
  2. Well that's it...

    What did you expect to happen. You are playing defensive, organised teams that are sitting deep. You decide to set your team to defensive, low risk and play at a very low tempo. Just think, how are you going to create good opportunities doing that? You need to watch the game and see what is happening. Tweak settings to account for the issues you notice. What I find useful (when setting up a tactic for a new team) is to continulously pause the game and look at the positioning of the players and ask these questions: Are players where they should be defensively Are certain players pushing too far forward at the start of attacks Are there enough options available to the man on the ball (often disguised as bad decisions) Are players too far away to link up efficiently How quickly is the ball moving Are too many passes going astray Are there too many players running at your defenders The problem most football fans have is that they have very little knowledge about tactics and strategy and spend too much time listening to football pundits who consistently demonstrate little understanding of the game (usually backed up by, 'they've played the game so they know'). Football to me is the creation and utilisation of space. The ball comes secondary to that.
  3. [Liverpool] (Official) Data Issues

    It is odd that he can't seem to hold down a job.
  4. [Liverpool] (Official) Data Issues

    This argument always baffles me. Why is cross referencing irrelevant? Surely comparing players that played in similar positions (both playing largely across the forward 3 midfielders)is something that should actively be carried out to make sure that players are consistently rated and would lead to fewer anomalies. A direct comparison with teams around the same position as you is surely a logical thing to do. If every research checked 2 teams up and 2 teams down, the database would surely be more consistent and not require much more time (assuming SI would setup a programme to make the comparisons easy to carry out). I chose the stats that are the probably the most easily objectively assessed. I never said Lingard wasn't good or was a worse footballer, neither did I mention anything to do with comparing CA/PA (I listed a possibility for the stats being lower being restricted due to this as research mentioned weighting restrictions). I merely pointed out that the key stats for a player that should be among the highest (if not highest) in the league, that are the very basis of his playing style and what make him stand out, are not as they should be. Are you seriously arguing that consistency is too time consuming so every player should be considered a separate entity? Now I understand that some of the stats are subjective so harder to do a case comparison, especially when considering different players playing styles and team playing styles, not to mention the quality and playing style of the players around them. Other stats on the other hand are objective and you can dig out stats on the internet to back them up. Putting rigid guidelines in place which statistical examples would not leave you with crazy situations where players attributes do not represent their distinct playing style. Resorting to extremities is often amusing but never particularly useful. There's a lack of transparency when it comes to researching, with researching closing shop instead of saying exactly why the players are like how they are. Merely saying "happen to think the whole playing squad is much better balanced under the weighting constraints we need to adhere to" really does not even address the issues with Liverpool. @swansongs Thanks for understanding the point. The comparison could have been with anyone as Firmino has a specific playing style that only a handful of players are similar to (with a mixture of higher or lower technical abilities).
  5. [Liverpool] (Official) Data Issues

    Here is one player then. I will compare him to a player that played in Similar positions to him last season. Firmino - Lingard Finishing 13 - 13 Passing 14 -14 Versatility 12 - 9 (Firmino plays across all 3 attacking midfield positions as well as playing up front) Determination 12 - 14 (wow) Teamwork 14 - 15 Work rate 16 - 17 Stamina 14 - 16 Now you could question some of his technical attributes but his mental and physical ones are a different matter. I know you guys don't like cross referencing (which is in itself really bizarre) but how on earth can Lingard have higher work rate, team work, stamina and determination stats than one of the players that should have some of the highest in the league. You may very well be under weighting constraints which in itself is a shame (the system is long due an overhaul (it's been what, 10-15 years?)) but can you tell us what these weighting constraints are? If it is down to CA then surely the Einstein approach of, increase the CA, is the most appropriate action. If he is not allowed a CA increase (again, would be bizarre) then serious questions need asking of the system and it's limitations. I don't want to come across as dismissive of your role as you have a lot of work to do in a small space of time, with incredibly limited rewards (if you can count people moaning as a reward) and I'm appreciated of it as a lot of other fans are. It just becomes tiresome to see some of the stats given out. Out of interest, did you change any of Klopp's stats or formations?
  6. [Liverpool] (Official) Data Issues

    I could go with that if you went on results of last season. Baring results, mainly horrendous goalkeeping and defensive errors costing Liverpool a lot of points, the football at times was brilliant and they were constantly tearing teams apart. This season they have solidified their defense and are being even more clinical in front of goal. The writing was there to see in the performances. Even ignoring that, Liverpool were 2nd in the league (a point behind top) when the game was released. Klopp is essentially cannon fodder is this game (followed by a 26 day stint from Bielsa!). The stats of the squad are littered with oddities (some of these historic as the previous researcher was an incredibly harsh), just look at Klopp's preferred formations.
  7. [Liverpool] (Official) Data Issues

    How are Liverpool in comparison to other clubs? Just wondering as Klopp has been sacked in January after being 12th in the league. Bielsa was then sacked after only 26 days in which he won 2, drew 2 lost 2. It might just be my game but this is rather strange as they haven’t had any major injuries. There have been some weird decisions though, like randomly starting Manniger over Karius for a couple of games, Firmino playing AML and Coutinho sat firmly on the bench. All the major signings seem to be struggling to make the bench. I’ve not looked into it in any real depth, just glances throughout the season as I'm not playing in hte Premier League.
  8. Brexit and FM17

    I would have liked the option to choose how Brexit would affect the game. I love the idea of hard Brexit with Scotland leaving the UK and a player quota for non-UK players. I would be annoyed if I got soft Brexit and it didn't change anything.
  9. So if you would rather have the $140 million than Aguero, then why did you bid it? Surely you think he is not worth that much. As already mentioned, it's not always about the money. If that was Real Madrid that bid, it would be easier to accept but to lose your best player to your rival is unthinkable (unless you're Arsenal).
  10. [FM16] The Golden Generation

    Craving an update...
  11. [FM16] The Golden Generation

    Good going so far what will you do when Southgate pinches the other 2 players? Wait for him to be sacked or remove him from the position?
  12. [FM16] The Golden Generation

    Wow, that's a bit shout from Handling. Is he getting any game time? Any interest in him?
  13. I'm not entirely sure what the issue is. We have been given the option to pre-order. It's your choice whether you take it up or not. As for lack of feature announcements, last year nothing was revealed until well into September. The year before it was very late August. I would be highly surprised if more info wasn't released before the game comes out. Take this as the reveal of the release date and that's it.
  14. [FM16] The Golden Generation

    Fair enough. I saw him on the bench and feared that he just wasn't cutting it.
  15. [FM16] The Golden Generation

    Did you drop Joe Waller? :o