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  1. Winning games, being positive and supportive about your team in the press conferences helps give it a few weeks, win games and pray for the best
  2. Updates: Details below in small font for anyone interested: To make things worse Rooney broke his leg and is out for 4 months! Coincidence or karma? Mata broke his ankle and is out for 3 months - losing a key player - not fun Few weeks later we have managed some great results beating Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final, Arsenal & Liverpool in the league all three games one after another! - best part of the season and we needed that so badly (especially me if I wanted to keep the job) After those three wins the Squad morale has improved and raised back to better things. Crazy to win those big games without 2 key players! Now only 3 players are concerned about the squad harmony. Also Rooney has became a lot happier in the media saying he is going to stay. (If I don't sell him that is ) Important to point out that I have changed the focus of the general training to "Team cohesion" which should hopefully help improving the harmony within the squad The board approached me with contract renewal! Contract signed, looking good! Things have improved a lot, "unbelievable Jeff" Winning big games helped to improve the squad harmony for sure as well as focusing on "Team cohesion" in training De Gea has won the Golden Glove award which he dedicated to me How nice of him We have also won the FA Cup So overall it was a massive turn around at the end of the season I thought I will get the boot honestly but things have improved thankfully.
  3. Club captain is unhappy about me selling a player and this has negatively affected the squad harmony How can I improve the squad harmony? How can I fix this? Is it too late? I'm playing a Man Utd save currently in the second half of the first season I've sold my 2nd choice keeper Victor Valdes to Sevilla for £8mil. as I thought he was just soaking up wages and it was a waste of talent to be warming the Old Trafford's bench Rooney became unhappy and moaned Whole squad reacted badly to this Team harmony is bad, 1% on the graph, was 0% before Board is not happy about this I've promised to the board I will sort this out I've also promised to Rooney that I will strengthen the squad, I've got Pantilimon on a tiny wage as a back up to cover De Gea and two midfielders on loan Oliver and Cheryshev just to add more depth to our squad in the January transfer window. This however did not improve the squad harmony and Rooney wasn't happy enough either. The overall squad harmony is still on 0% according to the graph The individual players' morale ranges from Okay to Fairly good 80% of the players think that Rooney is right that Victor Valdes shouldn't have been sold. I can no longer talk to Rooney - On his "Happiness" tab it says "Asked to leave" should I sell him? Will this make things even worse? or Is Rooney the problem? I wanted to keep him because he meant something to the club but considering his personality and what's going on now I regret not selling him let alone choosing him as a club captain! My contract is due to be renewed soon and I'm afraid Rooney's reactions will have me sacked come end of the season since most players in the team valued him greatly I have a few months left to fix this. Thoughts? Any suggestions? Edit notes: - added a picture showing players' happiness
  4. I am trying it now, the freeware looks to have some impressive features and it's quite handy but I can't take a screenshot ingame with it - When I capture any region it still just takes a screenshot of my desktop and not ingame. Any tips to solve this? What settings do you use?
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